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  1. Seems more like they're just going to count them as "heavy attacks" that don't blow the combo meter, as they are abilities and their cost is the energy used.
  2. "A few folks have mentioned this, so just to quickly address: After the initial ask, the idea is that Warframe powers that are based on the combo counter will still get that benefit, but there will be some balance adjustments, as getting higher multipliers on the combo counter is much, much easier to do now. As of this point, I have no further details on that interaction, sorry!" This is why you always check Latest Staff Replies at the top. Always.
  3. It feels gimped by design though, having it not increase in damage with the heat mods needed to create it, and just being an AoE toxin proc when it comes down to it. I can see Heat easily surpassing Gas with its rework, as it will melt armor. Which is Gas' weakness (like almost everything else), while also having new self-scalability. Using it just to count as 2 procs for CO isn't enough for me personally.
  4. The real stealth gas days are over. Gas truly scaling would have it on an even higher pedestal than Slash, as it can be applied to every weapon. Its current use is just for niche cases, mostly with Mag and generally the Zenistar.
  5. I've been playing since Excalibur Prime was still purchasable, I understand everything here quite well. If anything, you are the one who is hard to understand with that level of grammar. You're still assuming these stats will be the same, and even if they were, yes it is fair. The weapon is still proc'ing 3 more statuses, that is your bonus. That's what makes the weapon worth using. Like I said before, most status procs being weak is the main issue, but you have tunnel vision and can't comprehend what I even spelled out clearly. Both types of weapons using CO is no different than both weapons using Pressure Point for a damage increase. If you have a problem with mandatory mods, then that again is a separate issue. I used to think you were just ignoring the nearly 20 people countering your points, but at this point I just know for a fact that English isn't your first language and you can't comprehend what they're saying. DE will change nothing listed here in this thread until after it goes live, so you'll just have to understand by playing it for yourself.
  6. I can't look at any current weapons, as their crit and status chances are also being looked over. Their stance modifiers are as well. From what we know so far, a crit weapon will still have to use BR, and a status weapon will have to use Weeping Wounds. Stances that force procs just allow status weapons to cover even more ground. Which is why currently no sane rapier user uses the Endura or the Destreza Prime, they use the Kripath. Hybrids will have to use both BR and WW, and take up more slots. If the hybrids' base %'s are higher than the status/crit focused weapons, then that just comes down to weapon and MR balance, and would be a separate issue.
  7. I see this more as a problem of most procs in and of themselves not being powerful enough. If they were, the 6 procs in your examples would be the bonus of a high status chance weapon. But currently: Cold, Toxin, Electric, Gas, Blast, Magnetic, Radiation, Impact, Puncture, (and Void) aren't great and don't scale. Honestly the Heat Proc buff coming in the next update is nearly as important as this melee rework, and is a step in the right direction.
  8. Because they're making "combo" extremely easier to gain, even without factoring in blocking now building combo as well. It's a whole new kind of system, seemingly not based on number of hits, seeing as stronger stance hits will generate more "combo". Heavy attacks will also deal 4x damage in a large area at base combo, increasing even further when beyond the base "combo" counter amount.
  9. I think you're wasting your breath. These people spin around with a macro on. I doubt even DE knows all the in's and outs of the calculations, so you shouldn't expect casual players to.
  10. It's truly interesting. This is why they put emphasis on players testing the changes themselves first.
  11. These reactionary posts are why I keep the thread open. Better than mobile games for work entertainment.
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