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  1. I'm glad they are looking at controller fine tuning. One of the worst is trying to select secondary colors in the arsenal appearance with a controller cursor.The console has suffered ever since the start of the UI updates. Maybe they can hot key other controller buttons in the menu to most used menus. Like re-adding the Y key to the squad menu for the xbox one. I have a question! Is Warframe getting ready to port to next generation consoles?
  2. I believe they will do the same thing that they did to the atmos and gammacor. It will 3-6 months from now it will be nerfed claiming it to be an optimization.
  3. The big one for me. You design the UI with PC in mind, but it doesn't work out so well with controllers. It takes longer to use a controller to select menu options. A mouse on a pc its like a quick snap. My question to you Pablo is: Will the Warframe UI stay universal to a PC setup or will consoles have a tweaked version of the UI?
  4. DE tends to "refresh" the cosmetics and graphics of the game. I've seen the slow evolution of weapons change color and design. Some of these "refreshes" have been recommended by a small group of players. It's just how the game has been, I have to change my fashion frame every 2 major updates, because of the changes. I disliked a good portion of changes, but I've also liked some of them. You can gain enough player feedback to revert that. Isn't that right DE?
  5. Follow my dreams, From stars to seas, From shallows quiet’s eve, From the deep, Death far below, Seeps from the mast, A beast of mass, Whooooooahoohoooooh, I jump, I stand, I look Pull open the aft to object, A shaft made of steel, May the wrath of the shaft, Feel my steel, Whooooooahoohoooooh,
  6. Lol you see how long it takes to kill a fighter with a railjack?
  7. Have the same problem on xbox with random heavy attacks going off.
  8. I understand this is a science fiction game. I don't understand how their can be sound in space which is a vacuum. Its like lighting a fire in bikini bottom. At least muffle the explosions.
  9. I think the chime just needs a slight buff. Trying to hear a chime with music blaring and exploding sounds are too much for the ears.
  10. Can I shut Cephalon CY up. He reports things to late to matter. Just adds extra noise to a chaotic ship battle.
  11. The tactical UI for ship teleport need to have the cursor close to the ship map instead all the way on the leftside.
  12. And show the ranks of the avionics instead of having to look at the dots and remember the max rank achievable.
  13. Xbox one bug i've encountered so far... 1. Crewships not spawning and making the mission impossible to complete. 2. Stuck in crewship when it blew up. (Blackscreen) 3. Fell underneath the ramp at the exit in the crewship. (got stuck) 4. Fell out of the crewship while inside it and stuck in my warframe falling through space. (got stuck) 5. Exited crewship on one side of the map to be exited at another location like a missile battery on other side of map. 6. Exited crewship and saw host exit the crewship exit instead of me. (visual glitch) 7. When the host leaves the session, my larkspur gets permanently equipped and gets attached to my warframes crotch like a male appendage. (Ive gotten a good laugh out of this one) 8. The shields for the reactors dont go up and I cant shoot reactor. (Punch through mods help bypass this) 9. Infinite loading screens when selecting a new mission directly after completing one. 10. Slingshot during mission extraction shoots me out of railjack into the loading screen. (I see how you designed the loading screen) (pretty cool oval) 11. Stuck in archwing mode inside railjack wall banging against the walls as the railjack moves. 12. My archwing gets stuck in sliding animation when exit railjack while sliding. 13.Getting one shot when exiting crewships/railjack/bases (its like the enemies prefire before I get out) 14. Getting shot in archwing while in animation to enter crewship resulting in my warframe to come inside the crewship downed. 15. When going inside and outside of anywhere, an occasional chance to have weapons do little to no damage as if they had no mods. (this includes archwing guns also) 16. When in operator form in an exploding ship, if the operator is inside when it blows up, my operator is dead and unusable. 17. Somehow I ended up with my warframe and operator out at the same time controlling both while walking out in space shooting ships. (gear wheel disabled also) 18. I don't remember what I was doing, but I fell through the map sort of. The whole placed was all gray with gridlines and lines from ships everywhere. 19. Unable to pick up yellow mods in archwing unless I touch them directly and wait 2 seconds before moving on. 20. Some breaches on the railjack become unrepairable. 21. Railjack door literally froze shut with me in it. (lol) 22. Im able to revive the railjack when outside in space?!?!? 23. Hack terminals in reactors of crewships don't fail??? 24. My warframe was like a ping pong ball inside the railjack when the railjack moved. 25. Squad chat stays connected to railjack crew even when I leave the dojo and squad. (I am able to communicate with those people in their squad chat without being in their squad) 26. The timers for the forges doesn't show the percentage and are invisible. (I have to test each one if they are on cooldown) 27. Avionics doesn't display mods when customizing railjack. I have to re equip engines to make the mods show. 28. Sling shot kept going until I hit map edge. 29. Slingshot out of railjack and ended up with regular weapons in space. 30. Ships twirl continuously until out of map. I tried to stay as accurate as possible when recording these bugs on paper. Is there a way to capture bug logs on xbox one and send them to DE? Like a bug reporting feature?
  14. I haven't completed very mission because of this bug. I think I complete 1 out of 4 missions that I start.
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