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  1. Third option random NPC in the relays. Trade with both sides, vacation at both, no one really knows what your job is. I would call it the best option provided the relay doesn't blow up.
  2. I'm saying we need more butts in general and more of a verity. Right now we seam to have 4 butts. Flat butts, Round butts, Bubble Butt, and Nezha Empyrean butt.
  3. Actually the belief that a majority of gamers being guys is a bit of a misnomer as multiple studies have shown and proven that the gaming community closely matches actually population statistics. Where the split is between 50/50 and 60/40. However to the topic at hand. We need more butts. Male, Female, Questionable. All butts should be allowed.
  4. This sounds like a bit of reaching was done to get to this conclusion.
  5. I'm surprised this thread isn't fill with butt captura's yet.
  6. Oh~ Interesting questions. Lore wise I think it's safe to say Excalibur was the first. Excalibur prime is of course the strongest candidate for the first frame with the quote below coming from Excalibur primes codex entry. To my understanding Steve Sinclair has been the driving creative force in the game however he has admitted to making changes on various concepts in the past. It is very likely that at one point the Tenno were inside the suit and the "warframe" itself was a suit of bio-organic armor as is slightly suggested by the line " We built a frame around them, a conduit of their affliction" However it is important to note that Excalibur Prime has been around since 2012 and the "Second Dream" quest, where we first learn about the player Tenno being children, was released in 2015. Further more we learn in "The War Within" quest line ,released 2016, that our Tenno have more capabilities then we originally thought. With the closeness of the two updates its very likely that creation of "The War Within" heavily influenced "The Second Dream" quest. However prior to those two quests there were inferences that the Tenno had been children on the Zarroman who were effected by the void energy. We had little to no knowledge of if the Tenno remained as children or if they had grown into the titular Warframe characters we see current though a close look at Rhino Primes Codex ,released 2014, shows us that we as Tenno have never truly been inside the Warframes. So at some point between 2012 (Excalibur prime)and 2014 (Rhino Prime) the desire to make the Tenno separate entities from the Warframes was made, if not prior to that. This separation was further elaborated on in "The Sacrifice" quest line released last year. With that quest it sort of explains the above Excalibur Prime line "We took the twisted few that had returned from that place. We built a frame around them, a conduit of their affliction." meaning that the affliction is the void energy and the conduit the mental transpherence process we have come to know and understand.
  7. For me personally I always use the standard frame before building a prime. The only exceptions to this rule have been Trinity and Ash as they were both twitch drops. I do this so that I can learn the frame and understand if I like it or not. If I don't like it then I won't go hunting down the relics for the prime version. If I stumble upon a full set then I'll sell it unless I feel like doing the MR fodder. Primes while better then their standard can also be hard to get in the event of Volt Prime. Unless you wanted to buy him or were around for his release you had to wait for Baro to come in with the right relics and hope the RNG liked you and gave you what you wanted. Frames in the Vault are out of circulation so while Mesa and to a lesser extent Chroma are the new hot ticket items a year from now when they are in the vault they wont be so prevalent as no newer players will have them outside of paying plat for them and trading with other players for them. (And I am sure that the market for them will jump just due to the grind for the standard versions and the better stats on prime.) Look the game is a Looter Shooter. The grind is a major part of the game. You don't have to like it but its not going away.
  8. There's always going to be people who suck to play with both in and out of sorties. Haven't noticed an influx of them but then I haven't played sorties for a while.
  9. And here I thought the days of limbo hate threads had passed.
  10. Hayden Tenno while paid homage to at various points in warframe is sadly not a Tenno as we know them. Many assets from the Darksector game made by DE were ported over to create Warframe but DE has gone on record to say that Hayden Tenno and Warframe are not the same. Warframe is spiritual successor but not a legitimate continuation. In regards to the child with the void fire the only mention of it is in the Ember Prime Codex Entry. So far there doesn't appear to be a "First Tenno" so much as a group of children on a ship who fused with void energy somehow and all gained the abilities we know in the game at the same time. However there is also nothing conclusive when it comes to the tenno. Their backstory is given in pieces here and there and non of it is completely conclusive. Though that is in large part because we as players are still receiving it from DE threw various updates. So as of this moment there is no "First Tenno" in relation to the game.
  11. My deepest condolences to you in this trying time. It is indescribable the feelings you must being going threw. The loss of a loved one is always a difficult time, may you remember the fond times and let go of any hardships you both faced. Know and take solace in the love you both shared. In regards to your illness, I hope that on top of making a full and speedy recovery you can find time to make new fond memories with your fellows online. While you may not be able to find someone going threw the same thing as you, there are always people who would be happy to have you brought into their lives. Truly you are much stronger then you realize and may you surpass this difficult time to a worthy and happy tomorrow.
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