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  1. This is more like a "HOTCRASH" then a Hotfix. Stupid login issue is back.WTH. SE Asian Region
  2. The biggest issues after the server upgrades and the Chimera Release is not being able to login in to the game
  3. First Fix the login issues DE. YOU are fixing less important stuff than the login issues. These fixes are useless to me until i can play the game.
  4. What The Frig is this stupid Login issue. The password works fine on the website but screws up in the game. Always telling me "Login Failed. Check Info". When is this HELL going to end so i can play my game peacefully? I always have to find some random country IP through VPN and that their servers are up so i can play this game
  5. Still having Server crashes in the asian region and having trouble logging again
  6. same issue with me.i am from South Asian region.
  7. Anyone having issues with launcher or having trouble logging in. Please if you know anything about this, respond to this thread
  8. I hope this 3GB update fixes the login issues
  9. How many of you are able to login today? i login successfully on the website but the game tells me "Login Failed. Check Info". Plz tell me i'm not the only one going through this trouble.
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