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  1. Xarteros

    Operator Suits Are Perfect As-Is

    I just wish we didn't have so many dirty pillows filled with sand, and had some more actual cloth instead (or some more proper armour plating, if they want it to actually look thicker)
  2. Xarteros

    Warframe helmet painting

    I support this idea. Too many helmets from different skins are just coloured too far from the body skin you've chosen. Even if they only limited it to colouring helmets from different skins, and didn't allow re-colouring of helmets from the appropriate skin. I mean, I'm fairly sure the reason they haven't done it is just 2X the data storage. Originally, they didn't want us to colour syndanas and attachments separately either, so I guess it's up to whether or not the demand exceeds the cost to accomplish.
  3. Xarteros

    Umbra Polarity.

    I think they're referring to the fact that they have to repeatedly overwrite their existing forma build, constantly resetting their level? Regardless, I prefer the idea of making them ignore polarity slots (other than actual Umbra slots), so they just always cost 16. That way, less forma, people can still try them out for niche builds etc.
  4. Everything in Warframe, the mod system, the weapons, the Warframes themselves and their powers, was built to deal with constant flows of individually weak enemies. Before we had conclave, we only had the dueling rooms in the Dojo. It got to a state where Sentinel guns were powerful enough to one-shot a Tenno. Stats-wise, Warframes have massive damage and low defense. Enemies scale to have massive defense and comparatively low damage. In order to make some form of balance, DE had to cut basically all our mods out, re-balance the base weapon stats, and completely custom-tweak every single Warframe power. They've so far had to tweak 140 Warframe abilities, often several times each, as well as passive effects. The result of which, which is consequently why almost nobody likes Warframe PvP, is that it feels entirely different from the main game, and is rife with small imbalances that slip through the cracks. DE do a pretty good job of balancing weapons, but there are currently 229 weapons they need to keep in check, and they're constantly adding more. Players loyal to Conclave tend to know these little exploits/OP items. Whilst some of the Conclave loyalists are honourable enough to avoid such tactics, there are a lot of players who just want to dominate, and make full use of every tactic they can. This further worsens the problem by being a very inhospitable environment for new players. Push that even further by the lack of reasonable matchmaking/server lists, and you have a mode where non-Americans have to sit in a queue for an hour to hope for a match, or play with 300+ ping from an overseas server; all to get completely wrecked because you aren't familiar with the changes to your favourite Warframes and weapons. I've met with a lot of controversy about my views for a functional Conclave, but I think powers need to be severely limited (a small selection of 10-20 abilities, available as pickups during the match), and all stats need to be normalised (or at least normalised for 'classes' of Warframe). I also think that the weapon list should be limited to 30ish Tenno-themed weapons, representing as wide a range of weapon types as possible between the different weapon categories. All the weapons should be available to all players (Teshin's public stash), and Warframe choice would basically just become a cosmetic choice (although if you were to have different 'classes' of Warframe stats, all players should have one from each category to start with). These free-access weapons/Warframes would only be for conclave, so players wanting to farm PvE weapons would need to do so separately. Ultimately, I feel like Lunaro is the only appealing game mode, due to its perfect balance and high skill requirement. With balanced stats, a smaller list of powers that anyone can pick-up mid-match (regardless of frame), and a much smaller list of weapons, DE could make Conclave into a game mode that is new-player-friendly, entirely skill-based, and MUCH easier to balance.
  5. Xarteros

    Changes to Launchers

    an alternate spin, just in the event that DE consider it 'too OP' to allow ally/ability punch through, you could make it that allies/abilities hit just become 'duds' and recycle the ammo back to you
  6. Xarteros

    We cant have our cake and eat it too

    I think the problem with difficulty and overpoweredness comes from how empty the enemies are. It's just waves and waves of the same old enemies, with very VERY few tactics involved. However, every time DE put in a tactic to make us stop and think, it's either too few and far between so it throws you off your normal gameplay, or it's so negligible that you can just breeze through it or ignore it outright (like mincing Grineer Prosecutors regardless of your element, or ignoring the Juggernaut because it never catches up to you)
  7. Xarteros

    Reaper Warframe (Death God?)

    Mate, I'm sorry to say but your idea just isn't unique enough. You can have powers with somewhat similar function (but not an entire kit), but you have to pick a unique theme. Nekros is the reaper Warframe. He heals 5 points of damage for every enemy that dies within 10m of him (his passive). He can pull the soul from someone's body (Soul Punch), he inflicts a form of fear that weakens enemies as they flee, allowing him to chase them down and slay them easier (Terrify). He can draw the last shreds of life from nearby corpses to heal himself and allies (Desecrate). And, finally, he harvests the very souls from his victims, and can summon them to do his bidding (Shadows of the Dead). Couple that with the fact that everything about him, including his in-game description and cosmetics, is themed descriptively and visually about death. Nekros in-game description: "This is Nekros, manipulator of souls. Nekros possesses the battlefield, Tenno. Death is his playground" Raknis Helmet: "Rakni's Mound, a barrow (ancient burial mound) located in Norway" Shroud Helmet: "A shroud is a cloth used to cover and/or protect some other object. It most often refers to burial sheets used in various funerary rites" Irkalla Skin: "Irkalla is a word from Mesopotamian myth, referring to the underworld" Now, I made several suggestions for a path you COULD take. You could go the non-religious 'divine/angel' theme, either as a 'saviour' or 'divine warrior' (but again, not tied to a religion, much more like how Harrow is a 'battle priest' frame). You could go a more occult-theme, with dark powers that have necromantic vibes, but aren't reaper-ish in theme. You could go a purely-death theme, but focused around battle carnage and blood. You could go an age/decay themed frame. Any of those is going to be a better, more versatile, unique theme for the game. You also have to consider new players. A warframe's theme is meant to be clear enough to give the player ideas about how it works. Rhino is heavy. Rhino charges. Rhino has a tough hide. Rhino stomps. Rhino roars. Rhino is clear, and understandable, and fits his theme uniquely, even though there are other frames with similar functioning abilities to his. You simply can't have two Grim Reaper themed Warframes, any more than you can have two Frost Warframes. Revise your ideas, pick a unique theme, and make a new thread about it, or just massively update this thread.
  8. Xarteros

    Once again... The Ghoul Purge (Facepalm)

    Eh, I don't really see it as a problem. As a vet who's been around since Update 3 (IIRC), I'm actually really appreciative of the notion of events coming back. It's really harsh to 'have' to stick around. Most people who stick with a game for long periods of time have stretches of hiatus. I took about 8 months off from Warframe after burning out, and although I didn't actually miss anything; it's nice to have the opportunity for other players to catch up. There's nothing fun about exclusivity IMO. I have Excal prime, and I hate that non-founders can't get him. I feel like exclusive skins is as far as the system should go, and that everything else should have its chance to come around again. Thankfully, even without returning old events, DE have found ways to bring old weapons back in (like Snipetron, the old Vandals/Wraiths etc). I feel like they should just have some form of Simulacrum 'event' once every few months that brings back one of the old events, so players can go and get their clan trophies etc. Ghouls aren't really a challenge, and typically just get mowed down or flown over during normal PoE bounties. They give a few unique mods, and give you a few codex entries, without really being too in-your-face (apart from Scarface rasping his death threats over the radio that everyone seems to be able to hack into)
  9. Xarteros

    A way to reduce market eyesore

    If you find it 'orderly and sedate', then you aren't one of the people I'm talking about. Filters do cut out a lot of the mess, but if you're just looking to browse, the floods of big, chunky, messy-to-read posts just drown each other out and you can't really make sense of who's buying and who's selling. If you just backtrack the scroll and read at your own leisure, half the time the trader has already bought/sold whatever they wanted, since you took your time. Filters are great if you're looking for a few specific things, but I find a lot of the time you don't realise you want something until you see it. You see a cool Riven going for Amprex, and suddenly you remember that you used to like Amprex back when it was new, and you decide it might be worth a Riven And that's not what I'm talking about with haggling. I'm talking about people getting really rude and arrogant when you make an alternate offer. Like, when someone is selling X for 55p and you offer them 50p, and they either start slinging insults, go on a tirade about how they listed 55p as their price, or they instantly ignore you in chat. It's a very common thing, and I find it especially true with Rivens. People see Rivens selling for ridiculous prices, and often have no idea what stats are actually good for the particular weapon, so they just follow the overpriced model. Before you can explain why their Riven isn't worth however many thousand plat they're asking, and why your offer is reasonable, they've /ignored you
  10. Xarteros

    Trying to understand orange and red crits

    When you build damage for a weapon, think of the hardest enemies you face, and build for them. You don't mod a gun to kill Lancers, for instance, you mod it to kill Heavy Gunners, since those are the tougher tanks. Typically, Radiation or Corrosive are your best damage builds (sadly losing the bonus ranks from Primed Cryo rounds), and they both have fantastic secondary effects. Corrosive is one of the most ideal damage types, since it has only one penalty and strong positives vs Infested ancients & Grineer Heavy Gunners/normal troops. Decent status means you'll strip armour away with each extra shot, to help late-game scaling a bit in a lot of situations. I prefer Radiation, however. Infested units are quite resistant to it, but proccing a Radiation status means you not only turn an enemy into a prime distraction (which scales late game really well), but you negate a lot of their shared abilities. It's harder to take out an Ancient Healer with a radiation-based gun, but scoring the proc means you don't have to deal with their damage reduction aura, and suddenly this spongy tank aggros a lot of the enemies nearby.
  11. Xarteros

    A way to reduce market eyesore

    Nah, I see the same big block posts happening far too frequently to just be from people in-between missions, and they tend to stretch on for ages (like, 30-60 mins worth of the same person posting in a lot of cases)
  12. Bonuses to flight speed on a hitscan weapon, +200% crit chance on a weapon with 2% base, giving you a whopping 6% crit chance. Losing 80% max ammo on an explosive weapon that only has 12 rounds in the ammo pool. Riven stats need to better represent the base values of a weapon What: Create some form of 'disposition' system for the stats of a weapon Base the values of Riven mod stats on the weapon in question Weapons with a low base stat get higher bonuses for the stat. Introduce 'flat value' boosts for such cases. Weapons with a high stat that gets penalised should empower the other stats even more. Likewise, penalised stats that don't impact the weapon shouldn't empower the other stats by much. Stats that cannot affect the weapon should be negated entirely Why: Giving weapon stats their own disposition means that we will see so much more usefulness to the various rolls of a Riven. The goal of this idea is less about bringing down the strong stats (high crit boosts on a crit-based weapon), and more about making useless stat changes actually helpful. It would mean that more and more Riven rolls are useful, and give players more actual options to change up the feel of the weapon. DE's original intent, after all, was to allow players to enjoy older, weaker weapons, but so many of them lack the foundational stat values that can let them join the later tiers. Beyond that, some stats are simply more important for certain weapons than other weapons. Lanka, for instance, has 5m of innate punch-through, so adding an extra 1.2m of punch through isn't really going to do much for it. Perhaps with the proposed idea, the disposition of punch through on a Lanka will boost the amount that a Riven gives it. With the 'stat disposition' system, weapons that lack basic levels of crit or status could become usable. Currently, values like 2.5% or 5% completely rule entire builds out, and prohibit any synergy from Warframe powers. For these stats, change +XX% from a multiplicative value to an additive value. That means instead of 200% of the base 5% value (going up to 15% total) it might be 20% flat, plus the base value of 5% (25% total). With the flat value increased, regular mods that affect the stat would suddenly become an option, and open up so many doors! Similarly, weapons that have a penalty that severely affects them (like -110% slash on a slash-focused weapon) should grant the other stats more power. If you're going to sacrifice something, the other stats should reflect that. The reverse should be true as well; so having a penalty to crit on a weapon that effectively cannot crit shouldn't boost your other stats by as much as a 'curse stat' normally does. I feel like this would give players a sense of challenge, as they might have a reload speed penalty on an already-slow weapon, or a limited ammo pool on an already low-ammo weapon. Lastly to the point, stats that have no effect on a weapon simply don't deserve to be an option, whether positive or negative. As much as you might like having a penalty to flight speed on a hitscan weapon, it's really annoying on the flipside to have bonuses to a weapon that don't provide anything. DE could always MAKE those penalties have an effect, like having negative crit chance turn into a weapon jam chance, or an 'anti crit' that deals less damage than normal. Or, perhaps flight speed penalties on a hitscan weapon give the projectiles an actual travel time. Probably a horrible mess, I need to sleep. It's fine if you hate the idea, but I'd like to hear you suggest your own way of reducing the uselessness of certain stats on particular weapons.
  13. Xarteros

    A way to reduce market eyesore

    Well, from my perspective, the issue isn't the number of rivens in circulation. It's how tedious it is to actually get decent stats on those rivens. I see rivens in trade chat that have been rerolled 100+ times. I think if the dispositions were updated more, there would be less of these 'ultra-meta' builds, and people would be happier with less min/maxed stats. I also agree that creating some form of 'lock' would be a good solution to riven pricing. I've got more fleshed out ideas, but this isn't the thread for that.
  14. Xarteros

    A way to reduce market eyesore

    I don't think it's really possible to put limits on pricing. Technically possible, sure, but I just don't think players would ever want it as a whole. Instead of putting a ceiling on the market, I'd really like to see a stat-search for sales. I doubt DE stores that kind of data already, so it'd be something they need to somehow track, but it'd be helpful when pricing stuff to see an adjusted average of how much your searched item sells for. That way, when someone says they want you to make an offer, you can look at the market average and +/- a bit depending on how important the purchase is to you. It would also hopefully stop people thinking that their stuff is worth thousands of plat when the average sale shows it to sell for ~200p or something. DE then just need a way of sorting out the 'outliers' (the ridiculously high cost stuff, like 'god tier' rivens and Primed Chamber) so that players can't be jerks and raise the average much The number of rivens available isn't the issue, it's just the RNG of unlock/rerolls. One thing that would help with the messed up riven market is if DE actually updated the Disposition stats weekly/fortnightly/monthly. All these meta builds that are still on 5/5 have surely skewed away from that right now (and for that matter, Tonkor and the other nerfed metas surely don't deserve to still be 1/5). I've made posts on the issue before, with suggestions on how to improve it, but it's up to DE to fix the issue.
  15. Xarteros

    A new change on eidolons spawning

    I fully support OP. You can argue that players will burn out faster, but TBH if there's no time constraints at all, I think that players will do it more leisurely. Instead of feeling obligated to make optimum use of every night cycle, you would be more likely to simply do a few runs here and there, in between doing other stuff. There's no argument to be made for how 'OP' the rewards are. It's harder to succeed, so the rewards are better.