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  1. A falconer frame: A warframe similar to Khora but would instead have a bird-like pet as their companion. 1st ability, plunge: the bird dives and attacks enemies, if it doesn't kill them then it takes a random item from their drop table and returns it to the warframe. 2nd ability, gouge: the waframe sends the bird to attack a group of enemies, the bird would then swipe past all the enemies and claw at their eyes, blinding them. 3rd ability, retrieve: The warframe sends out the bird after a specific target, this causes the bird to attack them, grab them, and drag them back to the warframe dealing slash and puncture damage to them all the while. 4th ability, unleash: The warframe sets the bird free, it freely roams within a small radius of the player and randomly attacks enemies, and keeps its focus on one enemy at a time until its dead. After killing an enemy it will move onto the next one, until the warframe either runs out of energy or tuns off the ability.
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