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  1. This really is unbelievable, I have no idea why you can't just access these bounties instantly. You have to do three vaults just to even do the broken Sporothrix farm. They're treating that weapon like it's an MR 20 damage dealer above the Kuva weapons, yet it's weaker than the new Cernos which I can just buy and build from the market with credits. Dead on arrival.
  2. So since the base range of the Gauss augment is lower than the default range of the ability, half of the enemies still get blown away. Might want to just increase the augment's base range to 10 meters to match up with the default Mach Rush.
  3. Sad to see again, since most veterans that actually use the forums have warnings from 7 years ago. Guess it will be inexperienced players only again, while hoping the content creators give hard hitting critique.
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