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  1. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDmrv5FhAWj_-n20KHd3kXajLwOhFVRmv found a playlist link for prime time on the warframe youtube channel here's prime time #28
  2. I remember a 'Twitch drop monster' thing they where showing on prime time just a little after Fortuna was released.
  3. Please fix dethcube, with this glitch it makes him useless.
  4. one thing im wondering about is if the new requiem relics can come from relic packs since they seem like a special new type gotten through kuva flood type missions.
  5. this primetime had more info about future content then a actual dev stream.
  6. Remember them saying something about 12 pages of google docs with all the info of this upcoming update any idea where to find it want to look through it.
  7. happening to my dethcube prime also i first noticed it when using deth machine prime and then switched to sweeper and it still happens
  8. Maybe be able to buy relics or some sorta void trace pack (500?) in the arbitration shop just throwing out some ideas for more uses for vitus.
  9. so much bug fixes for this update looking good and bow buffs YES!
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