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  1. The way to counter making elemental damage mods the new 'mandatory' mods would be if they didn't actually boost damage at all, but merely converted a portion of your damage into that damage type. Regular damage would need to be balanced to compensate, but it'd mean that you just mod your weapons for the sake of achieving the type of damage you want, and you progress through the tree to determine how much damage you want. Then again, that could potentially imbalance crit-focused builds, unless DE change how statuses work to keep the damage balance shifted towards status chance (like finally giving us red status effects or something). Ultimately, I want everything to do the same damage it does now, but without having to waste slots on mods that you use in every single build. It's repetitive, boring, and I don't know a single person who actually likes relying on the same old mods (apparently apart from some of you here on the forums). Overcomplication is a bit of an issue, but DE could work on merging some of the systems to reduce the impact and streamline it all. For instance, in the old tree, mod slots were just nodes you could unlock like any of the stat nodes. By removing mandatory mods, you reduce the core requirement of slots, and you could integrate it all into one system. Instead of 8 slots, for instance, you could start with 6, but have an extra 2 slots as unlockable nodes in the tree. To keep the system familiar to other games, you could put in more, smaller trees (like talent trees in many MMORPGs etc), with the focus nodes simply becoming an extension of those trees. To the notion of expanding current focus trees to include more weapon/warframe based benefits, I have to disagree. The original concept of Focus was meant to be a reward for players using their favourite gear, but each plan got scrapped and redone until we got the current system which has nothing to do with our favourite gear at all. Making the bonuses part of the normal focus trees just means you reload faster with every weapon, or regen energy on headshots from every weapon. It doesn't make you stand out in any way for your dedication to your most favourite gear, and that's the element that I want to bring back to life. The dream is to make it viable to use whatever warframe or weapon feels fun for you, not just whichever one is the strongest meta of the time. You use it because you like it, and the more you use it; the stronger it gets. Eventually, it becomes useful no matter what it started out as, and it makes you stand out for your dedication. Any chump can slap on some forma and copy/paste a mod build they saw online, but only a dedicated player who enjoys the gear could take it further. I fully understand that this system or any similar iteration would most likely never enter the game. It's too much work for DE to do, rebalancing everything. It'd generate too much hate on the forums, people would quit before things settled down, and it wouldn't be interesting enough to attract new players. I just want to discuss ideas and hope that someone can suggest ways to make this sort of idea happen with as minimal impact as possible. Boiled down, all I want is a way to make weapon/warframe loadouts be more unique to every player, and not simply be meta builds of the 'most ideal' stats; and a way to reward players for their dedication to their favourite gear. I'll take it in any form it comes in.
  2. Idea: Removing Mandatory Mods: Bring back the old skill tree. Pre-dating our mod cards, the old system was that each weapon or warframe had a 'skill tree' with nodes to improve stats or abilities. Even at max rank, you couldn't select each and every one of them, so it gave a bit of a uniqueness to each player's arsenal. Functionally, you would get 15 points to spend on nodes, or 30 with a Catalyst/Reactor. To make the tree compact, you could make several of the nodes have 3 ranks, even if there are multiple of the same node (for instance, having two Damage nodes that each have 3 ranks, for a total of 6 points) Secondly, remove mandatory mods. Ideally, I'd remove all damage and multishot mods, and I would also perhaps scale down all crit mods slightly, but add nodes for adding BASE crit value to weapons via the skill tree. For Warframes, I would suggest a similar downscaling of Health/Armour/Energy/Shield stats, and make nodes on the tree for better base stats. Note: When I say that the mods get downscaled, I mean that an 'average' pick of nodes for your weapon/warframe should achieve the same result of stats as the current mods/stats give. However, the nodes from the skill tree would allow players to further diversify their play style to suit their needs. Idea: Focus for Weapons/Warframes: With the skill trees re-established, there is now room to establish a method of enhancing weapons and warframes beyond the norm. When DE first started talking about Focus, it was the vague 'end game' way for us to show dedication to our favourite weapons and warframes. With that, I suggest adding additional 'overflow' points for reaching XP milestones from using the item at R30. As Forma is already a method of increasing effective power, I don't think XP gained during re-leveling should count. This would make it so only XP gained while the item is AT R30 counts towards the additional points. Secondly, I suggest that 'Focus nodes' be added to the trees, beyond the normal nodes. Requiring these new overflow points to unlock, they would be a more substantial way of further diversifying your equipment. For weapons, there could be various forms of augments beyond simple stats. Rifle weapons might, for instance, have a node that grants the weapon a scope (or adds an additional zoom layer to the existing scope). As another example, Warframes could have new ability augments as nodes, giving DE a chance to change up the abilities of existing frames (such as swapping Valkyr's Hysteria claws to instead use her Ripline as an Exalted Whip weapon, or a Kubrow version of Khora's Kavat). To prevent cheesing, the only XP that can be used to reach the milestones and earn overflow points has to come from usage, based directly off damage dealt to enemies (with a small bonus for headshots and killing blows). No Tenno Affinity sharing can apply, and it needs to be based directly off the damage the weapon itself deals (not factoring in buffs like Vex Armour or Rhino Roar). Simply, if you use an ability to boost damage by 100%, the weapon only gets 50% of the XP for the damage it deals. To compensate lower tier weapons and weaker warframes, the XP your weapon earns beyond R30 should be affected by a multiplier deriving from the weapon's strength (Like the Riven disposition, but for EACH variant of a weapon, making primes/vandal/wraith etc treated separately to their regular counterparts). The weaker the weapon, the more XP it gains per unit of damage. That way, someone leveling up a Lato would earn a similar amount of XP to someone leveling up a Euphona Prime, making it a matter of how much it's USED rather than how much it kills. Ultimately, the goal is for players who just love the feel of a weapon or Warframe to be able to take it beyond the same old meta builds. Generalists might have a few overflow points in their 'top ten' stuff, but a specialist would really shine when it comes to their favourite 1-2 things. Please discuss ways to improve/streamline this idea, or alternate ideas to allow further development of existing items for dedicated players.
  3. Xarteros

    Sentinel Weapon Rivens

    No reason they can't look on the forums for suggestions 😉
  4. Xarteros

    Warframe Skill Tree Idea

    That's not how it worked. The mod points of a frame/weapon were the number of nodes you could branch out to, although IIRC back then it was 15/30 instead of 30/60. Mods (pre-dating mod-cards) were random boosters that you could put in certain mod slots throughout the tree. Fusion cores were what they replaced all the old mods with when they brought out the 1.0 release of the mod card system.
  5. I love Fortuna's loot crates. A chance at having random components drop in small quantities, but with several different types all in one? Fantastic. I want to see these sorts of crates, adjusted for regular play, and found rarely through levels but commonly in small niche/loot rooms and vaults. It'd mean that players who want to take their time trawling through a single map to loot everything possible get a bit more variety of resources than the planet alone would normally drop, and make looting actually feel rewarding. Currently, looting just feels like stealing dirty socks from an unconscious homeless person, and I'd love to see that change. Some of the more 'secret' rooms that were meant to require parkour to reach (like the Void tile where you had to wall run up the big power tubes) could have some kind of ability negating field, or dangerous hazards or something, so that there is still some form of challenge required to enter. Compensate such rooms with higher numbers/spawn chance of these multi-drop loot crates, and it'll be perfect!
  6. Xarteros

    Sentinel Weapon Rivens

    Simple. Add a new type of Transmutation core to Cephalon Simaris that transmutes a single riven into a random Sentinel riven. Gives people who WANT a sentinel riven a way to get it, and doesn't force everyone to run the chance of getting them. Sidenote: Sentinel weapons need to be buffed to be at least on-par with mid-tier weapons. Having 5% chance to crit or status isn't reasonable.
  7. Deleted. My points have already been covered
  8. Xarteros

    Rhino passive Tweaked a bit

    I think you mean the 6th one, and I guess it has a bit of overlap, but eh. I wasn't aware of Revenant's passive, but it's already different enough. The 6th idea is basically just Rhino's normal passive version of Heavy Impact, but triggered on him being knocked down rather than after a long fall. The reduction from AoE knockdown to AoE stagger was to balance it, since there's a lot of sources of enemy knockdowns compared to how quickly you can trigger his normal passive.
  9. Xarteros


    They could always add some kind of permanent upgrade that requires a bit of extra effort (another 50k standing maybe) that can be applied to it. Either that, or make the base syandana 50k, and then give us an 'Eternal Celestia' syandana for the 100k, for those who want the choice to show off their weekly progress (or have the minimalist version).
  10. Xarteros

    Rhino passive Tweaked a bit

    No. Better ideas, pick one or even perhaps combine multiple: Sprinting builds up momentum that inflicts knockdown on enemies and makes you immune to knockdown. Resisting or inflicting a knockdown consumes a 'stack' of momentum, requiring you to keep sprinting to build it back up Increased slam radius and/or damage for melee attacks. Alternatively, auto-apply Heavy Impact on ground attacks. Heavy impact effect also applies when doing a flying kick (sliding in midair) against an enemy All knockdowns inflicted by Rhino last twice as long Passive chance to reflect knockdown effects back at the enemy Being knocked down deals AoE damage and staggers all nearby enemies IF you were going to suggest something weapon related, give Rhino a sub-exalted melee weapon (not ability based) that just lets him fight as if he had a sparring/fist weapon equipped. It'd only function if you had no melee equipped, or if your equipped melee was disarmed. He is, after all, the only Warframe thus far depicted in the video trailers fighting bare fisted.
  11. Xarteros

    Loki and his totally useless Decoy

    Funny you say that when he completely replaced Nyx for crowd control and scaling enemy conflict. I still use him to solo all the sorties, Irradiating Disarm is just invaluable for stuff like Interception, Mobile Defense etc, or sortie Rescues that spawn billions of troops as soon as you get the hostage out. On topic, I feel like Decoy should just be invulnerable, but perhaps the threat level of Decoy be boosted, but decay over time at a rate based on strength (high strength, slow decay) over the duration. Then make Radial Disarm scale off strength by not just disarming weapons, but making them misfire and explode or something. Switch Teleport on enemies could have a stun effect, or a radial knockdown effect that scales off strength. A few ideas to put more strength in his kit. I mean, it's nice to not have to depend on high strength for once, but it'd also be nice if high strength was an option.
  12. Xarteros

    Suggestion for a Kubrow Rework

    I'd like if they got an extra slot for 'Behaviour' mods, much like Stances or Auras. Behaviours could dictate what sort of range they stay around you (for some builds, you want them to range out and find their own targets, for others you want an actual bodyguard against Melee enemies). Kavats are all well and good, and so are Sentinels, but I've yet to see anything but a Kubrow rip level 80 juggernaughts in half with a finisher attack 😉 They could use a bit of love though. Currently the buffs from Kavats just massively outshine Kubrows, so they should be tweaked to be the more combat-focused option (maybe with an armour shred of their own)
  13. Xarteros

    Please let us roll out of Volt's speed!!!

    That aside, there are two things I think would appease the players. Firstly, an 'Ability Preference' option in the menu. Players could just go through a list of buffs, and select whether they allow Public/Friends/Clan/Alliance/Invited Players to use said buff on them. Have all the buffs on by default, of course, but let players go through and check off which ones they don't want access from. You might, for instance, allow players in your friends list, or players you specifically invite to a group to use Volt Speed, but not clanmates or public players. The second, potentially simpler option (much less customizable), would be to have an option in the menu for a 'manually accept buffs' feature. Instead of just getting every buff automatically, it would have a little notification in the UI of what the buff is. Then you just add in two hotkey options for Accept/Deny, and players can just choose what they want. I feel like that system would be a bit more clunky, but it'd hopefully remove a bit of trolling potential. Of course, it'd be unfair to be able to 'store' buffs and apply them at your whim, so the timers would still need to be ticking down (rendering short buffs, like 3-4 second duration, nearly pointless by the time you hit Accept)
  14. Xarteros

    Nyx: Chaos Should Not be Overshadowed by Radiation

    I feel like I'd prefer Chaos to make all enemies allied to you, rather than attack anything randomly. However, unlike her Mind Control, these enemies should still be subject to player attacks and abilities. I'm actually of the mind where ALL abilities affect them, including beneficial abilities like Volt Speed, Rhino Roar etc. It'd make Chaos turn enemies into crazy, short-lived waves of hectic fun
  15. Xarteros

    Wasted time on Cetus

    Well, they wouldn't be able to checkpoint the rewards for stuff client-side, because that would open up the doors for hacking/cheating. They could do it server side, but then there'd be heaps more 'checkpoints' going off at once, from various situations (you'd also want it to checkpoint focus/XP gains during missions that crash, etc). If it wouldn't impact the servers, I'm absolutely 100% all for it, but DE have shown caution about server drain on stuff like that before, so idk.