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  1. Long story short, there are lots of ways they could make it work, and I'd want them to carefully consider (and thoroughly test) changes to the mechanics before they inject more bugs and clashes in the system. Sidenote, on the topic of efficiency and players effectively bypassing the Nightmare modifier, I don't really see that as relevant. There are already enough frames you can play that negate entire modifiers without blinking. Back when no-shields was just a regular modifier, all you had to do was bring Nidus, Inaros, Rhino or Valkyr etc and you wouldn't notice the difference. Energy Drain modifiers are already bypassable by using frames that only need to use an ability occasionally (like Saryn dropping spores), or frames that just don't need abilities to function at all (like Tank-build Inaros). Time Limits and Vampire mode are already incredibly cruisy, since you can just nuke everything (and Vampire mode makes tanky frames ridiculously easy). It's no different to using frames that bypass or overcome the effects of the Dragon Keys. It's not about balancing the game to make those examples the new norm, it's about balancing the game for an average, diverse build so players can still have fun without being so heavily limited. The great wall-of-nope that DE has built against abilities outlines that problem entirely. They balanced the game so you NEED a specific loadout or build to succeed, and left everything just pointlessly tedious instead of challenging and fun.
  2. The 'energy vampire' suggestion of mine was only one suggestion, and even that could be changed to work in different ways. For one, you could make the energy vamp trigger only on weapon kills, to prevent Warframe Nukes from ignoring the energy 'challenge' (keep in mind that much of Nightmare's difficulty also comes from higher damage and tankiness of enemies, some of the additional modifiers aren't difficult anyway). You could also make the energy vamp return value be capped at a set amount every X seconds, so you might get 10 energy from a kill but no more than 50 in 5-10 seconds. You could also instead make it not give energy back at all, but each kill give you a pause on the drain, so you need to maintain consistent kills or the energy starts draining again. And if a pause timer still allows too much shenanigans, make the pause timer cap out at 15 seconds or something, so you can't nuke a room and have 2 minutes added to the timer. What about my idea #2? More energy drops, and energy orbs pause the drain for a few seconds to allow regen/Zenurik to build up as well. Doesn't take away from the challenge, but gives players a bit of breathing room. Giving them double the restore value means players have a chance to actually cast something before the drain kicks back in and drains away too far. Then #3, which gives you 30 second intervals to build up and use energy, but then hit you with a larger drain as a map-wide wave. Still keeps the challenge in there, forces players to be more engaged and keep track of their abilities/regen/energy more to keep their powers going Also #4, where the drain only ticks down a certain amount of your energy (down to 25% of your normal capacity, perhaps, which would leave you 75 energy on a frame that normally has 300). Still limits your ability to spam-cast, or activate a sequence of abilities, but gives you a baseline to use at least one or two powers. Any of them could be implemented in ways that make the challenge more of a challenge and less of a tedious 'wall-of-nope'.
  3. Drones taking AoE damage would make them better. As would converting the Drone to a Moa, so melee players can engage them and pop the bubble. The drones often get occluded by doorways and terrain on the ceiling, making them a ground-based unit would make them managable for a wider array of builds. Magnetic procs were 'fixed' for a brief time, where they would only drain X amount. Now, they rapidly drain massive amounts again, and relying on focus/arcanes/mods is bad for everyone. It limits build choices which is always bad, it punishes new players who don't have the focus/arcanes/mods or have a high enough level in them, and it interrupts gameplay even if you have them. Whether or not they are "useless" in terms of the challenge level of the game is mostly irrelevant, since they make the game more tedious to play and don't actually provide a challenge. Then how? No use saying you don't agree with an idea if you don't explain why and/or don't offer an alternative.
  4. Too much stuff makes energy pointless, and as such makes entire factions feel tedious and unenjoyable. There's so much about Warframe that makes us dependent on abilities and (almost always) therefor energy. Below are lists of possible changes that would help keep the purpose of energy-impeding effects alive, while removing or reducing their tediousness. Open to more ideas too! The below listed ideas are not intended to ALL be used. Some might not be enough for significant impact on their own, and multiple might be relevant, but they're just ideas. Nullifiers: Bubble doesn't stop projectiles. That's what Arctic Eximus units are for, after all Bubble might shrink from abilities hitting it instead, allowing caster-based frames to still whittle them down if their weapons aren't strong enough Bubble can only be deployed at a stationary position, with a 2-3 second animation between activating/deactivating Bubble rapidly shrinks as Nullifier moves, down to 50% of its max size Bubble does not negate duration/drain abilities, but makes them cost 2-4X more energy/sec or make the duration tick 2-4X faster Static or health-based effects like Snowglobe are instead damaged by 5-10% of their health per second Edit: Make the drain/tick apply on an increasing scale over time, so your first second has little effect but you suffer more the longer you stay within the bubble Bubble operates as a pulsed-aura instead of a bubble, with each pulse lasting slightly less than the time it takes to pulse again (lasts 5 seconds, pulses every 6 seconds etc) Bubble only provides 95% reduction to ability effects, rather than complete negation Bubbles have a maximum duration, with a cooldown afterwards, or a maximum number of charges for 'reinflation' Nullifiers release an anti-null wave on death, granting energy efficiency and/or bonus strength to Tenno within X radius, or a weakness to abilities to nearby enemies on death or something. Nullifiers always drop an energy orb on death. If not 100%, then 80% chance or something. Even if it's a smaller-than-usual orb, like +10 energy. Nullifiers can't be eximus units too, or they can only use one effect at a time (using eximus aura/ability negates the nullifier bubble) Edit: Bubble has a set health cap based on the Nullifier. Still shrinks with individual hits, but can be instantly collapsed once it reaches the health cap. Magnetic Procs: Only drains a max of 50 energy. Additional procs do not affect drain until the ongoing proc is ended Instead of draining energy, reduces loot vacuum by X meters for the duration. At the end of it, reverses and increases loot vacuum by 2X the amount it was reduced by for one second Energy drained is reversed at the end of the proc, regenerating at the rate it was lost Instead of draining energy, increases melee damage taken and dealt by 50% Instead of draining energy, increases time taken to recover from knockdowns and heavy landings by 25-50% Instead of draining energy, increases gravity, reduces parkour velocity/distance, and/or negates double-jumps Instead of draining energy, messes slightly more with your HUD, possibly even randomises abilities you cast (if you press 1, it might try casting 3 etc) or weapons you select Edit: Energy only drains down to 25% or 50% of your capacity Eximus Energy Leeches Energy drained is dropped on death as orbs, or released as a wave within X meters Energy drained deals % health damage to the eximus unit, with a value of say, 0.5-1% per energy drained Eximus unit glows brighter as it drains energy, deals AoE damage to other enemies on death based on how much energy it drained (multiplier of the unit's health based on energy drained) Energy drain is greatly reduced by distance, and does not interrupt energy regen effects (allowing regen to negate or overcome drain as long as you aren't too close) Eximus unit drains energy from nearby units, preventing other Eximus units from using their abilities. Effectively puts their abilities on a cooldown until the leech is killed or moves away Applies to other Energy Leech units, making the first one be 'active' and the other ones 'inactive' until the first one is slain Energy drained is restored as regen on death, possibly doubled if killed via Parazon execution. Might as well make those finishers actually worth their while Energy drain is limited to a cone effect, and requires the eximus to be stationary or slow to maintain Energy drain is capped for each eximus, at 50-75 energy regardless of enemy level Edit: Make drain require line of sight, and/or have a visual lead to the enemy (like Trinity Link, perhaps) Edit: Gradual increase in energy drain, possibly with visual indicator over your energy bar to highlight that a drain effect is being applied Edit: Energy only drains down to 25% or 50% of your capacity Energy Drain Mode (Nightmare/Sorties) Becomes Energy Vampire mode instead, killing enemies restores energy, just like the health-Vampire mode Energy drops are 2-4X more common, restore twice as much, and pause the drain for a few seconds Energy drain happens in waves every 30 seconds, and all regen/pickups operate normally. Have visual indicators before the wave comes that lets players quickly cast abilities if they can Edit: Energy only drains down to 25% or 50% of your capacity I've literally run out of time, but there are more things that could do with a fixup (Ancient Disruptors, Sorties reduced energy cap etc). Post your own ideas, discuss my ideas, just help flesh out ways to make it less of a boring "no you can't do that" tedium and more of a challenge to work around and overcome
  5. here was me thinking that Inaros' entire kit was that he just can't die until the game becomes pointlessly high level.
  6. If you don't want to use AoE frames, you don't want to use AoE weapons, use melee. All melee is effective at taking out clusters of enemies, although some is just inherently better suited. If you don't want to play a suitable frame that supports that style of melee, or a frame that can otherwise prevent you from being surrounded (or let you survive well enough regardless), then perhaps you'd be better suited not playing steel path, or simply not playing warframe. Because guess what? Rhino isn't a stealth frame. Ivara is not a tank frame. Loki is not a nuke frame. The entire game is built on the premise that you need to bring a balance of skill and gear to meet increasingly difficult challenges. Yes, sometimes the balance is shifted towards either side, but that isn't new, so the fact that it's skewed towards gear in Steel Path can be expected. Now, I've wanted a slider to pick spawn rates for general missions for years now. We still don't have one for regular content, which hurts all solo players who want more effective farming via their method of choice. But, DE has made content designed to challenge our regular gameplay styles and shake up the norm. I think if anything, they should raise the ceiling rather than give you the option of lowering the floor, and make even higher spawns optional for solo and mandatory for squads. I've been playing since Update 3, and trying to solo-complete every node is actually proving the first real challenge DE have given us, short of impossibly scaled stats and impassable bugs. This game mode does not deserve a cop out just for those who refuse to take the equipment they need to succeed.
  7. 31% Radiation Kuva Bramma with Vengeful Trickster Ephemera, female lich, no quirks. PM With offer, or comment below
  8. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  9. Saryn doesn't need a buff, she needs to be reverted and to have her actual problems fixed. Miasma needs to deploy a static cloud effect rather than an instant one-use spray. Each tick within the cloud should deal corrosive procs, as the description originally entailed. Up to 4 clouds maximum, with clouds lasting indefinitely (like Wisp buffs or Frost Snowglobes) and ability duration affecting the rate at which damage procs tick Then, swap the damage scaling thing from Spores to Miasma, so damage builds up and decays based on enemies taking damage within the cloud (and building up faster if those enemies have Spores). Tweak the decay if needed. Add a way to manually collapse the cloud if needed, or make them collapse if they decay to 0 (but give them a higher base value so they don't collapse near-immediately). Then, return Spores to their previous function: Dealing Toxin damage (or viral if they want), and combining toxin and viral procs from the target and adding it to the spread spores. Also, being able to 'store' spores on Molt for timed release, even if you can't cast them directly but the spores can spread to Molt within the radius. Bonus points for being able to cast spores on yourself and/or allies, to negate incoming attacks by popping the spore instead. People don't realise that Saryn was so much more effective before her most recent rework, since you could spread 'harmless' spores 3 tiles away in all directions, and then 'inject' the damage via a single target by using a weapon modded heavily for toxin and/or viral. People could do just as well in ESO if her spores worked the way they used to, they'd just need to actually put in effort instead of being cruise control plebs. I'll include my credentials below
  10. You know, the simplest solution that was also something DE promised long ago would be to allow certain tiles to use Archwings. Seriously. Giant open areas? Archwing. What's so difficult? As soon as you exit that tile, the archwing is disabled, just like entering the gates of Cetus/Fortuna. Players who want to parkour still can. Players who don't want to parkour can use Archwing. Bonus points, as it gives players more choice and further integrates a largely isolated system into common play.
  11. Every time I talk about ways to bring two systems together into one 'seamless' element, all I get is "hurr durr, too complicated, too much work, DE will never do it, dumb idea just for trying, durr hurr" I've been here since Update 3. The overcrowding of systems is very real. DE can save the game long-term, but it would require a lot of reworked content and a bucketful of Handwavium.
  12. How do you have an Umbra Saryn that can die? Enemies are supposed to be dead 3 tiles away, while you prance in fields of bloodstained loot 😛 Jokes/seriousness aside, I'm all for telegraphics. Although, I'd actually prefer if a lot more abilities had telegraphic actions rather than passive auras/effects, for that matter. Just for instance, for Nullifier crewmen to have to deploy their bubble (like the inflatable barricades the Grineer deploy), giving the players a recognisable animation that they can interrupt with staggers (or murder).
  13. Create a reputation system of Upvotes and Downvotes. Assign a point value to upvotes/downvotes a player receives, and make them 'decay' over time. Also, make high-downvote count players be either unable to downvote, or have their downvotes count for fewer points. You could also weight upvotes/downvotes by measuring how many times a player died, how much damage they dealt, how many other players they revived, abilities used etc (helps weed out inactive players) As you play with PUGs, you build your 'reputation', and players can view each other's reputation somewhere nice and clear (even just up the top in the squad icons) before you join. They could even make lockout levels, so a player with negative reputation is incapable of joining a high reputation player without direct invite. Much like having high ping, having a low reputation might prompt an actual popup warning that lets the squad leader accept/deny a low-reputation player into their squad. Frankly, it's a system Warframe could sorely use in general. Being able to get really high reputation and have matchmaking pair you with similar individuals means PUG matches would become much more consistent across the board. It's not a perfect system, and it's not without its exploits, but it's probably more fair than having kick systems or captain-demigod systems.
  14. It's a really tricky thing, because the host is not always the pilot, nor the most seasoned/trustworthy player there. I think Refining and Navigation would definitely be a good start, although I think Navigation should be a vote just the same as normal mission selection. The issue then becomes people wanting the system to include more options as lockouts, which devolves into all sorts of murky depths. Can the ship's owner lock out the pilot's seat? What if they then force the ship to sit somewhere that it can't be used, and players are forced to complete the entire mission in archwing, or quit and lose rewards? I mean, a dodgy pilot can still do that by just afking in the seat, but being able to lock it out could make it even more trollable. One solution would require a better matchmaking system, where you could 'grade' the level of limitations that a captain applies to his ship. Much like the clan rank limitations, they could designate 'roles' that have access to certain functions (guns, foundry, tactical abilities, archwing slingshot etc), so you can select a role upon joining and the whole party can be sure that you aren't able to muck about with different features quite so much.
  15. Steps to incorporate PvP into the rest of the game in ways that utilise existing content and don't detract from the PvE game modes: Add Clan Dojo Lunaro arenas, with limited customisations like the custom obstacle courses (some decorative, however, and perhaps some limited numbers of hazards to make it interesting). Allow players to muck about, but still get small amounts of Conclave standing as they go, and get more Standing if they organise actual teams to play with (basically, increase standing rewards for all players based on team size, up to max of 4v4 or whatever). Add Clan duelling arenas for 2v2/3v3/4v4 battles, probably closer to the size of the Large Gardens. Give standing in the same way as the Lunaro room described above. Add head-to-head team challenges, where squads/clans can send a formal challenge out and create a competition in any endless mission, plus ESO, Index and Rathuum, Arbitration etc. Squads invited with the challenge must enter that mission within X minutes, and players are awarded standing based on how well they do. Making a challenge requires a consumable bought with standing from Teshin, with more expensive 'challenge tokens' granting the ability to invite more squads. Bonus points for adding extra functionality for challenging fellow clanmates or alliance members Steps to adjust/implement PvP gamemodes to ways more appealing to a wider PvE audience Remove reliance on owning weapons and warframes. Like Lunaro, make all warframes have unified stats and no access to passives or powers. Instead, create a short list of more generic powers that are iconic, useful, but easier to balance because fewer in number. Base them on powers like Volt Speed, Snowglobe, Iron Skin etc, but make them 'plain' void-energy versions (few or no elemental themes), all coloured to suit player teams (or a generic colour for non-team maps) Also remove access to PvE weapons entirely, but grant access to a sizable arsenal of Tenno-themed weapons that cover all the main types. 30-50 weapons can be balanced much more considerably than the literal hundreds that can be brought into Conclave at the moment. Bring Conclave nodes to the star chart, at the outskirts of the planet nodes. They can't be counted as mandatory star chart nodes for standing completion, because forcing them on players will only turn them further off PvP. Add features such as open games (players can join partway through), auto-balance games (shuffles teams based on individual scores to try and keep both teams as even as possible), handicaps (automatically adjusts player stats to bridge skill gaps, but consequently boosts standing rewards for the skilled players to compensate the added difficulty). Not all options would be mandatory, but perhaps affect the above-mentioned nodes like Nightmare modifiers or are incorporated in a proper lobby-host system Add indirect game modes where players are competing but not in direct combat against each other. Archwing racing, K-Drive racing, Target Practice, Parkour challenges, Crazy spy vault speedruns, or arena-style rapidly-escalating survival are just a few ideas. Bonus points for head-to-head Railjack content
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