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  1. I'd call that odd. My PC runs Nvidia and my laptop runs AMD, and the issue persists between the two. To which I mean, if I talk to Konzu on the PC until all his post-quest dialogue is finished, I can swap to my laptop and there's no post-quest dialogue to wait through. Furthermore, I tested on an NPC I haven't talked to in ages (I forget her name, from Fortuna), I tested one line of dialogue on my Laptop and it was her initial meeting dialogue. When I swapped to my PC and talked to her again, it wasn't the first-meeting dialogue, it was her next line of quest-scripted dialogue. I think i
  2. Not sure if it's something that's triggered by updates, but I can tell you right now it's triggering me Whenever it occurs, every single NPC resets to some form or another. When I talk to each of them, they give me the dialogue of when I first meet them. If I exit and talk to them again (either immediately, after quitting/restarting, doesn't matter), I get the next 'tier' of dialogue. By 'tier' I mean whatever line of dialogue they have once a quest was complete or a new standing rank was gained. It happens one after another until every special dialogue has been completed, by which I can ju
  3. I just absolutely hate its appearance. Not only is it too borrowed from 40k, I just think the excessive coin thing is a terrible eyesore that can't be decorated. Visually, it's like a 5 year old kid who painted a carrot gold and superglued a bunch of lego to it.
  4. I wonder if the stats have become tangled with Steel Path? Perhaps applying their improved stats but still showing low level
  5. Can we get some system where players can vote to prioritise certain bugs to be fixed or at least addressed? Stuff like Exodia Contagion not working properly, and operator amps knockback have been showing up repeatedly for months in these comments. Even if we just had some sort of monthly list of community submitted bugs/issues/QoL fixes, and each player is only allowed to cast 1-2 votes for what they want to prioritise. I'm sure there's a way we could make it work
  6. PvP in warframe sucks because it's made in a hack'n'slash game designed for one player to mince thousands of enemies like a demigod. It sucks because there are horribly broken abilities and weapons that are incredibly meta, which make the game modes feel unwelcoming to players not familiar with the meta. It sucks because DE thinks that every single frame and weapon needs to be added, but the overwhelming number makes it too hard for them to balance and it's just making more work for themselves. It sucks because DE never put enough effort into it to make it fun enough to a sufficient number of
  7. I'll say what I've said since his OG Bladestorm, and well before the augment came out His 4th should be a toggle mode, "Hunter's Gaze" or some such. While in this mode, hearts (or power cores for robots) should appear and glow on enemies to create a new weakpoint that acts like a headshot multiplier zone with higher multiplier and/or crit bonuses, based on power strength. In this mode, his abilities gain additional function: Shuriken should spawn shadow clones that throw additional shuriken from different angles. If the original target enemy dies, the clones attack other enemies.
  8. I've been saying for a long time that the "powders and dyes" hawker dude in Cetus should sell specialty dies that grant different textures or even patterns. There could be more options added to the Necralisk and Fortuna as well, covering a wide range of textures
  9. Simple answer: make it a menu option. Solves every issue.
  10. I agree that there should be more, and especially that the rewards post-30 should be better. There should also be NO cap past 30. With long-running nightwaves like this one, mixed with technically-infinite standing gains from glass resonance in missions, it's too easy for casual players to cap at the 60th rank and have no reason to keep doing objectives. The rewards are so poor that I can't even be bothered going past 30, and I'm at like 45-50 or something anyway just by accidentally doing stuff that happened to count as challenges.
  11. Just in to say that Phage used to be one of my favourites, and I periodically try it after any hotfixes/changes that affect it. I still don't think it holds up in any actual combat scenarios. I've got 3 different rivens suited for some pretty diverse builds, and I still enjoy the weapon but it's never in my top pick for serious high-level gameplay beyond testing new builds.
  12. remove damage from the mod entirely, and remove the mandatory mods. Bring back the tree-nodes we had back in closed beta before mod cards became a thing. Let players pick what stats to focus on as base stats, and make our mods be tradeoffs (keeping mods like Heavy Caliber, trading accuracy for more damage, or converting damage into elemental damage) Focus should have been our way of expanding those tree-nodes further and selecting more at once. That's what the original theme was (making our most beloved weapons/frames stronger through continued use) and it's why DE made focus lenses work li
  13. I'd rather put up with fish swimming into rocks forever if they'd just give us the option to disable the screenjacking of fishing and conservation for EVERY. SINGLE. THING. 5000 Vizier Predasites later, and I think it's a bit pointless to have, especially when some of your prey starts running away while your screen is locked out. But still. They could just make fishing spears have infinite punch-through for terrain. They already prevented most/all of the shenanigans people were doing with fishing rods, and there are further ways they can limit it to prevent more shenanigans.
  14. Bringing viable AoE clear to other frames was the one thing we needed: excuse to play the frames we like and still progress normal content. Arbitration and Rivens, for example, were made with the intention of promoting players to use different equipment than just the meta. It's a huge step backward in the Helminth Subsumption system to nerf abilities that work as creative niches or as widely useful builds to make weak frames viable in regular content.
  15. ranks beyond 30 are already diminished rewards.
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