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  1. Thank you for the advice, NinjaZeku! Good info to digest while my daily standing resets🙂 The setup from my previous post was made to try and recreate the SMG/grenade launcher combi-weapon from Half-Life.
  2. Hi all, I'm thinking about getting another Vox Solaris amp and I need some advice. I want the dissic scaffold for that fragmentation grenade area of effect and then the burst fire prism, cantic. I would like for the amp to be casual and allround in use as opposed to being anti eidolon only. So my question is what brace would you recommend I get? Any other thoughts I should consider in this pursuit of mine? Thanks for reading
  3. Good day traders, I'd like to buy genetic imprints for an athletic built Sahasa Kubrow with yellow(gold) energy/eyes. I don't have a particular preference of fur pattern or fur colours. I offer platinum for the imprints. If you got what I need do contact me! In-game name is Khtugg. Thanks for reading
  4. Good day all, I have a question for kubrow owners who bought the Baruuk themed outfit - Sloughi Kubrow Armor- for kubrows. The bulky/sturdy built kubrows clip into the accessory in the preview, covering quite a bit of the outfit. Does this accessory fit the athletic/medium stature kubrow body type? I want to run a theme of Monk and his kubrow and it would be very nice if someone could confirm this before I throw platinum at a kubrow kennel. Thanks for reading
  5. I think this skin looks great! I have issues/minor issues with the Atlas skins currently available but this -mmmm!- looks nice! Please keep up the good work🙂
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