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  1. 1. Update on Melee 3.0 please, on previous Dev stream it mentioned Melee 3.0 will be implemented in parts instead one big patch, can we get a rough estimation when the first patch will hit and what would it be? 2. Were you guys planning to rework modding and maybe operator arcane as well? I mean the idea stack as many damage as possible, multishot, elemental damage, +str/dura/range/effi in comparison with other QoL or outdated mods to narrow the gap and encourage players to use these. While for operator the necessity either Magus Vigor or Husk or else the kid way too squishy. 3. Which warframes get tweak on their kit? How will it change, and when we gonna get it? That is if Dev planning for more rework of course. 4. Any chance we'll get a rework on Riven, the rng rolling and kuva farming? To make it less tedious, end game isn't just farm kuva and rng roll riven 24/7 or tridolon hunt isn't it? 5. What about some tweaking on OV mobs, especially Terra Shockwave and Trencher? They get some behavior tweak instead just spam jetpack, ground slam, and hook all the while create a shockwave that will do the bounce effect as well, not to mention stagger hit from Trencher. Not saying they're hard, but the mechanic kinda stupid, half the duration of Orb fight is either getting knockdown or flying sky high because of the bounce, not to mention the 99999 mobs spawned even at alert mark r0. If this is to be expected as "difficulty" or "end game mob", might as well make any common enemy in game do aoe hitscan and stagger each hit. 6. Can we get a rework on exp system, to be more objective oriented instead killing? At current state, best way to level up weapon, pet, sentinel is to leech because weapon get 75% of exp if it's the only one brought to mission instead 50% split between frame and exp from kill. Pet and sentinel even worse, player kill don't give them exp, and they're not that efficient at killing not to mention the limited mod capacity as they level up. The idea isn't to cater solo player as playing in coop already enticing as it is, but to make solo gameplay more worthwhile than jump in squad and leech whether its pub or ask friends. 7. As point 6, can we get another look at Focus grind? Since focus based on affinity, I think it already self explanatory. To put something to think about, the best place to farm focus with daily cap these days is ESO because the high level, numerous, constant and fast spawn rate while the buff is on. Or Adaro on Sedna which again stack stealth exp multiplier and numerous enemy spawn.
  2. Actually it looked a little bit weird for Mesa, when she do crouch walk the curved shape a little bit too deep as if she had an axle in the hip.
  3. Nyx: New Passive: Well it's passive, so fat chance it won't turn enemies marksmanship into stormtrooper's. Mind Control: Better than before, but why based on ours and not enemies? If the calculation based on multiplier / damage receive isn't it better to based it on enemy damage? Say it's lvl 100 sortie mob, cast, enemies turn and shoot the target = instant juggernaut. Bottom line is, target become an actual killing machine instead just another single target Chaos. Even better if it draws aggro like Rhino's Iron Skin or Nekros' 4th. Absorb: Can be more specific on output damage type? Is it going to be override each other like Zephyr's 4th or they accumulate separately? Say incoming damage 50 impact - 50 puncture- 100 slash --> output = 50-50-100 or 200 slash only? Titania Auto loot for 4th, just perfect! :)
  4. Ever since recent updates I've been getting 2 instances where I'm stuck saw someone else had similar issue as well, literally can't do anything except typing and rotating camera, can't change weapon, can't shoot, can't move, can't switch into operator mode either, and worse of it /unstuck do nothing. The first one was reviving someone with Loki while invisible, the other while ground slam, so hard that I got outta the map with Titania/Tipedo respawned and stuck there, both in Hydron. Couldn't reproduce the glitch intentionally though.
  5. Not sure if it just me, but Helios auto scan doesn't seems to be working right now. New gear wheel issue perhaps?
  6. Not sure if I'm missing something, Arcane Victory don't do exactly what it said in description "On headshot kill = health regen". Tested it with Rubico Prime, 20 enemy 20 headshot kill = nothing, 20 headshot kill with Tiberon Prime both semi and burst, nothing. But killed 2 with Sicarus Prime and it's on on the 2nd kill, I checked the wiki said sentinel/pet can trigger it as well. If it suppose to be like that it might be better to put weapon category as well on description.
  7. Just noticed now, when doing fissure corpus moa will get stuck both if spawned by fissure or transformed, normal moa is fine though can just watch them shooting -> transformed -> and it'll stuck shaking its leg indefinitely. Result with fissure spawned moa inconsistent, sometimes they stuck, sometimes they don't.
  8. Can't wait, infinite AW launcher, more quickslot and improvement! :)
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