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  1. Also, please, fix color correction. Being as it is it leads to both oversaturation and overexposure on corpus ship tileset(and probably everywhere else, but on corpus ship tileset it's the most noticeable thing). With color correction on: And the same scenes with color correction off: Notice how color correction swings color palette into yellowish-green part of spectrum. And while we're at it, please, please, PLEASE, revert Due Volpi's offset position to how it was before U25 because it clips through everything(and where it doesn't clip it sticks and tangles with parts of the frame, like on Octavia), which can be clearly seen on the attached screenshots.
  2. Sadly, that's not how things work. We're living in the world of live services and Warframe is DE's service. That effectively means that it's a product-in-process, which in turn means they are somewhat limited in their decision making process and have to listen and cater to the majority of their playerbase. It's not that hard when you consider that the majority of playerbase only wants consistency, engagement and rewards, and that people at DE actively shape playerbase's opinions and desires into what DE envisioned. But that usually applies only to general direction of the development. Cases like Arbitrations, Universal Medallions, Gauss(and other frames) are still reviewed on a case-by-case basis and then they have to listen and provide feedback on the opinions that small but very vocal part of the community expresses. DE's going back on their promise to introduce Universal Medallions to the Conclave is the latest but not the brightest example of it. Iwoply's not pleased.
  3. As someone here said, DE ignored 11 pages of feedback with a lot of structured and well laid out thoughts on Gauss... and then went back on their promise because a couple of people whined about DE's idea of allowing people to use Universal Medallions to gain standing in Conclave. And then there's a collective moan of frustration because of the new renderer... So, yeah, no.
  4. Non-tradeable, non-dissolveable, non-sellable, can be rolled only once and permanently fuses into the slot. Yeah, I can see it now.
  5. Also, as a development of this thought, improving farm for people who haven't reached tier 5 in Conclave doesn't mean that people who've already reached it cannot benefit from it. For crying out loud, you're not prohibited from farming those medallions like everyone else does.
  6. Oh, and have I ever mentioned that you can connect to the Conclave game 30 seconds before the round finishes? Well, if not, now I'm telling you that you can literary connect and spawn 30 seconds before the round ends. Great game mode. We need more like this. Iirc, you can use Conclave skins and Captura scenes, well, everywhere. And as far as the majority of people concerned skins and scenes are all that really matters.
  7. That really depends on game mode you tried to play. 1vsAll and TDMs are somewhat alive, Capture and Lunaro are dead.
  8. You do understand that it can be called "teaming", right? As for people in my timezone, well, there're nigh non-existent. Because, as MarrikBroom said: Also, to be clear, I have good internet connection, but sheer distance between me and, say, NA server makes ping a thing to consider. Another thing, the toxicity of said mode: in just a quick round of 1vsAll and taking 1st place I was told to "git gud", called "garbage", "trash", "noob" and some other interesting epithets. Because I was using Mirage and Ignis and I pretty much decimated the whole lobby. And you know what? I don't mind being called that and my opponents being salty and disheartened with my setup, because that way I can be efficient, that way I will spend less time grinding standing, than doing it "the right way". GGWP, better luck next time. Oh, and icing on the cake: I got 2.4k standing for wasting 10 minutes of my life(you can get same amount of standing for the syndicates in about 3 to 4 minutes). And I need about 200k just to reach tier 5. And then about 400-500k for various skins. Really? And don't start me on challenges, they are bad. Some of them are impossible to complete, because no one will ever touch the game mode they're tied to with a ten-foot pole(yes, I'm looking at you, Lunaro). So, yeah, let's just cater to some, not all mind you, entitled people that think we all should suffer through hot mess that Conclave is, "suck it up" and waste a whole lot of time on modes that are neither interesting nor challenging, because they did. Yeah. With logic like that we'd be still sitting in caves, because our ancestors did that, so why would you want a change. NB Yes, I'm salty.
  9. Because timezones, my friend, is a thing. The majority of my clan is from the US and we have some seven hour difference. As for the others from our alliance? Well, they have everything they ever wanted from Conclave so they don't want to waste time on it, and waste of time it is. Any other great ideas?
  10. Same can be said about all syndicates: "suffer through them because we all suffered". Well, tell ya what, maybe, just maybe, suffering through something just because earlier, in bad old days, everyone did that is a bad way of doing things. But it's not. Take me for example. I'm playing on EU servers because on Eastern European servers Conclave is dead. Dead dead. There you can wait for hours for anyone to join you. And on EU servers it's nigh dead, since everyone's leaving after first round or even during the match if one side is doing better than average. And don't forget that since it's a PvP ping is a big deal, so I can't play on NA, SA, Oceanian or Asian servers. So yeah, it's available for everyone. Not.
  11. Well, no real point in finding those medallions then. I mean, they're kinda pointless to begin with, but at least farming them for the Conclave made some sense since Conclave is even worse.
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