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If you ever need help don't be afraid to ask for me! i would be more than willing to either give advice or assistance in anything you need!

i have been playing this game ever sense it was in closed beta, and my only regret is not getting myself a founders pack. but what is done is done.

add me to your friends if you need a hand i'll be there! i play warframe on a nearly daily basis and i'm always willing to answer questions posted on the forums!

While my mastery rank isn't all that much to look at i do have almost 1000+ hours in game. so as you may guess i have a large amount of experience in this game!

I can also do some cool things! for instance have you ever seen my rapier concept (my pride and joy that i have spent the most time creating)? if not then check it out! you won't be dissapointed trust me!

Also Check out my Tenno Thompson Sub-machine gun concept!

Ever seen a slow mo bow build? no? well here you go!





yea... i like to do some crazy things sometimes...

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