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  1. I looked everywhere in that scene, and keep checking back every day to see if it appeared. the fifth piece of evidence isn't there, it's just plain gone.
  2. ugh... I know where it's supposed to be, I'm saying that the thing is is not appearing on the second platform like it's supposed to. I've tried searching everywhere else, every nook and cranny, if it turned out that it appeared somewhere else. The thing is simply not there, and that's that. It's a bug that needs to be fixed.
  3. So am I the only one who can only find 4 of the 5 pieces of evidence for the third glassmaker scene? It's been like this since the scene has been available, and hasn't been patched. The final piece missing for me is the one that's meant to appear on the opposite platform from the victim.
  4. IMO I don't want DE getting owned by a company like sony. Knowing them, they're gonna either push the game in a whole new direction that is detrimental, or possibly force playstation exclusives, both of which would be terrible for the health of the game.
  5. Can confirm. Found a burnt out communications array on the first landing pad, a floof behind the victim, a gun on the bed, and some writing on a console near the opposite landing pad. The final piece is supposed to be on the opposite landing pad, but it's just gone... nada...
  6. I honestly believe that if The Steel Path was different it would be better. The good: -Gives veteran players something to do. -Higher difficulty is more appropriate for the powerhouse that is your average "end game" player. The bad: -The rewards are... well not great. Armor for your operator is cool, but that's really the only thing worth getting. -bullet sponges are not the same as higher difficulty. All they do is make it take longer to do the same thing. If I were to change some stuff, I'd make it to where there are special enemies that have to be killed in a different/special way like the glass maker cepholites. I'd also try to make the AI better, by having them take cover, move in formations, ect... but that's a whole another can of worms for later. The Neutral: -Personally, I think it would be better if Teshin was doing all the dialogue that the lotus would do. Having Teshin only say stuff at the start and end of the mission is a bit jarring. -I think there should be more unique enemies that are exclusive to this mode, like the infested enemies that appeared in the second series of nightwave (and have only appeared then) Overall, this is a good start, but I honestly believe it needs more meat, per say.
  7. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission
  8. After either interacting with your pet, breeding a baby pet, or using the pet module (with a currently wandering pet). "Aww, it's so- PURGE IT- Adorable..."
  9. Is your steam account linked? If not that's probably why you're not seeing tennogen skins.
  10. Not a major warhammer fan, but... In 40k I believe that humanity is innumerous and has seemingly infinite amounts of cannonfodder soliders to throw at an enemy. Then there's the undying necrons that vanish when they take too much damage rather than allowing themselves to be killed. Then there's the Tyranids that probably swarm throughout the universe consuming galaxys at a time. As much as I like warframe, I have doubts there would be much they could do to hold out againat such odds.
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