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  1. Putting aside the weird change to separate Berserker from crit (the choice between Primed Fury and it was already there for pure status melee) I'll comment on the glaives. The "throw" builds for glaives were already not popular, what everyone decided to use was the heavy attack build. Now with the nerf to blood rush, direct damage hits in general, and a slower wind up speed (which effects throw speed, they're the same thing for some reason still), the glaive throw builds will be entirely dead. They already had to waste a few mod slots just to correct what should be inherent bounce mechanics, and were already clunky because they don't have the Cedo's amazing enemy tracking. Instead of at least making attack speed apply to the throw animation like it should, you just nerf wind-up speed and leave things the same. Meaning Killing Blow will maintain its double whammy spot for increasing both the slow wind-up speed and the heavy explosion damage for heavy only builds. Kudos. Truly awful in this case. <> On a side-note, where are the projectile speed/beam range galvanized mods for the other gun types? And on a side-side note, a few builds already can't fit in every mod they want, even with 9 perfectly forma'd slots. Will there be gun "stance" mods eventually to increase the capacity to 70 like with melee? If not, then you NEED to lower the cost of certain high cost mods, because now it will be even more of an issue once these new mods hit. If someone spends the resources to perfectly forma every slot on gun, they should be able to fit the build they're going for. Period.
  2. The rest seemed fine overall, so going to ignore that for now. But this part just seems like it ain't it. It just looks like a workaround to get people to play bad frames instead of just taking the time to rework and buff them. And it will fail, because it's just flat numbers again. Arguably if this is actually implemented it will make balancing down the road even harder.
  3. When it's fully implemented don't forget to let them use missiles/ordnance as well. Looking forward to it.
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