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  1. So this is simple, i enabled SLI because i got a second GPU for the hell of it. Only now, every time i try to login it crashes the instant after i type in my password. Is anybody else having an issue like this? UPDATE: I updated my graphics drivers and the issue resolved itself. Leaving this up in case somebody else is having this issue.
  2. Hopefully i'll actually be home to watch this time. Edit: any chance to reduce the rank needed to partisipate in orb heists? I don't have all the free time in the world to get to max rank in fortuna only to have to grind everything out in orb heists afterwords. It's especially annoying considrring absloutely none of this grind is skippable. Also, can we please just make arch guns either have no cooldown or way more powerful? From what i've seen they are either on par with, or are outclassed and outmatched by standard weaponry. There isn't really any reason to have a cooldown on them if my primary weapon does more damage than them.
  3. Two things. Can we please make it to where sapcaddies aren't the only thing spawning in lakes outside of the warm period (which is too short imo) second, it appears being invited to somebody's orbiter is super broken atm. I joined my friend (and vice versa) and the ramp leading down to the lower orbiter was gone, and none of the doors leading to the operator room, private quarters, and infested room would open. Plus i crashed upon trying to go through the doors to top it all off.
  4. Any chance to lower the cost of ducats in that one sword? I wouldn't mind spending time to get them if it didn't require 1000 ducats, seeing as how it could take anywhere from 10-50ish runs to get all the ducats needed assuming you don't get any formas.
  5. No, it says any warframe stream. Meaning that you could go watch anybody playing warframe and get the drops. It is simply borked right now.
  6. the infested door in your orbiter will provide you with a way to pop it permanently. you just need to wait for the cyst go grow to its full size (when it has a "hair" growing out of it)
  7. In Devstream 77 you said you wanted to find a special way to make the braton and lato vandal return. however you also stated that you wanted to honor those who originally purchased/played for the weapons in closed beta/open beta weekend. Now, we have seen them return, and they have returned in such a way to where they won't be a super common weapon. however you have done nothing to honor those who originally had them. is there still plans for this? perhaps in the form of a skin or something else?
  8. I wonder who snagged the legendary ticket two minutes into them being avaliable? That's what i call some kind of dedication.
  9. can't wait to dust off some of my old unused beam weapons. Thanks DE!
  10. What about the mote amp? That thing is kinda pathetic in comparison to the rest of the amps.
  11. probably because Ember doesn't need buffs to be good.
  12. Oooh. i like this idea. (may become brave enough at one point to submit my own artwork... someday...)
  13. I really wish we could gift tennogen skins on PC, all i want is the Equinox Insomnia and Volt Graxx skins. But as for a usable wishlist -Endo -formas/potatoes -slots -boosters -maybe noggles (don't mind them but unsure where to put them on my ship)
  14. Braton and Lato vandal question. What of the people who already them? Will they get skins or something? these guns were originally believed by many to be exclusive, (personally i don't mind) but i'm just curious if they will get anything to display their closed beta status such as how the amazing externals players got a skin and forum badges. Other questions. Any chance we can get new kavat breeds soon? we only have 2 while kubrows have more. Minigun weapon? something players have wanted for a long time. Tenno pump shotgun? Grineer quadbarrel rifle and uzi? What of the new Kavat warframe? do we have any game play previews we can see? What kind of styles can we expect for the relay rebuild event? Will clans that contributed the most also have a heavy hand in the way the relay looks (such as their emblems all over and whatnot). as for that will current undestroyed relays get revamped to work with the new relays? What is the status of damage 3.0, what kind of changes are you planning on making for it? Can operators get a bit more mobility? They feel extremely clunky and limited compared to warframes. Adding things such as wallrunning, more responsive "bullet jumping" and other manuvers would be awesome (and maybe get more people to enjoy operators as a whole) Are we ever going to get more infested grineer? the only one that exists is the charger, (the infested seem really like corpus for some reason). on that note we could also use some "pure" infested, the only ones i can think of are ancients, and boilers. It would be neat to see the infested get expanded even further to encorporate things like gun wielding infested grineer enemies that don't hide in cover but rather shoot at you as well as melee, maybe even a creature similar to the blob from that old movie nobody knows about.
  15. Can't common rewards be removed from 5th stage bounties on the 5th part of the bounty? I really feel of all the places a common reward isin't wanted is there.
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