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  1. Hey Reb, any chance you guys can get the Sari Syandana to always be spread out in Titania's Razorwing? Currently there's no way for it to open in Razorwing.
  2. As others have said, you'll have to waste 5 forma for each one.
  3. Always wanted a slime frame that would be able to proc literally every status in the game.
  4. A hovering 'fortress' frame that focuses on ammo, miniguns, lasers, and rockets.
  5. Hey uh, Gas no longer bypasses shields. Even though honestly, it should be the only proc that does so. Toxin bypassing shields makes much less sense in comparison, but Toxin would require a buff if this were removed. Beyond that, the new Gas proc seems heavily undertuned. Probably due to overcompensation on yours guys' part just because it's an AoE damage DoT proc.
  6. With all due respect, I thought you guys learned the last time you tried to change status procs that each proc needs to scale damage wise to be good. And beyond that, there are other glaring issues here that are obvious to all veteran players. Puncture reducing damage, even if it stacked up to 100%, is useless. As crowd control procs such as Elec, Heat (which CC's and deals good damage), and now Impact apparently already can reduce enemy damage by 100% since they can't return fire. For Cold, I'm not sure why it doesn't just build up to a freeze. Seems very obvious to do. Blast has the same problems as Puncture, reducing accuracy does not matter. CCing an enemy with other procs, ignoring all other CC in the game, will still be better if you want safety. Radiation just shows that you guys are still extremely out of touch with how enemies deal damage to each other. Even after the armor changes this will remain the case. To put it bluntly, they never do enough for it to matter, even at thousands of % of a damage increase on their part. It's one of the main reasons why Nyx is still bad to this day, and why only Octavia has an effective enemy damage scaling ability. Because hers combines damage from all enemies at once and deals the total as DPS. Now for Viral and Magnetic. You just made them a damage multiplier for health and shield respectively. However, for Corrosive, you kept it the same but in a nerfed state? Why would Corrosive not just be a damage multiplier to armor like Viral and Magnetic now? I fail to see the consistency here yet again, and it just seems like admittance that armor will still be king. That's just fluff though, because the way I see it they're just losing their interesting mechanics for a generic stacking numbers game. Speaking of stacking, these changes heavily favor rapid fire weapons only. Burst weapons (like Sniper rifles for example) will not be able to benefit from these changes, seeing as stacking to 10 of the same proc (insane) will take them forever. Overall this looks like a "we were short on time again, so just change procs to a numbers game" instead of expanding on status procs and making 'enhanced procs' interesting effects. Ironically though, most of these statuses will still go unused, because they don't scale. Another layer of inconsistency. Should have gone the route of heat procs for every proc (scaling damage and a nice effect). The last time you guys gave up on interesting mechanics and switched to numbers game logic, we got Rivens. That still hasn't ended well to this day.
  7. Going to say finally here, since it should have never been added in randomly after the melee changes in the first place.
  8. Just as a heads up, there's not enough avionic capacity to fill up your Railjack even with a perfect 100. A fully loaded Railjack would need ~140 av capacity on its reactor, and even being generous by not running any tacticals it still requires around 110. Honestly, avionic capacity shouldn't be tied to parts at all. It's too important and ensures that Zetki/Lavan will never be viable. It would make more sense, and be more player friendly, if reactors balanced between flux capacity and flux efficiency/regeneration instead of having avionics capacity.
  9. The longer they take to fix this, the more likely they are to forget. So, going to keep quoting this "feature" every time it's brought up. Fix this already.
  10. So is Archmelee being abandoned and removed? It's completely un-viable now.
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