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  1. Its just a game. If they wish to change the game on a whim then that it is their right to do so. We just have to switch back to the Naramon focus skill tree, because its required to use when using exalted abilities.
  2. Today's Jackal fight is quite bugged. Here are a few of the bugs that I've encountered from one fight with the Jackal. 1. Jackal ignores my iron skin with 330% power strength and kills me outright with 98 iron skin left on. 2. Jackal ignores my operator mode and kills my operator in void mode 3. Jackal quits dropping ammo during the sniper only sortie mission.
  3. I was talking in region chat with my friend and now i'm suspended. I know now that i'm not supposed to type anything not Warframe related in the region chat. I also know that you can't argue the chat suspensions and bans. Is there anyway to check how long the ban is for? I was also suspended from the rest of the chats. So currently I can't trade, recruit, send pm's and so forth. I am just wondering for how long is the chat suspension.
  4. I dislike the upcoming 'fixes' which are still a nerf to the gladiator set mods and Xoris. I like feeling like an overpowered space ninjas is fun. A small group wants this game to be like Dark Souls or Destiny 2 which are games that I dislike very much. In my experience, I have never told anyone that they are modding wrong. I never trash talk peoples for their builds or for their choices. I believe that if you continue to 'fix' things this way it will exasperate newer players when they invest 6 forma into a weapon. Most likely people will attack my post for stating 'my personal opinion' as a player of Warframe. I'd like to state this is my personal opinion again.
  5. I've noticed it happen when I get too close to a lure and activate my blessing.
  6. Ogris with napalm mod does self damage also.
  7. I now believe that there is a bug pertaining to activating abilities and activating prompts. Activating an ability and doing a 'x' prompt will break your game. I have been able to replicate this consistently and firmly believe that it has to do with activating the fourth ability and doing a prompt.
  8. I noticed that when extracting in the corpus hjack mission it does not display the correct energy colors.
  9. The new ship from Nora protrudes through extraction area into tile set and floats up and down.
  10. Is there anyone that can help me draw a rose emblem that is white for my small ghost clan? Or I can hit the ground running and try to make one myself? Any good tools for making a decent emblem for my warframe clan The Ivory Roses?
  11. Anyone reading this post this has solved my problem. I wait 2 seconds before a mercy kill a person and activating my fourth ability. I have also figured out this with railjack. Do not activate an abilities before prompts and exiting places. Wait two seconds before doing these actions. It however does not solve the 'no mod bug' in which the game acts like you have no mods. A work around for this is using the tatical teleport to reset yourself.
  12. I have noticed that when I place down a kinetic siphon trap it does not stop the synthesis target. It just trips and keeps running away from me. It is quite frustrating.
  13. Sometimes when I activate Noras air support it locks up my controls. I am unable to jump, bullet jump, activate abilities, switch to operator mode, activate chat window.
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