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  1. Mine takes me to my very first frame, Excalibur. It's been such a verrrry long time since I took my OG Excal out too. Think I'm gonna Helminth a new 3rd ability on him and take him out. Gonna have him slicing and dicing enemies tonight BAAAAABY! 😉
  2. 2 and a half weeks and we shall have good ol' Nezha fire boi Prime. I put my first Umbra Forma on Nezha and have been saving the Umbra Forma from this recent Nightwave to put on Nezha Prime. Anybody else looking forward to this upcoming Prime release?
  3. New weapons on regular basis would help a lot, in my opinion. Getting to play with new weapons is what I look forward to the most in warframe. All the weapons that came the heart of deimos were really fun (I'm loving the Zymos) and I always look forward to "Tenno Reinforcements." If they could trickle out a new weapon or two every couple of weeks I feel it would supplement the time in between the flashy updates. It would certainly give me stuff to experiment with during my daily warframe play.
  4. I was really hoping for a decent buff to the Catchmoon shotgun after it was first released. I believe it got a small buff but still feels very underwhelming for a shotgun. Admittedly, I built it for max crit instead of status. Perhaps a shotgun Catchmoon built for status would perform better...
  5. I definitely feel Energized Munitions needs base 10 second duration. With Primed Continuity it would be 15.5 seconds and that would absolutely be fun to use. 5 second duration with Primed Continuity gives it just barely over 7 second duration, which would be a whole lot of casting to make proper use of imo.
  6. Ive played the necramech several times in missions since I forma'd it and each time the necramech is still at unranked level. It's clearly levelling up since I unlocked it's other abilities but for whatever reason it isn't gaining any affinity. I will just cease playing it until this gets resolved. Every time I used it it was during the vault bounties and I am pretty sure I wasn't the host either. Thanks
  7. Cant wait for Corpus Liches! The Kuva lich system was by far my favorite content added to the game. New weapons and warframes are what I enjoy the most, so an update that has a dozen new weapons is my kinda stuff.
  8. So I main Garuda, and I know exactly what you're talking about. I find myself jumping out of bounds a lot to get rid of any allied healing that snagged onto me (i.e. Wisp mote, Oberon renewal, etc.). I really like the idea of being able to redirect allied healing into something else, like you said. If we had an augment that did that, say replenished shields instead of health, or added damage to the blood orb like you said, I would certainly make use of it. It's funny because I've just gotten used to negating allied healing however I can for so long since I play her so friggin much.
  9. Agreed. And getting stats on how much shields and health is leeched per enemy hit would help as well.
  10. If you look at the picture and the damage distribution of the elements on my mutalist cernos, you'll notice that the elemental damage numbers are quite off. https://imgur.com/a/m8noABt` damage numbers are: Impact 977.8 Puncture 54.3 Slash 54.3 Heat 8.0 Viral 33.1 Total Damage: 1127.6 This is with Infected Clip (90% Toxin) Rime Rounds (60% Cold) & Thermite Rounds (60% Heat) The Heat Damage number should be more like 651.8 and Viral Should be 1629.6 with a total damage of 3367.8. I know the Mutalist Cernos h
  11. Melee should always be stronger, in theory, because the foghting takes place up close. This is supposed to be riskier, which is why melee should be stronger. I think a lot of people forget that headshots exist. Weapons like the Kuva Hind and Kuva Karak (to of the best automatic primaries) do significantly more damage when getting headshots. So scaling is there if a players wants to actually try. Melee is just brain dead that it makes the game very easy. That being said, I do believe we need a primary balance pass, and that many "precision" weapons should get even better headshot
  12. Paused AI invalidates. Plus, 13% duration Ash is gonna have to work to stay alive, that's for sure. This build isn't all that practical outside of level 25 content.
  13. I agree. To try out an ability I out it configuration B. After deciding I liked I swapped A & B assuming the Helminth ability I added would follow. It didn't, and I was a lil disappointed. I can always just infuse A and given that I have the resources to do that, it's not that big of a deal. But it would be convenient, that's for sure.
  14. Bolton Riven Mod Stats: +125% to High Notes +67% Mullet Length -189% Sex Life
  15. Yes. Hunting down energy orbs isn't the worst by any means but it would sure be nice if Necramechs, along with operators and atmospheric archwings had about a 10m vacuum. Scott would say they have vacuum, it's just 2m. Lol
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