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  1. My thoughts: Could use a bit of a description for how you see it looking, since we don't have any art to go by. Hard Light Shield sounds like it works like a riot shield in usage? If so, cool! Otherwise, could I get a different description? Ammo belt: might be fun to have as a longer duration, like base 4-8 seconds, but with a small recharge or reload timer to represent the ammo being reloaded. The damage types listed seem like a good selection of commonly used statuses for effect. I'd leave any buffing effect secondary to syndicate mods Vigilance: I'd like to see some limited ability to see enemies through walls like with the Argonak Amalgam and Zenith, except maybe specifically when not ADS, as to possibly be more representative of aural positioning than visual. For Barricade, I'm a bit confused as to how often I use this? Is it for: I want to switch to my primary and still have defenses? If it's ideally always-on, then Banneret loses his cool shield! Also, Barricade's a defensive emplacement, if it's more mobile than the shield. If you make it something like, Banneret generates a defensive structure instead of the hardlight shield, with buffs (DR, health regeneration, ammo regeneration, safety-walls) and dreadnought gun emplacement for Banneret. As for the ability space that you'd get out of merging Barricade and Dreadnought... perhaps some kind of cone attack projected from the shield? Blast? Electric? Blinding?
  2. After a host migration, mission rewards stopped displaying in either mission progress or at the end of a round. I got the same amount of rewards at the end (I think?) but they didn't align with what the other person in my squad said they were getting.
  3. Downloaded, verified, optimized, crashes on hitting play
  4. I'm eagerly awaiting your upcoming launch of Warframe on the Super Nintendo! Some ventkid has asked me to re-entrust this leaked screenshot to you.
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