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  1. Well there is always the founders pack argument. Remove all of those items so people stop complaining about not being able to get them anymore. Really any way to quell the complaints that pop up about it from time to time. On a side step I think the frame I would like to remove from the game would be Excal. While the frame plays well enough its defiantly a DE favorite. While I understand part of the love for Excal is due to its design being heavily influenced by a previous DE work I just feel its pretty... mhe. His abilities don't really garner too much attention as anything he can do others can do better. There was a release of data at the start of this year I believe that said a majority of new players choose Excal over the options and that he remains one of the most played frames but in part I feel like that is just due to how much he is shoved in the face of players new and old alike. Its the frame on most of the games promo art, has the most skins, gets the most screen time in cinematic trailers etc. It also has an exclusive prime skin and is the only Umbra frame to date with a mainline story quest to go along with him. I do want to clarify though while Excal has my vote to leave right now I wouldn't want another frame just taking his spot as #1 poster boy. I want to see new and old frames get the same treatment across the board no more company favorites.
  2. Not on PC so cant paste the code but sort of figured out the funeral March. Thought it was just right for spooky time of year.
  3. Does anyone else remember when people complained about going too fast? I miss those days.
  4. While that might be I believe there have been a few dev streams where the topic has been talked about and the conclusion is always more or less a hard no on the releasing of gender bending skins, simply due to the resources it would take and how its not the direction they want to take the game.
  5. While De has stated they don't intend to release skins that would model swap a frame to the opposing gender they have said they are open to the idea of rereleasing frames of similar powers of the opposite genders down the line. So the female ash concept could always turn into something else in the same way female excel concept evolved into Nyx.
  6. This thread is not a fixed point in time. Lets see how it changes.
  7. Have to agree with the others. There were darker color schemed primes before Umbra and its likely the darker color schemes will continue as well as a return of the lighter colors. It all depends on the art team going "gold and black or Gold a white this time?".
  8. I won't be doing a Warframe picture for every day, but I will update with the ones I do. Day 1: Ring Day 6: Husky Day 11: Snow Non-warframe works: Here Link to last years works : Here
  9. You should have 2 small boxes next to each other. You will need to select them individually to change the combination. You must also own the color you are wanting to change it to. Any locked colors wont stay on the frame when you back out. Buying a few color pallets from Barro (if he has them when he visits every other week), Spending plat on the in game Market or being on for various events will fix that issue pretty quickly. Further keep in mind not all color combos will show up well together or with your various abilities. Ex 2 shades of red wont show up nearly as well as a red and a black or a red and orange (due to color theory and how your eyes perceive the color shifts). For some reason various energy/emissive colors are also tied to abilities though I'm not sure what the logic on it is. A good example of color ties would be the frame Harrow his different abilities activate the two colors as dominant and secondary differently.
  10. Well lots of new games and content have dropped recently. Know a few people who have shelfed the PS in favor of a PC so they could play WoW. Classic, Those who haven't seam to be on Borderlands 3, Destiny (in prep for the new DLC), Fallout 76 (New NW map), Dead by daylight (Stranger things DLC drops today), or any number of other games. Its kind of that time of year where some companies push out games so they can sell DLC's for Christmas. But another big thing is school is back in session. Both for kids and adults. So college, work etc leads to less people on at any given point. While I'm sure the chat isn't the best indicator of the player population its not anything to be too worried about as of the moment. Player amount fluxes depending on the time of year, and right now its going to be a little less then over the summer or in the early winter.
  11. If I'm host and I want to go and others don't want to leave I tend to go to the gait wait a minute or two. If im feeling extra polite I'll post in chat that I'm leaving and ask people to come to the gait. After 2 minutes if your not making your way back to the gait then you can bet I'm leaving squad, if you keep or lose your stuff at that point I don't care as 2 minutes should be more then enough time to at lest post in chat that you would like me to wait for you so you can finish what ever it is your working on. (fishing, mining, a daily, etc.) I believe a squad should not be held captive by a host and vice versa.
  12. Depends on the player. Know a guy who quit after trying to get rhino because he didn't like the wait time and didn't want to pay to speed it up. This could be adjusted so starting frames take less then 3 days to make. (mag, volt, excel and arguably frost, rhino and oberon). Some players stop after hitting rank 2 because the story just sort of dead ends for a moment and expects you to continue playing and explore before moving on. this could be amended by just having a progress bar or mini mission to tell you what you need to do before you can move forward. I personally took a break right around the end of the war within quest as it was a lot to take in at a given point then sort of went dead for a while. Easy fix would be to add in more mini story quests outside of the optional ones for various warframes. (Octavia, nekros, atlas and mirage I believe.) My bf stopped after Fortuna dropped because he got tired of how many grind walls it took to reach certain goals. A simple fix for this would be to make each level have reward worth getting rather then locking everything behind the final tiers of a grind. Night wave was another example of a grind wall that was just no fun, though it has been amended slightly to account for some of the issues that were brought up. There are lots of stopping points in warframe so its hard to say where a new player or any player for that mater may call it a break or call it off entirely. While I don't believe the stats for where new players stop has been made public its hard to estimate too much where the drop off is so it makes it that much harder to try to suggest improvements for a singular part vs the game as an entirety.
  13. Granted but they are not watermelon Loza03 so its a fleshy and otherwise questionable slice that we do not recommend keeping let alone consuming. I wish I could get inspired to draw.
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