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  1. Anyway, the concept of self-damage in this game is ridiculous and beyond any logic. Why would you stop at explosive weapons? Make them all do self damage! It should be possible, at least with projectile weapons. And while we're at it - there're plenty of abilities, that should have self-damage, like Ember's Inferno, Vauban's Minelayer and Photon Strike, Zephyr's Tornados, Hildryn's Balefire, etc. And why stop at self damage when we can have friendly-fire active at all time? Jesting aside, what I'm trying to say is - in the game where you can literally wield a sun by your bare hands, call in orbital strikes and homing meteors on enemy's heads, while receiving none of the punishment you dish out, the very concept of self damage from a limited number of weapons(some of which pose a threat only to the player, but not to the enemy, yes, Angstrum and Kulstar, I'm looking at you two) is strange. Really strange.
  2. Three - Zhuge Prime also has self-damage(why? just why would it have self-damage? it's ridiculous!).
  3. Thing is - its multishot has terrible accuracy. To the point arrows can hit ground closer than 7 meters. And since it doesn't have arming distance you can go from hero to zero in an instant.
  4. Uhhhh, maybe you should enable already existing mod instead of adding another endo sink? And while we're at it, maybe you should make existing one work when it's not fully ranked? Also, Angstrum and Kulstar have sent their regards.
  5. The ridiculousness of this nerffix still gets me, so, sorry, sorry, it's still me ranting, but... Guys, you were asked to reduce ridiculous scaling of enemies in RJ missions. You've said "Okay" and increased scaling even further, nearly doubling EHP while nerfing damage output tends to do that. And all that because one damage type and one weapon were "overpowered"? Well, maybe, just maybe, they weren't. Maybe, just maybe, it was the other way around and all other weapons and damage types were severely underpowered for a content you yourselves put in the game. In fact, that's what it was. It's the same thing as with riven mods. Nerfing ones for good weapons and buffing others for bad weapons won't make people to switch or even consider bad weapons, they just stop using rivens for good weapons or roll something else. Well, to be fair, this time it worked, but only because you actually nerfed one good weapon to the ground, so it's no longer viable. But that's the way to nowhere. Please, reconsider.
  6. Well, numbers mean facts, right? Before this fix I could kill Exo Outrider with about 60-70% of Phaedra magazine. Now? Barely with full magazine. Barely, if I get enough crits, because if I don't? Nope, more than one mag. Yes, I know it has weak points, but that's beside my point here. And same goes for all enemies. Before I could kill Elite Exo Cutter in about 120 rounds, give or take 20, now - 200+. Regular Cutter before was an under 100 round job, now - 140. This is really bad, this increases time to complete the mission and that's before scouring the place because you're always low on Titanium. And going back to Cryophon. Someone said that its damage was halved? Well, no, it wasn't. It was reduced by a factor of four. I had nearly 8k on my MK3 Cryo(yes, I'm not fully specced, boohoo), now I have less than 2k with the same set up. And if the calculations of EMH someone did here are right, then we have the same amount of EMH(give or take couple hundred) but Cryo that deals one fourth of its previous damage. Just how is this mean to make out RJ guns feel great?
  7. Oh, and by the way, before I go on wasting my time, fix your economy. This is bloody ridiculous that you have to scour the whole map four to five times just to get repairs on one wreckage. And that's with a booster.
  8. So, after extensive testing I have to say that this is pure damage nerf. Yaaaay, woohoo, as if we needed more of it! You said our railjack weapons didn't felt great? Well, now they outright suck. For crying out loud, I made more frags with Particle Ram than with my main guns(oh, damn, now you're gonna nerf it as well, don't you?). Same goes for AW weapons. Time to kill had a significant increase. I'm talking 30-50% time increase here. And you can now just throw away Cryophon - it's only viable for Earth and a couple of Saturn nodes. Past that? Forget it, it can't do squat before overheating. Did you guys even tested this? I mean past Free Flight and Posit Cluster. Or did you just slap it as it is and let the playerbase to "sort it all out themselves"? Because as it is now this is absolutely unacceptable. I'd rather have those ridiculous armor numbers but normal procs than this. Tl;dr: This feels bad, worse than it was before, completely contrary to what you've said. Please, revert this ASAP.
  9. Also, you still cannot cancel repairs and scrap wreckage that has some resources in it.
  10. Thanks for the hotfix, buuuuut... We need fix for losing dirac obtained from crates inside sentient ship.
  11. So much this. Also, avionics scrap rates should get same treatment gear did. At the very least. Because now dirac should be measured by eyedropper. Dirac that is
  12. And another batch of screenshots with "fixed" Intrinsics. Please note that not only I got less intrinsics than it was stated in post mission window, I also get less affinity on my weapons as well. Which is a visual bug - on return to the orbiter missing affinity is restored. But not missing intrisics. That being said, new droptables are just plain terrible. In two missions I've played just recently I got 0(zero, null) Dirac drops. And only in one I got gear to scrap. This doesn't make up anything at all. Also, funny, but mission that actually gave me gear was lower level one. Go figure. Also, sounds and notification persist for every drop. And what's worse - sometimes vital resources doesn't drop at all, like Pustrels. Well, only Pustrels. Also, archwing abilities lock up until you either warp to the ship or die. Avionics drop rates decreased as a matter of fact. Their scrap rates are still terrible and not worth the effort. Not only because you don't get that much in return, but also because you risk losing your active one or ones that you want to use in the future, because there's no bloody indication what's what. Triangles and dots don't mean anything in terms of upgradability when viewed from scrap screen. Just how is this acceptable? I'm sorry to say this, but at this point it's jankier than some of Linus' stuff, y'know, your compatriot. And he's a bloody king of jank.
  13. Discrepancies between intrincics that you should've got and what you really got still persist. And there's no solution to it. Jumping to another mission(free flight) instead of straight to the dry dock solves literally nothing. And this was supposed to be a "fixed" thing.
  14. It seems that alongside Dirac you've also removed Pustrels from drop tables. Failed a couple of missions because there was literally zero drops.
  15. Oh, great, more grind. Inb4, no, it's not "everywhere", nowhere near that.
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