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  1. As already said Clan Score is Sum of the best Scores of every Member, but u can also do it alone

    Doing it alone would take u ~1 Hour with a organized Group that does all 4 Conduits at the same Time every Round which is about ~1500 Points a Round (if all 4 are defended sucessful). Otherwise doing only 1 Conduit would  probaly take u 2-3 Hours with Enemies being LvL 300+

  2. The survival challenge is nothing but tedious for some People while too hard for others. There's nothing special about sitting 60 Min in a mission if u got the gear for it other then trying not to get bored or not to get our time wasted by a troll that finds it funny to trigger life support near the end or someone even does it by accident. And if you don't make it you only end up wasting your time and not everyone wants to try to go for 1 hour multiple times especially when they have no need for Kuva (and you don't get much out of it for 1 hour of farming).

    Some people simply don't enjoy sitting that long in a Mission without a Reward worth their time, in my case even i have ADHD, i'm on medications and i simply cant focus enough to go trough an entire hour just to get the Nightwave rep without screwing with my entire team. Its nothing but painful and even tough we are not required to do everything to get everything its just dumb if i have to skip everything that is aimed at endurance people as that is just gonna reduce the Buffer i have to get everything (as well as make me get less creds for going over 30 which means i can get less of potential exclusive Items like the Wolf of Saturn decoration) when Things can happen that render me completely unable to play/do challenges so it only gets worse (Important IRL stuff, accidents, illness, etc.) and i potentially might just not get everything cause of that just feels unfair.

    If we have Challenges aimed at specific People i could also ask why not something like play 3 Conclave Games or do x Archwing Mission 3 Times and People would probaly hate it more then 1 Hour of Survival cause they dont like it even if it would be way easier to do. Nobody should be completly forced out of their Comfort Zone or excluded cause of Challenges.

    Challenges should be aimed at all People and not at specific player types, in the old alert system the only required thing to do Alerts was starchart progress (or u could even ask someone to taxi u over) and nothing else. I wouldn't mind it at all if all the time spent would count up or could be done in pieces like x C Rotations or 1 maybe even shorter Endurance Run (and maybe a special mission where Life Support is disabled or count up the Time if someone activates one if we get this condition again) but locking ~1/4 of the Rep available the entire week behind 1 hour of survival (considering u don't screw up) is just not ok. (This also further disadvantages newer players/lower MR players as they cant solo it and might not find a group that easily due to their Gear).

    The play with a friend/clanmate challenges should either be changed to playing public or to something completely different as there is no point for them existing when we just end up with people grouping up with the help of recruitment chat. It has nothing to do with friends when its just 2 random people adding each other just do to the challenge and then probably unfriend afterwards.

    Ayatan felt like to much for the Update being dropped Midweek aswell as the Fact getting Ayatans is completely depending on RNG outside of the 1 u get from Maroo each Week. Ofc its easier for people that have Arbitrations unlocked but that doesn't make it more fair for People who don't. Lowering the Ayatans required to fill might already fix the Problem for most People. (Also considering some people are probably stockpiling now instead of immediately filling them after we had the Challenge)

  3. 1. Can we get more Info on Conclave Racing (like any Frame/Ability Restrictions cause allowing certain Things could just make it not enjoyable imo)


    2. Possibly getting rid (or a Change) of the Conclave Syandana Daily/Weekly Challenge Requirment for its full Look?I

    It is tidious and not rly enjoyable having to do the Weekly each Week again +2 Dailys each Day after it to get "use" out a Syandana that requires max Rank, specally when thats just playing Conclave for about 200 Mins against almost the same People each Week not including Time spent looking for Lobbys for certain Modes to do Challenges

    Also considering that after getting every Conclave Items there is nothing to be rly gained from playing anymore unless for Fun which i honestly dont have if i play against the same People every Day on top of the Fact that some Weapons/Frames are just complelty annoying to deal with if not unbalanced.

    Atleast having it perma lit after getting every Cosmetic Item (Armor Sets/Sigils/Weapon Skins) would also be a nice Solution. I get that its to show "Dedication" but its the only Syandana which is just dissapointing by default while normal Syndicates Syandanas get stronger Effects rather then even enabling them in the first Place.

    Also i know some People dont like it being a perma Thing cause People would just play Conclave to get it but atleast there would be more Players to be honest.


    3. A Change to the Magus Drive Arcane so they can be stacked for 200% more Speed? (As its more of a "Fun" Arcane so it not stacking is weird)

    4. Are u going to look into (if u arent already) the Bug that screws up Dojo Decorations across the entire Dojo when changing the Spawn Room and if theres a Chance to revert it for People that got affected?

    5. Change to the Syndicate System to make it easier to pick a Syndicate u want to earn Rep for (eliminating the Chance to farm Rep for the wrong Syndicate)?

    6. Reworked Parent/Child System for Dojos making it easier to change the Layout (for Example if a Room is connected to the "Main Dojo" by 2 Rooms being able to remove 1 of them and the other one taking on its Parent Role)

  4. 1. Are u going to change the Gravimag BP as it still has a 3 Day Build Time and a 50p Rush Cost VS getting a built one for 20p in the Market (as it became avaible in Market via Hotfix near the End of the Year and heavily unbalanced the BP)?

    2. Is Magus Drive (an Arcane with active Duration that however doesnt rly provide anything for Combat) supposed to not be stackable, cause atm if u equip 2 R3 Magus Drive u only get a single Buff instead of 200% increased K-Drive Speed?

    3. Could the Conclave be changed to start Games even when the Teams are uneven (Example: 1v2) instead of making us wait

    4. Any Chance that the Conclave Bullet Jump Mods (that are cosmeticaly only) could become universal (useable in PvP and PvE) as their basically just a Fun/Cosmetical Mods like the Peculiar Mods?

    5. Any Hopes the Conclave Syandana could get a Change to be always lit rather then requiring to do the Daily/Weekly Challenges to light it up as it can sometimes be rather difficult to do them, as the Fashion u get ouf of a unlit one is rather small?

    5. (This might just be horrible Luck on my Side) Any Chances u could take a look at the Mining Drop Tables as the Chances to get Hesperon seems awfully low (Having around 2k of all the other Fortuna Ores while i maybe only ever got ~500 Hesperon)

    6. Is there a Possibility to get a revamped Syndicate Rep System as having to manually change Sigils can be quite annoying when u end up forgetting to change it to the proper Syndicate u want to earn Rep for and it also makes them partically unusable for Fashion (for Example using a Suda Sigil u got when u where alligned with her butt now ur alligned with Red Veil so u cant use said Sigil till u have gained all ur Daily Standing and u also run into the Risk of forgetting it and losing Rep with Red Veil). It would be more convenient if we could simply pick the Syndicate we want to earn Rep for rather then having to equip a Sigil for that.

    7. Regarding the Parent/Child System for Dojos. Could this be change in the Future so we could take Rooms away if the other Rooms are still connected to the Rest of the Dojo or is this not possible without requiring a complete Rework of how Dojos work (Example a symmetrical Dojo is looped together but now u want to replace a Corner with a T- Connector for smth new but u would need to get rid of the entire Dojo Part including Rooms u took Time to decorate and then added the Fact u have to wait 2H per Room and take ur Time to decorate the Rooms again with no possiblity of making them exactly look like before, even tough the 1 Corner u remove wouldnt break the Cycle as u still had another Section of Hallways keeping the Rest together)

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  5. I basically already have somewhat of a Emblem (First Link) that is made out of a multiple Sigils (from WF so u can just use those directly) and a Shield (see Refrence)

    There will also be an alternate Version on Imgur since it a friend told me that the first one i made could get rejected (due to how the Grandmaster Sigil is placed/looks)  EDIT: Looking trough ur Work i dont think that GM Sigil should be that big of a Problem (however if u think otherwise just tell me)


    • Clan Name: Sacrifical Hunter
    • Preferred Payment Type: Paypal
    • Design Details: Everything should be symmetrical (or as symmetrical as possible)
    •                    All Sigils (Except the Grandmaster) are behind the Shield (so Parts of them appear at the Side of the Shield)
    •                        Shield Colours/style see refrence (want the same Shape and black with golden boarder, but the shield should be filled after the "inner boarder" instead of being see trough) if u could i would prefer if u would just use shield from the refrence (but i doubt u can cause u know reasons)
    •                    Dont remove the Boarder of the shield where bits of the sigils connect (keep them seperate)
    •    All Sigil "Bits" outside of the Shield: Black with Golden Boarder (similar how the Shield looks)
    • Links to reference images:  How the Done Emblem should look (+alternate)
    •                                             Help for sorting the Sigils/lining them up behind the Shield
    •                                               Shield Refrence
    •                                              Grandmaster Sigil
    •                                               Sigil 1
    •                                               Sigil 2
    •                                               Sigil 3
    • Additional Comments: Ignore the White Background in the Imgur as i had to do that since without one u couldnt see the sigil bits
    • EDIT: I might also want a Second Version of the Emblem once the Black/Gold Version is done for an Alliance (Change would be that instead of the Shield and Sigil Bits being black  they should be white or close to white (grey shade/beige)  so it wont end up glowing ridiciously due to Lightning) but ill propaly mention that again once the first one is done (as i would like to see the ingame emblem preview first if thats possible)
    • For the Alternate Version (in Case the first Version is a Problem and u dont know a smaller "Fix" to make it not get rejected)

                                        Put an additional  Sigil3 (Freedom Conclave Sigil) onto the Shield (without the things around the tip on the bottom) and line up the tip with the bottom of the shield and then remove Parts that cover the GM Sigil and make the Rest blend into the Sigil (by using the same Colours the Sigil uses)



    -Sent the Advance



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