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  1. Running a little late to the party this year. Day 10 Pet Day 22 Flower Day 24 Lotus Pending- Pending-
  2. *Host migration in progress. Please wait...*
  3. There is a Grineer nearby with a 5k credit bet as to if you'll hack it or not.
  4. Volt could go a few ways. There is the obvious chick reference that people make when refurring to new players using volt. There is also the idea of an electric eel for the electric aspect. Zephyr in part is suppose to look like a tengu, esp with her alt helm. Though the angular "beak" and short tail feathers sugjust a bird of prey, like a hawk, at lest rather then the peacock/peahen. Mag just looks like a person in the 1970's esc space suits, so maybe something along the lines of "Alien Cosmonaut" cryptid? Vauban he just looks like a dwarf to me, the classic tinkering man with a
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