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  1. That's like saying it's a PvP game just because PvP is an option. I'd just like to point out that the overwhelming number of cinematic quests are solo-only at least in part, so kindly leave your "hurr durr its coop" attitude out of the conversation. WF has a massive fanbase of primarily-solo players. They've shown numerous times that they want to cater for both playstyles, and they've fixed similar imbalances before.
  2. Slow projectile travel, limited ammunition, requiring direct hit to detonate, requiring manual detonation, longer reload time, slower weapon swap speed, charge up times, limited to Arch-guns etc. There are other considerations they could use to balance them from becoming meta. Many of them already apply, but we just use cheeky workarounds or exploits to negate the issue (like the Zephyr build that made Tonkor rounds fly so fast they detonated on terrain), or they don't apply to a significant enough degree. It wouldn't even need to be a universal thing, they could still keep some weapons wit
  3. The issue is not that DE are adding content that might not appeal to all players The issue is that they're wasting time and effort on something that has absolutely glaring problems that everyone hates, and they've added a tiny little QoL thing that some people might use out of laziness. It's like a patient coming into the Emergency Room with multiple gunshot wounds and a severed arm, and DE are putting a bandaid on the patient's scraped knee. Sure, it's technically a minor help under certain circumstances, but the patient is still going to die if you don't fix the broken parts.
  4. I've been screeching it like a harpy for nearly a decade now: There are ways to make PvP and Co-op overlap Separate players or teams into their own room/area for the most part, so players can't interfere with each other. Or, if feasible, make members of the enemy team appear as semi-transparent holograms in the colour of their team Obstacle course races, including procedural generated endurance modes (like dojo courses, lasers and hazards are instant death or deal % of health, last player alive wins, if you are more than X meters behind your opponent you start taking damage too)
  5. We don't need more warframes with ever-expanding themes. What we really need are more ability options for existing warframes, allowing us to diversify our playstyle without grossly overbloating the game. Imagine having 2-3 different abilities per warframe that could be swapped out. It would open up realms of options for players, all using existing content, and would give us so many more reasons to try the things we already have. Every new warframe is just encroaching more and more on existing themes, so each one either waters down the theme, or outstrips a previous iteration entirely (Li
  6. They need to flip the table. Replace Cautious Shot with Careless Shot. Remove all self-damage and self-stagger from explosion effects. Add bonus damage to Careless Shot, but allow self-damage. That way, it's never a mandatory/QOL mod. Stuff stays the same, but gets better if you want to run the risk of self damage, or make a build to facilitate it. Problem solved.
  7. We gave them walls of amazing ideas in feedback after lich's got released. Their first major mistake was locking the weapon rewards behind defeating the lich. Murmurs should have been dramatically upped in scale (more thralls in lich nodes, specialty thralls for assassinate/exterminate missions, murmur caches in spies, hidden caches etc), and spent on a more widespread scale. Spend murmurs to subvert or avoid enemy forces, and clear a node from the Lich's influence. Spend murmurs activating a Lich Assassinate mission where they guarantee to spawn. Spend murmurs on unlocking parts of differe
  8. because when you go in to ticker every day for two weeks, and every single crew option has identical stats to crew you already have, stats that are too diluted between traits that won't be relevant to that crew at all (like Combat for a pilot, Gunnery for an engineer, or Piloting on anything except a pilot), or have good stat spreads but only on the lower-tier crew you buy with credits (which have less upgrade potential). I don't get why it's such a hard concept for you people to understand: THERE IS NO RELEVANT REASON WHATSOEVER TO MAKE THEM SOLELY BE RNG BASED They could have mitigat
  9. Except with only one new wave per day, it's statistically ridiculous to get any crew with specific stats, even factoring in the +3 you get from intrinsics. Not to mention if you wanted specific syndicates out of that crew. Not to mention that half of the available picks (all the ones purchased with credits) have fewer stat points. As an example: In the absence of a system where AI can do multiple tasks with more intricately player-defined priorities and behaviours, there is no point in having an engineer with ranks in Piloting or Gunnery, although an Engineer can still benefit from the Comb
  10. Limiting our ability to hire crew with particular stats to an RNG selection once per day is absolutely terrible. It accomplishes nothing, and stands in the way of players enjoying the content however they like. Instead, we need the ability to either "retrain" one of their skill ranks into a different skill (even just 1 rank per day, but you could do 1 per hour or 6 hours or something), or the ability to level crew members up. Retraining would be the easiest solution, and would allow players to adjust their crew as their play style changes or as game changes lead to new styles. Leve
  11. I wrote a haiku in response to this request "No no no no no No no no no no no no No no no hell no" Don't ask for this to be a general rule. EDIT: I'm responding more to the broader request to have seasonal/costume items become permanent, not just this specific one about the easter ephemera. Instead, ask for an opt-in setting that lets us filter what we see. Once we have that, then you can start asking for seasonal/joke cosmetics to exist permanently. Players who don't want to stare at bunny ears, pumpkin heads or mustaches etc all day can simply go into their filter settings and t
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