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  1. Pff, you don't need a 100% NW completion, don't like it - don't do it, you'll finish NW easily without it. I skip eidolons and orbs because they are not my thing. This would have been an issue if you couldn't reach lvl 30 (all NW prises) without it and NW ends. In reality you have extra ton of weeks to complete it, just a little later.
  2. for example bind every equipment slot to alt+1, 2, 3... and every gesture to alt+shift+1, 2, 3... and whatever else you use not so ogten but still want it binded not far away
  3. Tankiness yes, even overkill on high levels, but damage is really low, it scales, but stays far behind from lvl1 to 1000+
  4. I have back up weps, I've been testing a lot (8h of crafting though is a time gating), but they all are at least 1/5th of that brrr power. If you have any hints - I'll appreciate.
  5. Yeah, but if they have high status chance or a sentinel with Atrax (guarantied frost proc) they have it up whenever enemies are close, so it can be pretty constant, except when you can cast after the wave ends - there you have a window.
  6. Same here And here. As said "Octavia is a broken OP frame that no one plays".
  7. And this is the reason she is played that way - there is no reason to use anything but mallet and go invis. And it is fine when solo (boring as seven Hells though). But when in a team - no one is going to wait for enemies to kill themselves, team will kill em faster anyway. But a nice 3 could make a difference though a good rework in general is needed. Starting with doing the dancing to buff everyone by herself I think, longer duration and power too.
  8. I agree with you but the topic should be something like "Cetus bounties BONUS problem" or smth.
  9. This. But I so desperately want an improved matchmaking system in that game. At least to have a pub option to be a host or client only.
  10. Haven't tried the new railjack much yet. Index is the same horde thing with drones, aoe weps kill the drones and it goes the same. Rathuum is a random one shot unballanced thing, no fun there and no reason to play, it used to be the main sourse of Endo farm and I am very glad that those days are gone and I don't have to go there anymore. These are far from what I mean.
  11. I like your ideas, but I think I wasn't clear enough with my main point WHY I wish DE to try it. We have so many guns in this game but since this is a horde shooter and absolute most of the gameplay we get crowds and crowds of running/standing close weak enemies - this is no surprise that AOE damage is the most effective. Of course you can take some Dread on a mission and it may be fun for 30 of the 200 needed kills, but if you farm something - you naturally are going to pick the most effective tool after a while which is AoE. But when enemies are very beefy and stand far from e
  12. She is not strong, she is broken and annoying to play, and even if you give her 100 stronger buffs with her 3, it won't boost her broken annoying play style in any way.
  13. My main is Wisp and even 20% she has is pretty good since I can build around 300 str easily because I don't need to invest much into the duration, it is already 30s, twice as Octavia has. But I agree that after all of the buff requirements it should be 50% multishot, something else for melee (because there is no sane number you can give to Octavia to be noticeable with CO really), sprint speed is ok at 30 (it is 1.5 times more than Wisp has but the requirement to jump is the worst one, so fair) and 45s duration at base (at least 30s).
  14. And if it works, you can try to mix other missions. Something like: Wave 1 - A horde Wave 2 - A few tough enemies like Nox with HP multipliers, may be with some new abilities Wave 3 - another horde Wave 4 - a few tough enemies again (when a few - even Nullifiers are ok) Wave 5 - lich-like miniboss
  15. This is a request to DE to try at least once and make an exception from your "horde-" vision and make at least one mission just to try if it works: 10 times less enemies, 10 times more HP. And let them stay far enough from each other. In my opinion it should make aoe weapons and abilities less appealing and single target weapons more. Because right now I just see no point in using them, aim, when you can just nuke the crowd with saryn or brama. Of course melee will be the best in this mission as well but it is best for crowds anyway, not melee's fault. At least there would be a rea
  16. I like that mission, if you get a cryo pod on one of the sides (center is a bad one), you can farm Steel Essence there pretty comfy in Dark Sector. It is huge but mobs don't get stuck there most of the time (an hour of grinding - may be a couple of times something is stuck downstairs).
  17. I used to count how many times I fell asleep during Helene (Hydron-like mission). I remember it was 20+ and then lost count :D
  18. There is one more aura people use from time to time: [Growing Power].
  19. Am I the only one who thinks that his element selection fits his 2 much better? It would be much better for Helminth system both for other frames (select elements on the fly) and for Chroma (to replace his 1 with no regrets). And to be able to recast 2 as people wrote before.
  20. After writing this I actually think that duration is the main problem since we have to build her a lot for duration instead of strength to compensate.
  21. I'll bump this. I've tried to build her really hard for the buffs to be useful but the outcome is just not worth it. So instead my builds are either a bit above 100 (if i need damage reflect) or 40 (Overextended). Buffs should be meaningful even at base 100 str like Wisp has (of course 200+ is much better, but even 300 hp/30 hp regen, 20 speed, melee speed and 30 fire rate is already a good buff). Octavia's buffs just can't compete: 30% multishot is a joke, 30% melee damage is even less funny, 30 run speed is ok (if it wasn't tied to the jumps to activate). But the worst part is th
  22. Lasting Covenant & Eternal War Could these mods be tuned up so that Harrow and Valkyr were not the only ones to add to the buff counter to the team? It works solo but it makes them desperately try to do most of the kills in a group. If everyone's headshot and melee kill adds to the counter - then everyone will be interested in doing so while Harrow and Valkyr won't have to compete for the kills with their own team.
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