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  1. Update: i updated the list above: - mech melee mods are useless (necramech pressure) -in pub games, you might need to recast your sword until it shows your holding it -it will merge to the ground if u transference in and out while it's 4th is activated -you are disabled for 5-10 sec. if the shield breaks while 4th is activated
  2. So i decided to plat Bonewidow and take him out for a test drive. But i encountered a lot of bugs and here is what i found: - the exalted blade (IronBride) has to be recasted multiple times to even be used in pub sessions (the weapon has to be visible to even attack with) - all it's abilities will be disabled if ironbride are active and you shoot with your arch gun (mysteriously) - not sure if it's intentional or not but the slam attack getting up animation is very slow (voidrig's headbutt gets up faster than lifting a shied)
  3. with Helminth giving you abilities i thought, what about extra abilities to have fun with builds here are some i thought of: Revenant: punching the ground with his left fist will emit the same shockwave eidolons do when they stomp the ground and knockdown enemies Atlas: picks up a boulder/rock off the ground and throws it at enemies, ragdoll on impact damage and stagger on radial damage. Garuda: her claws will fly around her acting like a damage aura/barrier (doesn't protect you from damage) hydroid: summons a tentacle to slam on enemies and drags them into the depths
  4. so i have the streamline mod for necramechs but it dosen't show the mod in the codex or an option when you type the brackets " [streamline}" is this a bug or something?
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