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  1. Will the season 1 rewards be available in an alternative way as soon as season 2 starts? Right now, due to how little time i have to play games anymore, i'm only sitting at rank 9. I've had my eye on that umbra forma and wolf armor, but i know now that there's no possible way for me to get to the max rank to get them before the end of the season. Will season 2 be less of a grind comparatively too? Honestly, while the thought of the nightwave made me think that i'd dedicate more time to playing the game, it kinda did the opposite for me and quite a few others because i felt like it was too much to do, and pushed me away from wanting to play sometimes. it felt like a chore, and i honestly hoped it wouldn't feel like that. The grind is one of the biggest issues in this game (not grinding in general, but excessive grind) and having an entire system with cosmetic and non-cosmetic rewards locked behind a grind like this doesn't help. EDIT: Side note, i felt like the wolf himself didn't spawn nearly commonly enough. I was actively trying to get him to spawn whenever i played, but he never did... not even once. as a result, I'm certain I'm gonna miss out on the wolf hammer too. Personally, i think a better change to be made to the system would've been to make it like a syndicate and allow players to choose the rewards they wanted instead of forcing them to go through ranks upon ranks just to get the one or two rewards they actually wanted.
  2. I'm mostly annoyed by Nightwave because it had all these rewards, and i have little time to play games anymore. I'm currently sitting at rank 8, and now i've been made aware that season 2 is coming up... and i'm honestly pissed, i thought it would last longer than this. I mainly want the mods and the forma, but i'd at least like to get my hands on all the customization stuff, but now I'll be locked out of it until who knows when? it doesn't help that an actual weapon (the wolf hammer) is locked behind a grind that may or may not exist after season 1 is done. (not to mention, that despite me almost constantly trying to get the wolf to spawn for me when i did have some time to play, he absolutely refused. I never saw him, not even once.) Personally, i just felt that the grind was too much for how little time i have to play, and the rewards for doing so were underwhelming to boot. There needs to be some serious improvements to season 2, and hopefully the ability to get season 1 rewards will pop up quickly... I'm still upset at how little time it felt like season 1 lasted. Essentially, the system needs less grind, and better rewards. also, they need less of the "do a thing with friends or clan mates" BS, because most people don't want to do that, i'm certain. I swear, that more than half of the 5000pt challenges were something that required a friend or clan mate to complete.
  3. Then, based on the information given by everybody else here, and my own experience, you're very lucky. The amount of times you do it dosen't matter, if RNG works in your favor then that's that. It's like saying. "Oh i only opened two lootboxes and got four legendary skins!" Meanwhile, there'll be people who opened 50-100 lootboxes and only got common items/rare items. Ratios don't mean anything. I'm not saying this to discredit you, but i mean that it shouldn't be so stupidly difficult to get such a unique item if it's entirely dependent on RNG. There should be other systems in place to at least allow people an alternate, guaranteed way, of getting these items such as trading or purchasing through factions.
  4. While, i know they are just cosmetics, I've had absolutely no luck in getting any of them. And seeing as how two of them are locked behind a bossfight that'll only appear once every two weeks or so . I feel like they should be tradable for those of us who don't want to grind for them, or those who already have/don't want one of them.
  5. Still wish you'd make orb heists available to ranks below max tier for Fortuna. I doubt I'll be getting there any time soon with how little time i have to play anymore.
  6. Hopefully i'll actually be home to watch this time. Edit: any chance to reduce the rank needed to partisipate in orb heists? I don't have all the free time in the world to get to max rank in fortuna only to have to grind everything out in orb heists afterwords. It's especially annoying considrring absloutely none of this grind is skippable. Also, can we please just make arch guns either have no cooldown or way more powerful? From what i've seen they are either on par with, or are outclassed and outmatched by standard weaponry. There isn't really any reason to have a cooldown on them if my primary weapon does more damage than them.
  7. Two things. Can we please make it to where sapcaddies aren't the only thing spawning in lakes outside of the warm period (which is too short imo) second, it appears being invited to somebody's orbiter is super broken atm. I joined my friend (and vice versa) and the ramp leading down to the lower orbiter was gone, and none of the doors leading to the operator room, private quarters, and infested room would open. Plus i crashed upon trying to go through the doors to top it all off.
  8. Any chance to lower the cost of ducats in that one sword? I wouldn't mind spending time to get them if it didn't require 1000 ducats, seeing as how it could take anywhere from 10-50ish runs to get all the ducats needed assuming you don't get any formas.
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