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  1. it is possible but it costs too much in terms of sacrifices, both mod slots, behavior freedom and requirements to just make it ok, not OP, not really GOOD, just ok.
  2. This idea around Ivara's Navigator is here for a while, not my idea, but I want to force it. Older proposal was to change the Navigator Augment for Teleportation to the projectile point. My proposal is just to improve the synergy between the Quiver and Navigator: ANY quiver arrow is turned into a Teleportation arrow if controlled by Navigator at the moment of impact (if punch through - then only unpenetrable impact like ground). Tap Navigator again - exit navigator and cancel teleportation (projectile continues to travel). Tap quiver again - teleport to the projectile on the fly (like Wisp) and cancel the quiver arrow. Other requests I found in this forum I completely agree with: - Prowl - rework restrictions, please, they are no fun as they are, may be just make it a fast moving invisibility without any other benefits but let pickpocketing, headshot damage bonus and Infiltrate effects work only when we crouch/walk and slide (with some extra visuals as we crouch, tread slowly or slide during Prowl)? - Energy drains - please, reduce it greatly, both prowl and navigator eat too much Ivara can hardly sustain her energy even as an "efficiency monster" with 175% and needs to fill up primed flow pretty often. That slows down the mission progress and frustrates in addition to 3 mod slots are being taken as a payment already. - Navigator - speed slider, and the slowest speed should be muuuuch slower than it is now. And, please, (re)invert the duration scaling, it looks like a bug, not a feature. - Artemis bow - would be nice to just hold fire to switch between horizontal/vertical modes - Ability base range - Cloak arrow and Prowl pickpocketing could be x1.5-x2 wider - Pickpocketing - either faster or all enemies at the same time from the moment they are in range, or both. I'll gladly add some more nice ideas here. And remember - Ivara is not OP and will not become even with all these changes, she does not wipe the entire map quickly, she is just a very functional and fun warframe, but her restrictions now are not like a tiny grain of salt in a nice delicate dish, they are like a full spoon of salt in a sweet cup of tea.
  3. a good buff to it or better chance to teleport ivara where projectile is or hits when u tap navigator again
  4. updated the 1st post about lifted state, hope we can agree upon this option (no ragdolling away)
  5. Passive is useless now - I can agree on that, we already have some health orbs drops, so any change is welcome here. I don't want dessecrate to be removed too. May be drain hp by default and have a new augment. Shadows of the dead - this ability is kind of annoying, especially if you are not a Nekros and energy colour picked is not something very bright and hard to see if those are summons or enemies. (They suck anyway) Terrify - I'd switch slow to a default ability and armor stripping to an augment (and bigger base percentage) Soul Punch - throw it away. (Link to my proposal) P.S:"seems like people talk a lot about Nekros lately, good".
  6. Does anyone ever use it? Try to defend it for me, aside from augmentation, the original Soul Punch only. I see it as a useless counter productive skill. My proposal is to change it to a more synergy skill for Nekros: Dismember - AOE radial skill that lifts enemies (more like Baruuk, no ragdolling bodies away, it is annoying and slows down the killing) and makes them susceptible to be cut into many pieces on death (more than 2) even from non-slash damage (but even more chance with slash). Lifted state - 2-5s, visible bloody dismember debuff 15-20s. Visual effect - energy cracks on enemy bodies. Synergy with dessecrate of course, I think there is no need for explanation here. P.S.: "there are some gore restrictions in some regions, well.. who cares for those carebears 😛.. but there some orbs could be spawned on death next to the corpse instead of body parts".
  7. Check out "option 3" (updated) in the first post, I adress this issue there.
  8. So far Scythes have a nice Reaping Spiral stance, but it is no free movement, more like Atlantis Vulcan for nun-chucks: Combo 1: E - standing still combo, you can move slowly back and sides with some wierd momentum. Combo 2: Fwd+E - a very nice combo, pseudo free movement for as long as Forward is held, you can turn left-right, while holdind forward and spin the camera (if your attacks are alligned to camera in options) - this would be so much better if it was combo 1 free movement.. Combo 3: Fwd+block+E - a very nice leap and a few strikes after! Heavy Attack - slash proc! Who haven't tried - check youtube for some insane Reaper Prime/Hate builds with 90% combo efficiency!
  9. NAVIGATOR Most of the stuff in this thread is awesome. Did somebody reawaken that old idea for navigator augment to teleport Ivara where the projectile lands? (Imagine navigating a sleep/cloak arrow and appear at the impact location! Or lenz explosion 🤣) That would be just dope! And of course lower the general drain cost by 2-4 times (or better just keep the initial cost, no drain), as even maxed efficiency with primed flow doesn't give much space to play around with the ability. And a slider with projectile speed would be good. I even fail Zenistar disc from time to time, not speaking about Daikyu with Terminal Velocity. I personally would like to slow down the projectile by 4 or even slower.
  10. Perfect! And an option on/off free movement. And let us decide how we want to play melee.
  11. I don't follow what you mean here at all, I guess this is because different ways of button bindings on controllers than on mouse + keyboard. On PC even if combo 1 (E+E+E...) has free movement but combo 2 requires forward (W+E) - it turns combo 1 into a non-free movement as you start to perform combo 2 whenever you just want to go front. (Though if combo 2 was also a free movement just a different set of hand moves with procs, effects and multipliers - that could work. May be require some fine tuning but in theory it could be ok). The problem is when combo 2 forces a movement requiring W+E, it already restricts combo 1 free movement as you can't press W and continue combo 1.
  12. And by the way, forward+E works even worse when you opt out "align attacks with camera" and wish to spin around and hit in every direction.
  13. I almost understand (never had an xbox) but kind of agree with whatever unbinds the derectional keys and lets us move freely while performing combos.
  14. So I've tested almost every stance in warframe (except the one I am missing for sword&shield). The only 3 I really like now are Shimmering Blight & Bleeding Willow for polearms and Sinking Talon for dual daggers. What is common among these 3 stances: 1. They only have 2 combo technics. 2. Their first combos grant free movement to every direction you want. After all the tests and about a week of farming/doing missions I've changed my mind about combo button combinations, especially about forward key in these combinations and most of all forced movement during absolute most of the combo stances, forced movement when and where you don't want to move. Pretty often I find myself behind enemies, especially when attack speed is buffed. Some gunblade moves are completely crazy, makes you jump back and sideways, falling from cliffs, missing targets, etc. The problem here is the combination of buttons + forced legs/Body movement. When you want to move around spamming your melee, you eventually press any direction thus performing forward+E which most of the time craps up your movement, while you just want to get a little closer to the enemy to keep the distance and continue to hit it with normal swings. 3 stances above don't have that flaw because no matter which direction you go, pnly combo 1 with free movement is performed and that makes stances good and responsive. My suggestion for ALL stances: EAZIER OPTION 1. If you just spam E, no matter what direction you go or stay in place, you perform combo technic 1 and these combos should ALL be free to move around. HOLD BLOCK + E - combo 2 HOLD (BLOCK + BACK) + E - combo 3 HOLD (BLOCK + FORWARD) + E - combo 4 BETTER OPTION 2. E - combo 1, free movement HOLD BLOCK + E - combo 2, free movement (generally slower but harder hitting comboes with procs/multipliers) HOLD DUCK/ROLL + E - combo 3, free movement (spin/aoe attacks vs crowd)* HOLD (BLOCK + DUCK/ROLL) + E - combo 4, free movement or forward leaps/slides/special technics, whatever cool. *potentialy a low spinning combo in future instead of just one slide attack, may be even consider -friction/+slide mods to improve sliding movement speed during those combos (just an idea). OPTION 3 (better ideas for toggled off "allign attacks to camera"): E - combo 1, stationary combos with uppercuts for lifted, slams, knockdowns, etc. (Like Reaping Spiral or Atlantis Vulcan combo 1 now). E + ANY Direction* - free movement combos, anything that lets you run around swinging your weapon of choice like an old fast melee (doesn't have to be just 1-2 hits) until you stop to perform combo 1 Block + E - combo 3, some heavy or aoe combo, variation of combo 1 Block + E + ANY Direction* - leaps, dashes, jumps (forward if your melee attacks are alligned to camera, any direction if not) *Combo 2 and 4 should override combo 1 or 3 as soon as any direction is pressed. Combo 1 and 3 should not "root" the player, and even if a swing of stationary combo is not finished, legs should still respond and move to the desired direction, even before combo 3 or 4 swings begin.
  15. Nah, it does not make sence. But I hated spin to wins anyway so I am happy that DE gets rid of it in that manner and gives crits to everything instead. I'd only ask for a little boost of True Steel to be a little closer to Ripkas True Steel and Sacrificial. 165% would be nice, 120 is just way below the better ones. And we don't have unlimited Umbra formas in the game yet.
  16. ZENISTAR - make it 30 sec base duration without combo please, and then +10s per combo stack.
  17. I kind of agree on that, wouldbe logical to have a requirement to obtain the normal variant first. Same for the weapons and sentinels. When I rolled into the warframe there was a Nekros vault open, so I only farmed the original after a half year just for MR.
  18. Hell yeah, I hate these random movements as well, glad that I am not alone. From my point of view, any combo like E,E,E or block+E, should be just in place, and the ones with forward+E or forward+block+E should have some jumps, dashes, slides, whatever. If I hit an enemy facing me, I don't want to find myself behind that enemy in a split second.
  19. ^this and for the VOID's sake, WHY THE INITIAL SWING? And more confusing - why is everyone ok with it? Hold E like you charge the bow - release E - perform a heavy attack. Tap E quickly to do normal combo hits. What is the problem? Can somebody answer?
  20. Oh I wish Clem got some progress rather than the same 1 weekly specter reward. Clem is one of the best characters in Warframe, I wish he had more stuff/challenges, may be some interesting mechanics.
  21. Did they fix the stealth bonus issue already?
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