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  1. What weapon do I have to craft, forma and buy a riven for to be able to fight the Orbs?
  2. The performance improvements are noticeable. Thank you very much.
  3. Arbitrary Arbitrations are terrible, sorry to say. Glorified sortie missions with extreme bias towards Endo, double duration because I have nothing else to do AND getting locked out of them after extraction. The rest of the update's been good, thanks for that.
  4. Please make Elite Alerts rewards at 5 minute intervals.
  5. Potato Farmers Ghost clan on PC I'm a WARLORD Now I'm not sure if this really applies, as the entirety of the dojo proper is untouched. Instead, I made a tiny town to act as the hangout spot, trading area and trophy display.
  6. These changes change nothing at all. It's still an excessive 50 days to get to each milestone. It's still a monumental 700 days to get all weapons. The only change here is the fact that resource rewards scale with mastery, which is irrelevant for anyone actively playing the game, but still a nice addition. I'd be okay with this if I could choose whatever I'm missing at each milestone, instead of having to pick something I'm not interested in, but I'd still be annoyed at it taking 50 days each. Elder Scrolls Online has me coming back for daily logins without any complaints. There are about 20 days worth of rewards each month that they change every month. From various junk, to a single unique item in the middle of it and finally loot boxes at the final days. Logging in after getting all rewards and before the next month starts offers nothing, but allows people to catch up.
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