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  1. I'm fine either way with these suggestions, whether they get added or not. except the weapon damage blinding. like, why punish the player for using stronger gear? Bursa blinding is annoying enough
  2. honestly fur shouldn't be too big of a problem since it's already on Kubrows and whatnot, just haven't seen it on a Warframe yet. hopefully they'll add that to frames in future cos it would improve the look of some like Wukong or even certain Valkyr skins
  3. as an African myself, I never got any strong African vibes from Baruuk's design. this though... this is it, chief. the ear rings, the neck rings, the lip ring, the cheetah spots pattern. heck, everything just works here. except maybe the hair. not that I don't like it, but I personally don't think DE has done the best job thus far when it comes to incorporating elements like hair or fur into their warframe designs. but that's my one and only "complaint" here. other than that, amazing job. well done
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