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  1. OK let me get this straight. In void and many other farming nodes we have relic drop chance of 10% which if used for a rare part is around 10% iff all four squad-mates radshare, so all in all the chance of getting the part u want is like 1/100. Nice RNG. Just ask us to buy Prime vault pack straight DE, why even bother. Before someone claims to cut me out, let me provide a solution. Concentrate the void relic pool as well as other relic pools. Many same relics are spread across at different nodes at same drop chance. Remove some relics from some nodes and buff the drop chance in other node to about 20 or 25% instead of 10%. Another, solution is add them in bounties. Konzu is sleeping since he seems to be stuck on equinox prime relics atm . Same with Fortuna. We know the player retention is going down in Warframe; the excessive dilution is main reason. Nobody wants to farm stuff if every one of them is gonna take same huge effort, irrespective of current value. P.S. We can relic packs from syndicates for sure, but majority isn't that lucky all the time. And a game as we know is run by the more people it has, not by some lucky people who get rng all the time. So, its request "Please listen to community on topic of relic drops. This is starting to become a spiral of downfall".
  2. You forgot about faster balls! Such Deep game design.
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