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  1. So do we have any info about railjack?.. Every time I look up railjack news or info, I don't get anything except what was shown at Tennocon. I heard it was supposed to be released by fall or winter of this year but I can't find anything about its progress or release date. And not to mention. Warframe, though I've always loved the game and been a fan for years.. it seems kind stale on new content besides the new battle pass which is still just an intermission II. I'm just wondering because at this rate, I had to take a break from Warframe. It just. Gotta sorta boring doing the constant grind and repetition of missions and cetus and fortuna bounties.
  2. Now if they added a Braton like that, that'd just be too OP lol. But the idea ain't bad bro
  3. We don't know that. DE actually LISTENS to their community and if enough people request it. The odds are they'll most likely add it eventually.
  4. What'd be really cool too is if they made accessible via the free roam landscapes. That way they wouldn't just feel like another mission but really like a dungeon.
  5. No like Destiny 2's brand new dungeon activity which is basically a 3 person (or for warframe normal 4 person) raid in which you literally delve into a DUNGEON, fight bosses, can explore the dungeon and etc which you couldn't really do in normal raids. Something like that for warframe in the warframe way lol.
  6. You know, I personally wish there was a dungeon system in Warframe. Don't get me wrong, love the game always ❤️ but still. It'd be super cool to have dungeons that we can delve into, fight bosses, explore around in some dark catacombs or something and get cool loot like unique mods or weapons/warframes. I've always been one that LOVES dungeons which why I'd personally love if D.E. added a dungeon system to the game. What do you guys think of the idea?
  7. The payment even went thru and was NOT declined..
  8. I payed for the $9.99 platinum pack TWICE (the second time due to not receiving it the first time) and have not received the payed-for platinum. Where and how can I take care of this?......
  9. That makes sense. But still I've been hearing from so many people that DE made him one. What would possibly make think they made him prime?
  10. Not to mention the fact that there's also an option to toggle prime details for Excalibur Umbra when switching skins.
  11. I just need to know this and have it clarified. Is Excalibur Umbra a prime? I heard DE made him one for the community's sake but it'd be nice to get an official yes or no. :)
  12. The perfect idea for a landscape in my opinion would be a big giant metropolis city. Now you're probably thinking... well wait. How would that even fit in with Warframe's theme and setting/universe? The answer: A Corpus-faction metropolis city. In Fortuna, we already know that Prophet of Nef Anyo has rich investors that support all of his nefarious projects like Orb Vallis. The question is where do they live? They don't simply live in space like all the corpus we've encountered waiting for Nef to make an announcement on the iOrokin 10 phone right? It definitely would make sense that they live in a big giant city where all the Rich Corpus live, which is why this would make sense to have. A big city where the rich corpus are getting richer and where the poor are struggling to live. It'd be the perfect theme. Us, Tenno would come in to help the poor fight the rich overlords that have power over the city. Now I know this is a pretty big stretch but I know alot of people in the community have been wanting some sort of a city-theme landscape for quite a while and I had just thought of this today. But PLEASE share your thoughts and opinions on this idea. Maybe if we get enough support on the idea, our awesome and wonderful DE <3, will try adding it in! :) Feel free to even throw in suggestions too!
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