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  1. You're calling us sheep, but you're the person complaining that the movie is horrible when you never actually started watching it, you just disliked the colour of the cinema lobby's carpet.
  2. Fires deal damage over time Hull Ruptures reduce max ship health Now, when he says "fires threaten hull integrity", it's unclear. My first instinct, before reading into any of the actual proc functions, was that 'threaten hull integrity' meant that it weakened our armour, or reduced our max health. Saying something like "unchecked fires continue to damage the ship" is instantly more clear: Fires do continued damage. I'm fairly sure he actually says that as one of his potential fire alerts, but that means there's a conflicting message. And when he says unchecked hull ruptures could lead to a total hull breach, that's entirely wrong. You can have the maximum number of hull ruptures possible and all that happens is a reduction in max health. I've done solo runs where I've left every hull rupture or electrical hazard alone, and only fixed fires (so the HP can regenerate) to minimise Revolite usage (and have a nice buffer of repair XP if I get a Smeeta affinity buff), and never once have I taken enough damage to actually breach the hull. Beyond that, the breaches don't even occur where the ruptures spawn. They spawn in entirely different locations specifically so they don't overlap (not like fires and elec hazards, which often overlap). Fixing misleading dialogue, adding in toggle options to either keep transmissions short or cut out certain categories, and prioritising certain messages over others (or giving us that as a customisation option too) is a solution that benefits everyone.
  3. That's why I think there needs to be more notifications added to the HUD for pilots and gunners (incoming ramsled alerts, interior lighting changes for major breaches or boarding parties etc), as well as priority-list dialogue that cuts longer messages into concise messages when there are queued notifications, and delays certain notifications into a later order to bring critical alerts to the surface. It CAN be a handy tool, if they fix it, especially if we start seeing more challenging missions that require more cohesive team play. Being able to set preferences via the tactical menu would also be a fantastic solution, since players could adjust it on-the-fly and just skip messages that don't apply to them. Thankfully, I've gotten to the point where I can just solo the content reliably, so I maintain a much higher awareness of objectives despite Cy's late notifications. But, on principle, I think the fixes should be made for everyone, so those who aren't going to play or enjoy the content solo can get a more solid tool for team-play.
  4. While I agree with OP, I'd rather have capped RNG first. There are too many elements that layer RNG upon itself, like farming for RNG to drop a riven mod with RNG unlock, RNG polarity, RNG stats, and near-complete RNG rerolls. Having narrower stat ranges would be great, but wouldn't solve those problems We need the ability to have definitive goals to achieve our optimum stats, whether that be by having to 'combine' duplicates (like the kuva weapon system, but with a minimum increase value for combining, until max stat is reached), or by having some form of alternate upgrade currency (like being able to spend large amounts of kuva to lock a particular bonus/penalty to a riven mod, or being able to spend void traces to lock a single reward into a relic)
  5. that would work nicely as a compromise for console players who don't have the luxury of extra keys. Nice call
  6. if that's the case, then there's no reason that PC can't get a fix for it.
  7. One of the most exciting moments in my 4000 hours of WF was the one time I died against Zanuka hunter. It's practically the OP's idea, you have to bust out with no gear and go and find everything. While I don't see it fitting in as any major part of the game, I think it could have merit as a special mission or alert type. Perhaps having to 'rescue' a priority warframe by entering the mission in operator form, sneaking to the warframe and having to scavenge weapons to fight your way out.
  8. Honestly, I think Forma is fine by and large. It's meant to represent a player's dedication to a select group of their favourite/best gear. What I really want is for forma to be able to stack within slots, rather than each forma effectively carving a deeper niche for your gear. Effectively, I mean the ability to spend 2 forma on the same slot, so that it's polarised for V and D at the same time, for example. Now we've got Aura forma, which I feel could comfortably coexist since it's only applicable to auras and having free choice in auras can impede squad gameplay. It just means if you LOVE a frame but also love having radically different experimental builds (like valkyr built for endless Hysteria vs valkyr built for Eternal War), you can put 3-4 extra forma into them to give you those extra options. It'd mean that no forma is ever really 'wasted' by having to undo something, since it would always keep your options open.
  9. Uh, no? My heavy attack is bound to 'C', and my alt fire for guns is always bound to Mouse 4. That's not the case as far as I'm aware, and if that's the problem then the change is as simple as splitting the two keybindings apart. I'll check when I have time, but they couldn't have just added heavy attack to alt fire, unless they rebound it forcibly to 'C' (I don't use alt fires enough to notice if they'd forcibly rebound it away from M4)
  10. In terms of capping RNG, I agree. There's a certain point that a player NEEDS a sense of guaranteed progression, or they burn out. For primes, it's easy. Make a sub-market for the Void Trader or other merchant where all prime parts are available for Ducats. Vaulted parts would need to cost 2-3X more, otherwise players farming up relics for those parts would feel jibbed. It means every wrong part you get (sorry Forma bp!) would still contribute to your progression to the part you need, but you'd still be capable of running relics for the chance to get it straight up. Then they just need to cap all the other forms of RNG in the game, like Riven rerolls, Kuva Weapon rolls, Railjack parts etc. There are ways to make it all fair, still reward players with chance, but to grant players an attainable goal through grinding.
  11. Quick note: Make it that pressing the Power Attack button automatically equips your melee and starts making the charge attack. It's cumbersome that you have to manually equip melee first, or make a melee attack before your Power Attack button will do anything at all. This needs to apply in-air as well. It should be no different in function from the quick-melee button, but for charge attacks Side note: Add the toggle option for holding attacks, as so many players have asked for. Doesn't hurt anyone to have a choice in the matter, and it'd make a lot of players feel more comfortable and interrupt their combo chains less frequently
  12. CO is nearly pointless for stealth finishers, since you need to inflict the status on an already-sleeping enemy or otherwise negate their alertness after proccing them. But hey, isn't it a good thing to not NEED the 'mandatory' damage mods? Wouldn't it be nice to run something instead of multishot or damage on your firearms? Idk, I certainly don't see an issue. Base damage is a reliable mod choice, but CO gives you more reward for more input. Seems perfectly fair to me
  13. it pains me to no end that DE decided that using a parazon to bring down the forge containers was somehow a good idea. For one, it's painfully long, needless animation that isn't even polished or interesting to most. For two, it's a waste of a perfectly good visual indicator. Even before they 'hotfixed' it, the forge was notoriously confusing as to whether or not it was ready for another craft, particularly if you were in a hurry. Wouldn't it be so much better if the forge containers lowered into position as soon as they were ready for another craft? It'd be hard to run to the back and not notice great big boxes sitting there, waiting for the resources. It would instantly solve two problems at once. I also agree that the hold-to-craft is an issue, but not for the same reason as you I think. I don't mind having hold-to-craft, simply because I find it less jarring than having a confirmation popup that you have to click OK for. Our current iteration of hold-to-craft seemingly gets interrupted every time you pick up a new resource. If you're quick, you can just release and re-click since the resources stay up for quite some time, but otherwise you can get interrupted a second time by the next resource. I like having a bit of a safety net to avoid locking something in with a single click, because it's 2 mins you have to wait otherwise. It's a bit more of a personal issue for me though, since I have a bit of nerve damage in my hand and I often randomly click as my fingers twitch/spasm. I'd be ok with it being tweaked to require just a little less time to hold, but I don't think it's particularly disruptive once you know you have to do it (and it's used in Avionics upgrades as well, so it's easy enough to expect it)
  14. Daggers are just pathetic without Covert Lethality. They don't hit multiple enemies, they have very short range, and they have largely outdated stats, limited weapon variation and poor base damage. I feel like Covert Lethality needs its base damage increase back at the very least. It put daggers on par with other weapons as a form of dealing actual damage, finishers or no. Beyond that, daggers ought to have slightly higher than the WORST stealth attack finisher multiplier. I mean seriously, you're slitting someone's throat, and you're telling me it's less effective than war-fans, tonfas, nunchucks and boomerangs? I mean, crushing someone's skull with a hammer the size of a dog, I can understand. But why are daggers so low on the ladder when it comes to murdering people?
  15. Why does something need a nerf simply because it performs exactly as it is intended? Amesha is in absolutely NO way the issue. The issue is that Archwings have been left for so long that DE have never bothered fixing them to keep them more in line with the rest of the game. They clearly need to start doing that, now that Archwing is integrated into Railjack, and that starts with buffing the other three, not nerfing the only one that actually achieves its function. When the other Archwings are given any sense of actual purpose in Railjack, then you can start talking about whether or not Amesha is balanced.
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