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  1. I'd like an interaction where if you cast reap and then hold to cast exalted shadow while your shadow is already detached, you change to shadow form, leaving your body where it was but teleporting yourself to where your shadow was the moment you cast your 4, kinda like wisp's wil-o-wisp And I don't know how hard this will be to implement, but it would be cool if sevagoth's shadow claws (his cowl thingy) actually disappeared from your model when you cast reap or exalted shadow, like how gara's glass armour dissapears as she casts Splinter storm
  2. Because of the upcoming status rework I have one suggestion I would like to see iterated upon: Seeing that currently heat is the only primary element that's work using in any shape, I think it's best to first change its fellow primary elements before delving into the complicated realm that is secondary element. For that I suggest that we double down on the aspects of electric that makes it just a less committal version of gas. While both gas and electric roughly serve the same function of AOE status effect, electric requires half the mod slots to implement (courtesy of gas consisting
  3. 1. A big part of the warframe buildcraft is the choice between element a player wants to include in their weapons. This choice however, is completely absent from the current railjack system. My suggestion is adding a system where players can repair, then "reverse engineer" any turret wreckage and learn the damage bonus it provides (aka the 60% elemental bonus or 60% fire rate bonus that a MKIII equipment gets) and then be able to swap a turrets damage bonus between all of the learned effects without any resourse cost. Of course this system is most useful when the turret bonus effect pool
  4. The rebalance that "creeping bullseye" and "critical delay" got was a very pleasant surprise and I urge you to also look to other less favoured weapon corrupted mods and give them a much needed numerical boost as well. For example, while "magnum force" was already buffed once after relase, it still is inconsistent with the base pistol damage mod, giving 165% base damage instead of 220% And speaking of reiterating on good ideas, I think that "hemorrhage" and it's rifle counterpart are not only a step in the right direction, but are also a good addition to the game in and of themselv
  5. 1. Please give us the ability to mod the plexus of our AI crewmates. I know that the 'Competency Point’ system acts basically as a plexus stand-in, but I imagine modding your crewmates to be hypercompetent at specific tasks around the ship would be more enjoyable than just assigning points to a 'gunnery' Stat that isn't even that descriptive in its function 2. I love the addition of the hull component and the new levels of customization it allows. It really wasn't great that we could change only 3 small modules around this massive railjack that we built before. That said, I would like jus
  6. Question: Can the matchmaking tools currently available be used to matchmake players that are playing "sequential content", and by that I mean special mission sets where starting the first one limits your ability to exit back to your ship until the entire set is completed (kinda like the war within missions where you can't access your ship while you board the fortress, but in multiplayer, and hopefully with matchmaking) the Idea came to me while thinking I was about whether or not steel path soties should be added to the game or not. I always approached this problem from the side of "just
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