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  1. I generally like railjack, but a little mission diversity would not hurt. You do the same mission's on different "space" sets. Honestly, it would have been better just to have three nodes per planet with rotating "space" sets. I see 7-10 nodes of literally the same mission different "space" set. A think a focus on mission objective diversity would help solve this. Maybe some odd objectives or side objectives that are attributed to each planet. An example would be : Side Objective: Show the Grineer whos Boss (To acheive this you would ram your railjack into a ship destroying it) I know this mi
  2. So im generally assuming that your using a non-transparent proxy to 'drop' malformed packets? I hope this helps with the bugs.
  3. Did you guys just copy FF XIV online sound clip? lol Extremely similar
  4. Our group went to open the vault with the key code, but all the symbols were Fass symbols and it failed us. We decided to start another vault and when we threw the mixture to the "anus" door it did nothing and did not open
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