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  1. Rumors are rumors regardless of facts. Anyone who played Pokémon and tried to get mew from under the bus could tell you that.
  2. There are certain internet rules that would become realities.
  3. Welp looting in a looter shooter is going on the "grind we don't like" lists.
  4. Your first problem: your playing the index.
  5. Don't know how true it is but I have heard tale that higher bounties lead to better loot when fishing and mining as well as an increase in Cetus Wisp spawns and other collectables. If this is true then it might explain the high "leeching" it doesn't make it ok it just helps to explain it.
  6. You may want to take a walk over to the Fan Zone. https://forums.warframe.com/forum/17-fan-zone/ They have fan-fics, slash-fics, role playing, fan art and fan concepts. They are basically where the creative side of war frame hides. (keep in mind all of what I have seen has been pg-13 for forums sake)
  7. Would be cool but I don't think the tag lines they all have fit the various frames but even removing them they would still be a cool option. At least you can get them on T-shirts from third party sources.
  8. Can we talk for a moment about how poor a choice it was to make all the labs start with the same icon then add a small flourish to the end of them to differentiate? I get the uniformity helps identify them as the labs but really the majority of the icon is a bottle that is the same between them all, I can't imagine the pain of playing this on a small monitor where you cant tell one flourish from another. As another note why is the legend so much larger then the map? It could easily be scaled down by a fourth the size and still be plenty big enough to read at a glance. I just don't understand the design choice here.
  9. #3) Sayrn/Prime - I don't like her aesthetic, I don't enjoy playing her kit, and I really don't enjoy people who meta build her to kill everything on the map. #2) Titania - Tiny frame is ugly and the build in arch-wing is god awful for people who don't like arch wing as is. Her animation of needing to touch the ground to walk when her whole stick is flying threw the air just feels off so she is another hard pass for me. #1) Excal/Prime/Umbra - His abilities are ok and I don't mind playing him but he has by far the most skins and is the games titular mascot. While that normally wouldn't be a bad thing he is a pretty lack luster frame that just keeps getting more and more things thrown at it. Lets give it all the skins, give it all the helms, lets make a version of it exclusive, lets make one of the storys antagonists a reskined Excal, hell lets make a version of it walk around on its own so it can fight along side you. Like what ever you can think of Excal will eventually get. Then there are the people that play Excal... I tend to not be too fond of them either as more often then not I have gotten into groups with Excals who act like they just came from playing call of duty mid 2000's. Slurs left and right, sexist comments, chat baiting etc. It's also the frame most squeakers tend to use so that's another strike against it so ya. Not a fan of Excal.
  10. have had that for a few days now. Started after they did the fourm update on the 10th I think? Lest the bell isn't lit up for me as a constant reminder.
  11. ok so here is my line so I haven't gone over every stream dev or otherwise but it looks like it was never publicly mentioned. Seams like someone found it in the code and threw it out to the community as a "hay look what's coming" and then nothing more on it. Seams to resurface every now and again briefly before it just sort of fades again.
  12. wow google search on this leads down a weird rabbit hole. Clan sigil, phased clan sigil, gilded clan sigil, and glyphed clan sigil were all in development at one point.
  13. time to take all the parts people disliked about the newest content and teasers, staple them together with a few exclusive rewards.... bam nightwave.
  14. Short answer: No. Long answer: It's that it is against TOS, Your account(s) and the accounts of those you trade with (buy/sell of plat and general trades with plat) will/may be banned. Do not buy plat from 3rd party sources, do not sell plat for real world currency and do not preform charge backs (canceling a credit card transaction after receiving the plat in game). Preforming any of these actions singularly or in tandem with each other is subject to a ban and further action may be taken against you legally depending on your country of origin.
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