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  1. I like most of the changes you've made to arbitration, except you've completely negated any desire to play it by diluting the reward pool with a bunch of completely useless new mods and arcanes. Even if they weren't useless, they would be after you got one of each. Like other people said at the workshop, they should be moved to the arbiter rewards.
  2. Can we please get a fix to extermination missions asking us to kill more enemies than there are? Way too often I kill all enemies and go to extraction just for the game to be like, "Oh, kill 50 more." And then when the game actually spawns more enemies, it raises the amount of enemies you need to kill. It's so dumb.
  3. Quit butchering my Pyrana. It's not even that good anymore!
  4. Ugh. That sigil looks so good but there's no way I'm paying 20 dollars for it.
  5. Have you still not reverted the Hydroid(and Khora) + Nekros nerf?
  6. Undo this. This is not a bug. Even with this it takes a long time to farm mob drops. Your game has not been broken for 4 years because of this, it's been more balanced because of this.
  7. Oh. My Pyrana, my poor, poor Pyrana. What have they done to you?
  8. It should lift one of its legs and aim like it's holding a hand gun, then pretend to fire it.
  9. So what's going to happen when Wolf of Saturn Six ends? Is a new nightwave going to immediately start or is there going to be a period where alert rewards are completely unobtainable while we wait for the next nightwave?
  10. When are we going to be seeing a fix on the enemies glowing a bright white randomly? (Thanks for all the other fixes BTW)
  11. Here's my entry. Was looking for the spookiest frame and you can't go wrong with good ol' death boi.
  12. So vigorous swap now does nothing to ability weapons? Well thanks for another useless mod, I guess.
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