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  1. While we're at it, can we make it so that baruuk losses restraint by giving allies desolate hand charges? (currently it only depletes when hitting enemies). Especially now that defence objectives act as another desolate hand magnet, it feels almost punishing letting allies walk to close to you and slow your restraint gain without any payoff.
  2. I might have a genuine solution to the problem of zombie flotillas. Due to ISP problems, my connection to warframe servers have always been very picky unless I'm using a VPN. I can't see or interact with anyone in any hub (like relays), but I have no problem joining other players games. This didn't pose any large problems up until now, because if you want to play Scarlet spear missions in any capacity, you need to enter the flotilla, and when you do, the connection problem tricks your game into thinking that murax raids are always on cooldown. And now for my suggested fix: simply add a join ground assault/space raid button on the world state menu or on the solar chart near the scarlet spear flotilla icon. This way players like myself can directly join other players without needing to enter flotillas and connect to any servers and being denied entry there.
  3. I think considering that compared to viral, magnetic damage has a much smaller use case, it would be a welcome addition if magnetic procs had the added functionality of disabling shield-gating for the affected enemy (if the shield is depleted while a magnetic status effect is burdening the target, the damage spillover becomes 100%, as if the shot had hit a weak point ). The change itself only increases your damage by a maximum of one trigger pull, but helps to better sell the fact to newer players that magnetic damage and procs, while ineffective at dispatching targets without shields, make up for it with exceptional efficacy against those who do.
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