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  1. So 1 usless augment (Khora), 1 copied one (Wukong = Ash augment), 1 that should be in the base function of the abilitie (Octavia) and one that is ok (Gara). Not the best set of augments...
  2. Well you are wrong about that. The offical Update Day is Wednesday, which is why we are getting these posts. The thing is though that they very very rarely can keep this day and have to delay it constantly, especially when the patch is introducing new content. The rule of thump is: pure bugfixes usually arrive punctual on updateday (wednesday), content updates usually get a "where is update..." post announcing a delay and depending on the amount of update another update a day later annoucning that it will be atleast one more day (so depending on the amount of content the update usually drops on thursdays or fridays but that doesn't change that the offical update day is wednesday and this is just the usual delay).
  3. "Locking weapons behind 600 days of logging in is not a good idea so we are working on revamping the system" - Solution: Lock the weapons behind 600 days of logging in and just allow the Players to pick the order (unless they just passed 200 or 400 days of logging in when this change goes live then they are screwed for nearly another year). Soild Idea... Really what even is this? What happened to the old idea of picking a track for 50 Days and then pick a new track once you reached these 50 days? Was a way better Idea then this (which in all honestly doesn't solve the overall issue we had with the login system which is that it takes 600 days to get the weapons, which it still does if this goes live). This is basicly the exact same system with the exact same issues we had before. Expected something a lot better, this is just disappointing.
  4. Suprise Suprise 😄 Friday release it is then (or maybe next week). Atleast we know in time today ^^
  5. If Venari dies you should atleast be able to resurect her by casting your 3rd abilitie (an increased energy cost would be alright) so you don't ahve to die yourself to get her back. Having to die would extremly annoying for her to use efficently especially on high tier missions and even more annoying for solo players since that would mean they would have to sacrifice one of their 4 revives per mission to get her back. On top of it it would mean that you are down to 3 abilities once you used your revives. Going to be honest here, I would prefer Venari staying as a castable abilitie if this is the change we are getting.
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