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  1. Clan name : Orokin_Kings_ Clan role:Founding Warlord /interior architect Clan tier : Shadow Clan rank 10 Platform : PS4 We are a small clan with big grinders, i like decorate our dojo in way that you feel at home ,the furniture and interior lights are different in every room we like to keep it orginal
  2. you can use the playstation app on your phone , by sending the pictures to a chat on your ps4 and download them on your phone from the same chat
  3. Realy cool you guys do this contest , its our first time and we hope you will enjoy the looks of our Dojo Orokin_Kings_ Shadowclan rank 9 Console :PS4 saintcruz: Warlord (Co-Founder/Architect/Decorator) Location: Netherlands
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