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  1. I can't care less about capture missions for obvious reasons, it's not a valid example and you know that. These changes will affect missions like defense, survival and, what was that forgettable thing no one likes, ah, right, interception and they will become a drag, even more so than they are now. "On kill" condition is particularly bad here. And yes, I did enough of both arbitrations and SP to encounter trash mobs that cannot be killed in a swing or two with current Berserker/CO/BR stacked.
  2. Judging from past events - very much so. The bigger the backlash, the better.
  3. I sincerely hope this bs will die out before I come to care about it. Beware, they might deem it too OP and nerf it.
  4. Because these notes are about melee nerf arsenal "rebalance". And because they clearly stated that everything here will require insane amounts of SE, so saying it out loud that SE farm will be nerfed will cause even bigger backlash. DE's smart... not really, no.
  5. To add more grind. A lot more grind. And to sell us slots, forma and whatnot. That's it.
  6. Kestrel is a myth. It doesn't exist. It can't hurt you. And it most definitely won't be able to hurt you.
  7. Probably will be the usual 20 plat per slot. Which is 20 plat too much, if you ask me.
  8. Berserker will be "on kill" as well. Have fun swinging Fragor or Gram on SP.
  9. I'd like to point out that adding more grind on top of already very grindy game is nothing more but an extremely lazy way of making "content". And before anyone asks, nerfing melee makes this grind even longer. Anyway, I won't be sharing all my thought on the upcoming changes - I'm salty and really disappointed. This is not "bringing ranged weapons to the level of melee weapons" thing we were all expecting. This is "nerfing melee weapons so that we can add some lazily made "content" and make ranged weapons look good in comparison".
  10. Apparently DE thinks that shotgun users should suffer. Primed Blunderbuss anyone?
  11. Yeah, turning Berserker from "on crit" to "on kill" in a game where Steel Path, with all its flaws and mechanics, exists isn't that small. Same goes for BR, CO and whatever else they will nerf or break, errr, sorry, "retroactively fix" in the process.
  12. DE: There will be no nerfs. Also DE: "Melee Mod Nerfs" Nuff said.
  13. RJ Defence missions break the game. If you opt to end it after whatever rotation you want it makes points of interest inaccessible and breaks transition between locations. Best part - you can't even abort it.
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