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  1. No reason they can't look on the forums for suggestions 😉
  2. Simple. Add a new type of Transmutation core to Cephalon Simaris that transmutes a single riven into a random Sentinel riven. Gives people who WANT a sentinel riven a way to get it, and doesn't force everyone to run the chance of getting them. Sidenote: Sentinel weapons need to be buffed to be at least on-par with mid-tier weapons. Having 5% chance to crit or status isn't reasonable.
  3. They could always add some kind of permanent upgrade that requires a bit of extra effort (another 50k standing maybe) that can be applied to it. Either that, or make the base syandana 50k, and then give us an 'Eternal Celestia' syandana for the 100k, for those who want the choice to show off their weekly progress (or have the minimalist version).
  4. I feel like I'd prefer Chaos to make all enemies allied to you, rather than attack anything randomly. However, unlike her Mind Control, these enemies should still be subject to player attacks and abilities. I'm actually of the mind where ALL abilities affect them, including beneficial abilities like Volt Speed, Rhino Roar etc. It'd make Chaos turn enemies into crazy, short-lived waves of hectic fun
  5. Completing elements of the star chart (junctions, anyway) has already been a requirement in the past. Arbitrations is like a Nightmare mode. You can't get Nightmare missions until you clear all the nodes on a planet. Arbitrations require ALL the planets to be cleared, because they can spawn anywhere. It's quite simple.
  6. Damn, with the A/B/C operator options coming out, I was hoping some of the corpus-themed operator items would make it in. My A slot is Grineer-themed, I need my B slot to be Corpus themed (and C to be infested, if possible)
  7. Going to be a champ. Base Exal, base skana, base lato, base braton. No mods. I also play Russian Roulette with a Desert Eagle
  8. As a Saryn main with 12 Saryns (9 primes), 15-20% playtime over about 3000 hours, I have to say I largely approve of these changes (or how they play out in my head at any rate) However, I really think Miasma needs a new direction. It needs to be deployable as a cloud effect (perhaps akin to Snowglobe's 4X deployment system), or emanate in an area over time around Saryn. Having it be once-off damage has been redundant ever since her 4-spam nuking days. A lot of her role stems from her Viral procs, which function quite effectively as a damage multiplication tool in a party. I can applaud corrosive being the replacement, but if Miasma is going to become her Viral tool, I'd like if it gained a bit more versatility. It just needs something to be on par with other Ultimates, and currently I just don't find it useful enough in any situation.
  9. god damn it XD I just want my clan logo to be added in :P
  10. But that's the worst part about endless missions. Having the same reward for constantly increasing difficulty doesn't reward players for staying longer, it just rewards shorter rinse/repeat missions. The scaling bonuses on endless relic missions should be part of all endless missions, and there should be some mechanism of scaling for wave rewards as well (Mods could scale by quantity or come with increasing amounts of endo already fused, relics could come at different tiers, or in small packs like the syndicate packs, etc). The one thing that's the most offputting to me in the game as it currently stands is putting in the time and skill to go 2 hours into a survival just to get 5k credits as a reward.
  11. my bad, I was reading from my other Pencha, which is on a gilded amp so it shows 14% chance and 1.6X crit. But the Shwaak still has literally none, and that's the issue I'm raising about crit builds. Can't improve a null figure, none of the mods in warframe do
  12. Now the crit on the Pencha scaffold and the Shwaak Prism are showing massively reduced numbers. Is this a glitch? or is this a change? My Shwaak Prism now has literally zero crit chance and damage, and my Pencha scaffold is on 4% chance at 1.1X multiplier If that's a change, that seems like a bad change. How is this meant to work with the T3 Brace? How is it meant to improve shotgun crit?
  13. Any fix for the T3 brace? It doesn't affect your secondary (Scaffold) attack, and it's a measly 2%. It's definitely not on par with the other braces
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