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  1. The point would be trading (+plat sales). I'm with you on some mods being rather ridiculous in drop rates (Turret Velocity definitely topped that list recently for me too), but other people get lucky and can sell them to those that aren't. I like to collect mods as well and I would also second that the Jupiter secret rooms were a nice balance. It didn't seem impossible to get the mods, but wasn't instant either. It was also really fun to do. I would say Turret Velocity is so bad since there's really no way to enjoy the farm. You basically start a node to kill some ships then if it doesn
  2. I can't speak for everyone but thats not what I would have said 'integrating' railjack meant. I would have just asked for the void storm functionality that is coming for railjack IN THE RAIJACK. Or mission types like invasions or kuva or liches to be done, IN THE RAILJACK. Some minor missions to disembark as we had it. This is just replacing the landing craft with a 30 second railjack entry then back to normal missions within the mission. That is not connecting the disconnected game types to me. Thats just making normal missions clunky and wasteful to players time. If I wanted to just do a
  3. This, I have no idea why this was the direction here. Who wants to queue for railjack, get into it for 30 seconds then wait for the grp, then do 5+ waves of a (regular) defense not even in the railjack? There is no way anyone who designed this actually plays this game regularly. None of this makes any sense. And removing resources and mods, and not refunding the actual dirac to endo cost for maxed mods was just insulting to anyone who actually played this earlier. This seems to be every single update in the last year or so, just completely insulting to time spent playing. Why?
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