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  1. Greetings, I'd like to make a couple of suggestions; 1 Atlas' Tectonics. Upon using Tectonics and holding that ability's button the tectonic should roll immediately when manifested. 2 Archwing dismount in landscapes(Plains of Eidolon, Orb Vallis). I find it very inelegant that the only ways to leave Archwing mode is to melee slam into the ground or be shot out of the sky. Melee striking down from the skies only make sense when there are enemies to hit, in my opinion. I propose that the Archwing Launcher becomes a toggle! Use Archwing Launcher when on foot: enter archwing. Use Archwing Launcher when in archwing: leave archwing. Regards, Khtugg
  2. I have noticed this as well, and it seems to be happening with most one handed sidearms.
  3. Greetings, The left Hulta greave is on Oberon placed off to the side compared to the right one. If viewed from behind you can actually see the peg that's supposed to connect the armour piece to the warframe glancing the lower leg. The problem is not present when using Oberon Prime's default skin. There is also a mesh misplacement with Excalibur's left leg when using Hulta armour, including on the Proto-armour skin. The mesh is sunken into the warframe slightly. Excalibur Prime is affected though Excalibur Umbra is not. Here is a link to Imgur showcasing the problem: https://imgur.com/gallery/jeCqssF It's really bugging me and if you could fix it then that would be splendid!
  4. What DOES Atlas Prime's rubble armour look like? Hope it fits and looks better than Atlas regular's, as I found that to be less than desirable.
  5. Hi all, I desperately need the detron in my arsenal. I have the mara detron but it clashes greatly with my sense of fashionframe! The flowing energy effect does not do it for me and even with one of the recent "additional energy colour" updates where I could remove the energy flow it still did not work because I find it's texture bland. I need the regular detron with it's sleek metalic finish, yes. So, if you got some spare Zanuka beacons lying around I would be very happy if you would allow me to get in on the Zanuka slaughtering. I'm sure I got something to make it worthwhile for you. Or if you feel like hunting group up with me we will make quick runs and see if we can coax that Zanuka bastard out. So if you are inclined to help me give a call, alright? I play on the PC and in game name is Khtugg
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