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Co-Founder & Dojo Artist: The Harbingers of Requiem -PS4 Clan & Community Page.

The Warframe Clan, with one of the largest Colorado Local, Warframe Player Base! (https://discord.gg/NXGdX3)


The Hallowed_Shrine: First and foremost, forget whatever it is you heard. I am an azzhole.

I have a lot of passion for life, and want to share it with as many people as I can. Another-words, should you stop myself, or others from enjoying their freedoms; you most likely someone who will not like me. I also expect the best from all "my people". The expectations I have for others, stem from the same expectations, I hold for myself.

I absolutely love All forms Metal, everything from death to epic, it's my jam. I'm also very fond of Industrial, Synth-Pop, Thrash, and Hard-Core. l love and listen to rock, and all its "genre", techno, trance, pop, 90's, country, and a little hip-hop. I have a big love for all forms of art, I have so much love and respect for people doing them.

As a person, I'm an open book. (https://discord.gg/3NVtmn) For political views, I allow people to run themselves, like the monarchy, they will do so anyway. Give them a socialist government, equality for a time, and watch the world change again. Religiously I am very spiritual, and Irish Pagan, with a little Nocturnal Craft, and Shamanism in there as well.

I feel like it's more akin to the "Beast within", its something I have to work on daily. I have little to no blood family left, but I've got a huge network of the chosen sort, Share, prosper; Withhold -Divide. "For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack." #ironbloodandcopper 

- Blessed be.


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