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  1. Did you guys just copy FF XIV online sound clip? lol Extremely similar
  2. Good, hopefully this solves download data integrity problems that occasionally occur.
  3. I hope this contains a hotfix so that Limbo's abilities will work in the Cambion Drift. Limbo has had no functionality in the Cambion Drift for over a month.
  4. I hope they catch up on the bugs fixes that PC have gotten. We still have bugs since Deimos release not fixed. Like Limbo's abilities do nothing in the Cambion drift.
  5. Flower ninjas still existing in my helminth room
  6. Hello, How do you capture these bugs on the xbox? I have quite a few bugs that are over a month old and still haven't been fixed. I would like to show them the video so that they may have a way to fix it.
  7. Thank you for calling me a liar and degrading my opinion. I'm no longer going to respond to your toxic responses.
  8. You seem a little angry. Cool your jets man. I'm stating my opinion as player no need to burn me at the stake. 1.I don't know how purchasing cosmetic item is pay to win. 2. I don't have time play the game religiously like other people. I play less than 1 hour a day if I get to do that. 3.You sound like you don't respect my opinion or statement. Its just a game and I am only stating my opinion.
  9. Here is an example: 10 Otak Tokens 10 Daughter Tokens 10 Father Tokens 10 Mother Tokens and 2 Son tokens for just 5 Grandma tokens. 30 Otak Tokens 30 Daughter Tokens 30 Father Tokens 30 Mother Tokens and 6 Son Tokens = 1 glyph. I would rather pay platinum than to resource grind the whole one hour or less that i'm able to play on Warframe. They do it with kit guns, Zaws. Why not some cosmetics? DE do you like money? I have money but not that much time anymore. 40 Otak Tokens 40 Daughter Tokens 40 Father Tokens 40 Mother Tokens and 8 Son Tokens = Seriglass shard
  10. If some great chat admin would mind, I would like this post moved to feedback please.
  11. 15 grandma tokens for a single glyph is a too much. It's a glyph. I should be allowed to skip the grind with some plat. Not everyone has the time to grind for resources 24/7. I'm normally on for about an hour a day. Son tokens are the ones that give me the most grief. Just getting your tags to match up is half the battle. Grandma tokens require multiple tokens from multiple family members. Here is an example: 10 Otak Tokens 10 Daughter Tokens 10 Father Tokens 10 Mother Tokens and 2 Son tokens for just 5 Grandma tokens. A simple glyph costs 15 Grandma tokens. Its a little outrageous. On top o
  12. We have been asking for this for years. I don't believe they will give in.
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