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  1. Unfortunately, this has been a bug since at least mid-July. To my knowledge, it happens every time you come across a pulse turbine. The only workaround I know of is for the host to disconnect, forcing a host migration, at which point the other party members will be able to progress. The host is unfortunately doomed to abort without reward. I haven't seen any mention of the bug whatsoever from official sources, even though it's gamebreaking, easy to replicate, and presumably circumvented easily enough by simply removing pulse turbines from the possible map objectives until it can be fix
  2. Suppose that's just the "in denial" hope talking, lol. Would be great to be able to run it again while the credit booster is running. Already had to miss out on using it for affinity farming during that booster.
  3. I read over it several times to see if it was in there...perhaps it was fixed but not specifically mentioned? Kinda doubt it, but I really want to get back to normal railjack missions and I'm unwilling to do that so long as there's a significant chance of an impossible objective spawning on them.
  4. Are you sure you can't make the other halls? I've been rebuilding my dojo in the last few days, after the latest update had already released, and have been able to build all the halls just fine. It does list that you need two requirements (Clan Great Hall and Great Hall for that step, I believe), but it's actually only one requirement, as the Clan Great Hall counts as the Great Hall too. It's silly to list them as two separate requirements, but you should be able to build the Clan Great Hall just fine and continue building the other halls past that once it finishes.
  5. I'm amazed with how there's been absolutely no response on this, at least that I've seen. Not even a quick acknowledgement of the issue. As zoffmode said, it's perfectly repeatable, and it comes up all the time. If there's no fix that can quickly be deployed for it, that sucks, but at the least the pulse turbine spawn could be disabled until it could be fixed. I can pretty much guarantee that nobody would really care if all we had were missile platforms, shipkiller platforms, and asteroid hangers for a while, especially since the type of target has no bearing on rewards and they're interch
  6. I was really hoping to see a fix for the pulse turbine bug that's made me swear off railjack missions until it's fixed. Some of the doors in the pulse turbine aren't working and it makes the mission impossible to complete with no workaround, and has happened to me three times in the last few days. I hope a fix is being worked on, because I'm sure I'm not the only one who considers having a decent chance of an impossible to complete objective a deal-breaker for railjack.
  7. Could you provide a screenshot of where the radar array that you say needs to be destroyed outside the station is? The latest time I encountered this bug I shot up every square inch of the station both inside and outside and neither progressed the mission nor caused any damage to anything. The only thing you ever need to destroy outside the station, to my knowledge, are the two radiators. This bug happens after both of those radiators have been successfully marked and destroyed. It does say to destroy the radar array, but I believe that refers to the whole station's workings, not a destruc
  8. Unfortunately I share the issue. I've played enough railjack to max intrinsics and I've never seen this bug before today, but got it twice today. A player in my party said they'd seen it too, though yesterday was the first time they experienced it. First off, there is some hope in working around it - for players other than the host. As host I temporarily severed my internet connection so that my squadmates would reload. After they reloaded, the doors were working for them and they were able to complete the mission. No such luck for me, though, and I lost out on rewards twice. At the
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