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  1. If we could recolor the old Cancer chest armor, like this new syandana, then I sure would rep the cause more.
  2. To get to the point, can there be an appearance toggle option to just keep winged syandanas spread out/open? For an example, the Night Hunter syandana recently released, and there's also the Sari syandana. They only spread open in-mission by doing certain aerial actions. With a few of them you can't even see that they spread out/close inward in the market previews. Even when previewing them on the Steam store it sometimes isn't shown. Frankly, they always look better spread out in my eyes, so having some sort of option to keep them spread open would be greatly appreciated. I don't
  3. I don't see that as a valid argument, but alright. Also basically saying "only use Rapiers for finishers" just isn't convincing when I can only replace one ability. I won't be replying here again, just saying I'll see if it's good or not after the changes, and if it's still horrible then I'll just use one of the few good options left.
  4. Putting Xaku's 1 on frames such as Excalibur and Baruuk don't apply the Sentient adaptation removal when the waves hit Sentients. The adaptation removal only occurs when struck directly by, and not by the waves these abilities emit. However, the waves can still proc the Void status proc, which makes this even more confusing. Would be nice to have this fixed in-line with Xaku's coming buffs, and it could possibly be affecting more Exalteds/pseudos that I haven't tested yet.
  5. Since 6 forma on Xaku are mandatory to be listened to, I fortunately have enough on mine to give my thoughts. If I don't address it here, that means I have no issue with said change. Will reply in bold italics. As a Tl;Dr, this is a very nice step forward, but many issues still remain. Hopefully the next iteration doesn't take as long.
  6. This is the third open world, how are you guys still messing up the economies of them.
  7. I think the real takeaway is Defy already has an armor cap, and they didn't know...
  8. Wow. All the red flags are starting to show up again. Well, at least I'll have PSO2.
  9. "we decided to give them slight rules" These are nerfs, not rules. I know it's not on you Megan, but I have to say you guys just killed this system lmao. Once again, instead of buffing the bad choices you guys take the easy, shorter route.
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