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  1. 16 forma into Sevagoth, including 2 umbra. Overall fantastic frame, really enjoying him. A few rough edges that would be nice to improve (details below), but again, overall, I love him and anticipate maining him go-forward. Specific feedback: He is a forma monster, and some of them- lack of an aura polarity, lack of mod capacity due to a lack of a matching stance polarity on the claws- just feel like petty extortion. Base stats are pretty squishy and paint him into a corner of either going into Quick Thinking or shield gating to survive SP content. Not necessarily the end of t
  2. May I introduce you to Quick Thinking? It works really well on him and gives you a similar self-sustaining cycle of incoming damage -> energy -> sustain -> repeat. With Primed Flow and QT your EHP is vastly higher, and just increases with armor, Adaptation, Arcane Guardian, etc.
  3. I'm 16 forma (6 / 3 + umbra / 5 + umbra) in to Sevagoth at this point. Things I liked and would like to see implemented: AI for the Shadow on Reap Lock-on targeting for Consume The rest seemed like kind of a laundry list of buffs that honestly aren't necessary with better builds and better usage. Suggestions: In caster form, I like Quick Thinking and Umbral Fiber over Vitality. It gives you *much* more ability to tank large bursts and is vastly more efficient given how much you are regenerating through Gloom. Others (like Lesquai, above) swear by shield gating-
  4. I'm almost (13 normal, 2 umbra) as far in with him as you are at this point, so a few thoughts: Survivability in his caster form is challenging but doable. I've tried three major builds- brief respite + rolling guard (highest ceiling but highest maintenance), quick thinking + primed flow + adaptation (easier, best at absorbing high-alpha hits but can leave you into a corner with no life and no mana), and a Gloom-dependent drain tank build with umbral fiber + rage + adaptation (my current pet project, I think it's promising but needed yet another forma). EDIT: My experiment paid off, I th
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