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  1. Kuva Litches as a whole need to be expanded on. The simple matter of the fact is that all you really need to do with them is avoid them until you've killed approximately a billion of their followers so you can guess what order to put your 3 vaguely shaped requiems into. Not exactly the vast and expansive system a lot of people were expecting. however, i do hope they improve it, i loved the nemesis system from Shadow of Mordor (and even more so in Shadow of War), All DE really needs to do is expand on it and make it both more complicated, and add in QoL features such as ways to drive off the litch.
  2. So i've killed my first kuva litch, however, today they showed up in my mission as an ally. I knew it was mine because it looked the same, and I even had their weapons to match their name. Just a weird bug i thought i should point out.
  3. I absolutely love the new kuva litch system. However, as is, I don't personally think they're tough enough, and here's a few reason's why. I think that, as is, the kuva litches are a large threat, but that's only because when you initially get them you can't kill them. The fact that everything is tied down to a matter of having 3 requiems in the correct order is fine and good, but i think there should be a bit more to how you interact with them, and how they interact with you. First off, the plain and simple of this system is that it basically tells the player to avoid their kuva litch until they have all 3 requiems known before they attempt to kill them. Essentially, this means we could keep the kuva litch at a power level of 1 until such time as we attempt to go after them. In my opinion, there should be ways to drive off the kuva litch without attempting to kill it, and failure conditions that can be met if the player refuses to engage them. Kuva litches need to be more aggressive, and what i mean by that is that they should attack the player and when they manage to get them into a bleed out state they should do one of their executions like when you attempt to do a requiem mercy and fail (and even add abilities to where some kuva litches can execute the player even if not in a bleed out state) There should also be conditions that the player can find out about the kuva litches to add more challenges, for instance, they should have the capability to be totally immune to either melee damage, or primary/secondary weapon damage (either primary/secondary/melee weapons in general, or to specific types of weapons such as sniper rifles or swords), adapt to the damage the player does like a sentient can, and even possibly immune to a specific type of damage such as slash or radiation (however, these options are chosen randomly, and can sometimes have multiple immunities, or a single one). However, in order to find out these things, they need to be engaged by the player directly. There should also be a chance that the kuva litch is incredibly weak to a specific type of damage, such as fire, or cold, or weak to something like melee or shotguns (however, direct weaknesses should be rare). If a player goes out of their way to avoid the kuva litch, they should gain strength (possibly more than if they fight the kuva litch and lose), giving players a reason to engage them when they show up. As such, there should also be a way that we can drive off the kuva litches to either weaken their strength level, or keep it the same (one or the other, I'm not particular). For instance, say a kuva litch shows up, and you've figured out by fighting them (or by killing their minions) that they're weak to toxin damage. You keep a toxic pistol on your person just in case, and when the kuva litch shows up, you use the toxin damage in order to drastically weaken them, and then once they've been hit to a certain threshold by their weakness, they flee. However, if no weakness exists/is discovered there should just be a damage threshold that the kuva litch needs to pass before they decide that "this isn't worth their time" and they flee (These thresholds increace with each level of strength they gain). This should all lead up to where you eventually discover all their requiems, what they're immune to, and weaknesses (once again, weaknesses should be rare). Then, the kuva litch will appear in the assassination mission of whatever respective sector they've taken over. In the assassination mission, they will not flee, and you have to hope that you have the requiems in the correct order. And the option to either vanquish or recruit them remains the same. However, when outside the assassination mission, I personally think that when you discover requiems, and use a correct one on the kuva litch there should be a 33/66/98% (not particular about the %) chance they will flee to avoid being killed with each respective use of the correct requiem (but has a small chance of allowing you to kill them in a normal mission), making it to where the player will want to face them in their respective assassination mission (which once again, only appears after you've discovered all the requiems). Failed assassination attempts (where the kuva litch flees) outside the actual assassination mission should probably have a small chance of increasing the kuva litch's power level too (probably a 10% chance, or less). The kuva litches that you've recruited, should be vulnerable to attacks by kuva litches you're hunting. And these particular missions where this can happen should appear as special missions on the map. If the kuva litch your hunting kills your recruited one, they should gain significant strength. If your kuva litch manages to drive the other off, they gain significant strength. Side note: I also personally think there should be more than one active kuva litch at a time. I think it would be really cool if you could have up to 3 kuva litches that you'd need to hunt down at any given time, and they can either work with one another to fight you, or compete with one another to destroy you (Depending on how much they hate you, and how many times you've used their weaknesses against them.) And sometimes when fighting one kuva litch, another will appear to either kill you for themselves, or assist the other. When they show up to steal the kill, they'll either drive off the other kuva litch, or incapacitate them (in the instance one kuva litch is much stronger than the other) and when they work together they fight side by side. Essentially, I want a strong love/hate relationship with these guys. And the simple truth of the matter is that If i wanted i could just avoid them until I'm ready to kill them, which isn't all that difficult. I want these things to be my mortal enemy, and as such they should go out of their way to really make it a struggle to choose whether or not I should kill them or not when I finally fight my way through an uphill battle and get them to the point where I can make that choice.
  4. Title: Just a weird bug i discovered. When you use Grendel's 4th ability, pulverize, and roll into the water to start the underwater arcwing mode you get stuck. Essentially, i think the game doesn't regester that you went into a different mode, and at the same time prevents you from getting out of pulverize mode, even if you run out of energy. And because Pulverize makes you constantly stick to the ground, you get stuck at the bottom of whatever sharkwing area you're in.
  5. If you have proof they did it maliciously (such as a screenshot) send it to support. Odds are, they'll not only deal with the player, but also help you get any lost rewards.
  6. So i did exactly this, got to 15 minutes, and was just glad to be done. Don't know why it was easier solo, and certainly don't have a clue why the lantern would drain slower at 30 fps... This is why I love this community. (That is when trolls don't go around adding nothing to the conversation like "git gud.") Thank you.
  7. 15 minutes didn't seem that difficult at first, when I was playing through the previous 3 parts of the event. in fact, they were pretty easy, and gave me the false impression that the endurance mode would be just as easy. I was wrong, i was so wrong. DE, listen, there's a fine line between something being difficult, and just plain horrible to play. This event, if anything, is horrible (or at least the endurance part of it is). I love the concept of the event, I really do. The challenge of having to keep a lantern lit by killing enemies in a radius that's shrinking certainly makes for some interesting deviation in my current builds. however, this is an event that would be so much better if i was allowed to use literally any warframe with useful crowd control abilities. The fact that you made rag dolled enemies invincible, in my opinion, is a horrible choice, as it's made 100% of the viable warframes for this mission useless. I've tried to play this event almost twenty times now, and through a combination of failures from randoms who don't understand what they're doing, and combinations of warframes that either don't work or aren't efficient enough, have lead to me nearly ripping my hair out. Is there any logical reason for the event being as stupidly difficult to finish as it is? if not, can you at least make it possible to un-nerf crowd control abilities? I get that you want players to be challenged... but this isn't challenging, it's just plain stressful and makes me not want to play the game at all.
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