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  1. Holy crap I'm not the only one still using a 1999 flip phone!
  2. I'll sell you 1 opinion for 60 dollars
  3. This needs to be a bright, flashing banner directly after the tutorial
  4. All accounts except for "DREAMERS" followed by 35 seconds to say 6 words
  5. You do get XP, it's just that everything is worth 0 points
  6. What is going on with those legs? Are they like backwards goat legs?
  7. K I'm still lost after the translation
  8. Hey guys is there Prestige past Rank 15 in Intermission?
  9. Octavia is my main and I support this fully. I feel like I have exhausted the instrument at this point
  10. *looks down shamefully*
  11. "Wukong will be reworked. Do you have plans for other frames?Rebecca: The Wukong rework will take place in the next few weeks. It is probably Vauban after that. We'll go back to the old ones and make adjustments to make them more fun to play." bruh
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