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  1. The event completion payout is thematically on point but a miserable player experience. If a substantial portion of my rewards are tied to a time gate, I am penalized hard for my schedule not aligning perfectly with that of the game, just as though I'd logged on right after night. The ability to just log on and get my space ninja on whenever works for me, and for however long works for me, is a big part of Warframe's draw for me.
  2. "Sarge" - Grineer-themed frame Why: We have a couple of Infestation-themed frames (Nidus & Saryn) and a few that seem aligned with Corpus tech (Hildryn, Vauban, Gauss), but none that really cleave to the Grineer. The closest would be something like Rhino or Ember, but that's pretty thin. World tie-in: We know that the Grineer (or their forebears) existed in a non-degenerate form at the time of the Old War / creation of the Warframes and weere the primary ground forces of the Orokin / origin system, so it seems natural that there would have been a frame built with them in mind- even if they were outmatched by the Sentients, there were still a TON of them. A frame designed to lead a Grineer platoon (or more), either by taking point or taking more of a field commander role. Look: Chunky Grineer-style armor, Clem-style helmet? Camouflage. Abilitiy ideas: A group buff? Short term status clear / immunity to shore up their resistance to corrosive? A SC2-style stim pack steroid? A deployable ammo station like you see in Grineer camps in the Plains? A headshot attractor to deal with their Imperial Marksmanship School issues? Maybe Grineer eximus styled abilities? The cold bubble or the big flame wave or a Nox cloud? Maybe even the ability to rotate between them to fit the situation? Tactical deployables? Gun emplacements, inflatable walls, arc traps, latchers, rollers, grenades, ziplines, door sensors, hyekka master floor fire, AoE Scorpion pull, Commander teleport... Lots of options here. Active support abilities? Charge to an ally and grant damage immunity or DR or overshield? Called focus fire target that marks and gives damage boost against it? Charge/Retreat style MS boost with DR and/or a damage boost? Selfish abilities? Hellion jetpack? Bombard mortar? Manic mode- stim yourself up and gain speed / damage / phasing invis that lasts until you run out of energy? Passives? Passive buff to allied units? Something gun-oriented, -recoil or +reload or something? Maybe your ideas are better than mine? Signature weapon: Bashing / throwable riot shield using the pistol + glaive code, or a redeemer-style gunblade-and-shield? Maybe a launcher or something with an AoE buff on alt fire?
  3. Yet another reminder that thrown melee- glaives and the wolf sledge- are still broken and have been since U26- throws do not interact with the combo counter in any way (either building or expending count) and do not work with any heavy attack mods (e.g. Life Strike or doubled crit% from heavy attack mechanics). Please confirm whether this is intended, as in their current state these attacks are effectively not worth using- they are slow, fiddly to aim, and do negligible amounts of damage.
  4. Another patch, another reminder that thrown weapons (glaives, wolf sledge) have been left in a broken state since U26. Can you please confirm whether this is a known issue (I would hope, I've reported it half a dozen times) or Working As Intended?
  5. Any update on broken functionality on Wolf Sledge and glaive throws since U26? They neither build nor use combo counter, heavy attack mods and functionality don't work with them, and crit seems to be broken on them as well. Again, if we could get a confirmation on whether this is a known issue in the queue or working as intended, that alone would go a long way.
  6. Another update, another reminder that thrown attacks for glaives and Wolf Sledge have been effectively unusable since shortly after U26. (No longer build or scale with combo counter, do not work with heavy attack mods or get the x2 scaling from them.) Steve mentioned this on stream during the RJ deployment, can we please at least get a confirmation on whether this is a bug or working as intended?
  7. Not the same issue. A hotfix changed glaive and Wolf Sledge throws to no longer function as heavy attacks. So they neither build nor consume combo count, they do not benefit from the x2 crit chance, don't trigger life strike, etc. They went from interesting but not terribly competitive to utterly unusable at that point.
  8. Another patch, another reminder that Wolf Sledge and Glaive throws are still broken and unusable. Can we at least get confirmation on whether this is a) a known issue / in the queue or b) working as intended?
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