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  1. ⚜ THE NOIRE IS LOOKING FOR LOYAL TENNO TO JOIN THE FRAY! ⚜ We're a rank 10 international moon clan with over 950+ members all around the globe! Just send us a reply down below containing why you want to join us and consider yourself part of the Noire right after! We have no strict debilitating requirements, all we ask for is cooperation, loyalty, sociability and to be active in clan events, matters, operations and the like by the very least. Things to know: We were previously named "ETNIA NOIRE" We have a big, accessorized, expansive, and fully painted Dojo. We have complete lab research from A to Z. Established on July 17, 2013 We have a Facebook group which will be disclosed once you have joined and request an invitation. We have a Steam group. We have a (very active) Discord group. Currently allied with some admins from the Warframe international Facebook group in our alliance, located here. We currently have 12 Warlords (Dreadnaughts), the founding Warlord being me. We recruit around 20 to 50+ users weekly, this thread just being one of our many ways of recruitment. We have a filtering process wherein inactive members are expelled until the total population drops down to 950 whenever we cap. Warlords: ⚜ Exmortis-EN- (Founding Warlord) ⚜ -SolidStateLogic-EN- ⚜ Shuou-EN- ⚜ Falken-EN- ⚜ Razlo-EN- ⚜ Sava-EN- ⚜ AzraelDan-EN- ⚜ PeanutButter-EN- (Discord Manager) ⚜ WelcomeTo2k35-EN- ⚜ Hack ⚜ jhonygame-EN- Clan Emblem: Rank Names: Dojo Map per level: Main Floor: The Noire's pride and joy. Heavily accessorized. Top Floor: Mainly for our Barracks and a few Reactors. Basement: For emergency room slots only. (Kudos to IGN: god.is.an.astronaut-EN- for the sweet looking map layouts!) FAQ's: No, adding a "clan tag" is not mandatory but is encouraged to promote unity and solidarity. No, we have no main timezone. No, we don't have mastery or playtime requirements. Yes we accept anyone from any region! Yes, we do clan runs frequently. Yes, we do Tridolon runs. Yes, we have friendly conclave/dojo PVP's regularly. Yes, we have a very friendly, helpful, hilarious, kinky and fun community! No trade tax. All ranks above initiate may recruit freely. Yes, we are affiliated with "Saints Row". While event participation is not mandatory nor strictly enforced, we take all clan events seriously, and we expect you to participate to some degree by the very least. Warframe is a game, but we should all work together to do our best for our "tiny" little space ninja family we have here. We hope you can join our ranks and have one hell of a time! Just comment up and you're in, just make sure you've left your respective clans before requesting an invite. Any other questions will be entertained, just ask! (Please refrain from sending my forum account mail regarding recruitment, simply reply down below and we'll send you an invite.)
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