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  1. 1) So when I loged in usterday and then again today, I took a look at all my current Relics. I noticed in my batch of Requiem Relics that the weapon adapter with in THEM requires a fully built Weapon Adapter to build another, Weapon Adapter. I am not the only one who has noticed, in fact many of my clan member are complaining about it, and are now avoiding opening Requiem Relic. So whats the deal with that? 2) Also I myuself and my clan mates have noticed we are Spawning in the Dry Dock. Why? I now this to be a problem because I have changed it to other rooms multiple times in the last few days, and insted of Spawning in any other room it will defult me to the Dry Dock anyway. This is a big hassle becouse the Traiding room with the most activity is no where neer the Dry Dock. I would like everyone to defult to the room We (the clan) have decided is the best to Spawn into. This was not the Dry Dock........ Help us please, thanks...
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