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  1. passive: instead of using energy, warframe will utilize its body parts as a resource. You have 6 body parts, and can allocate them to different abilities, activating ones that are most helpful in your current situation (similar to the "active acionic" system shown in tennocon 2018) All energy orbs will now increase the ability strength of your next cast. Considering all following abilities inherently have infinite durations, each body part allocated to an ability may decrease max health by a small amount. "Proficiency"-1st ability-2 body parts: while using primary and secondary weapons, gain perfect accuracy, instant holster, and reduced (or removed) gun recoil. All shots will remove ammo from ammo reserves instead of the magazine. While using melee, gain unlimited melee combo counter duration "Lockdown"-2nd ability-1 body part each: throw a body part on the ground, creating a small circle that stops non-flying combatants passing through. Used to block passageways. Hold 2 to have all body parts deployed to fly back to you "Breakdown" -3rd ability-1 body part each: warframe removes a part of itself and arms it with its current primary or secondary weapon (based on which one is equipped) . Using said weapon becomes impossible as it is now in the hand of the drone. Can summon up to two drones. Drones can levitate and folow you as a sentinel would. Drones are impervious to all damage but getting shot at stuns them temporarily. "entanglement"-4th ability-all available body parts: cycle between 3 different effects. When the ability is activated, your warframe will receive that buff, while all teammates receive both of the unselected buffs, but at a quarter of the normal power. All available body parts are consumed, each one increasing the buff strength for all teammembers (using x body parts makes all the values x times higher). The effects are as follows: A: immunity to all status effects and staggers/knockdowns + small amount of damage reduction B: increase to both critical chance and status chance of all weapons, as well as 1m of punchthrough (or 1m of range in the case of melee weapons) both values are unchangable by power strength 😄 increase to movement speed, slide speed, aim glide duration, wall latch time, and bullet Jump velocity
  2. While we're at it, can we make it so that baruuk losses restraint by giving allies desolate hand charges? (currently it only depletes when hitting enemies). Especially now that defence objectives act as another desolate hand magnet, it feels almost punishing letting allies walk to close to you and slow your restraint gain without any payoff.
  3. I might have a genuine solution to the problem of zombie flotillas. Due to ISP problems, my connection to warframe servers have always been very picky unless I'm using a VPN. I can't see or interact with anyone in any hub (like relays), but I have no problem joining other players games. This didn't pose any large problems up until now, because if you want to play Scarlet spear missions in any capacity, you need to enter the flotilla, and when you do, the connection problem tricks your game into thinking that murax raids are always on cooldown. And now for my suggested fix: simply add a join ground assault/space raid button on the world state menu or on the solar chart near the scarlet spear flotilla icon. This way players like myself can directly join other players without needing to enter flotillas and connect to any servers and being denied entry there.
  4. I think considering that compared to viral, magnetic damage has a much smaller use case, it would be a welcome addition if magnetic procs had the added functionality of disabling shield-gating for the affected enemy (if the shield is depleted while a magnetic status effect is burdening the target, the damage spillover becomes 100%, as if the shot had hit a weak point ). The change itself only increases your damage by a maximum of one trigger pull, but helps to better sell the fact to newer players that magnetic damage and procs, while ineffective at dispatching targets without shields, make up for it with exceptional efficacy against those who do.
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