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  1. As discussed on Reddit, I like some of the core ideas here, I would just like to see more depth to the kit- this runs pretty close to the issue that Chroma has where his entire kit can be effectively played by a metronome. So, I'd suggest the following: Move your revised #1 to his passive. Maybe add the ability to shatter frozen enemies into a conal AoE of shards that inflict bleeds. For his 1, take the existing Ice Wave and give it the ability to freeze enemies after hitting twice. Casting this scales up his passive armor / aura. 2 stays Snow Globe 3 stays Avalanche, scales his armor/aura passive 4 stays your Ice Axe, which also scales his armor/aura passive In short, the idea here is to make this more a Gauss-style kit rather than a Chroma-style kit. Both of those frames have hugely powerful cast-on-cooldown abilities (Vex Armor, Redline), but Gauss is really engaging to play because the rest of his kit synergizes with that passive (via the heat gauge and secondary effects).
  2. I stand corrected. That said, RMB doesn't take you out of melee anymore, otherwise you'd be unable to do those combos. The only edge case I see would be something like Phantasma where you'd either need to hit LMB to go back to your primary before launching a ball, or go into melee mode to access heavy attack. I think the former makes more sense- using the alt fire of the currently active weapon. That said, even a forward heavy attack would address what I'd want here- some way to heavy attack without utterly annihilating your mobility.
  3. Heavy attacks require you to be in melee-only mode to begin with... So that should be a non-issue. As for aerial slams, yes, they add mobility, but they're slow due to the set up time.
  4. Title basically says it all. I love heavy attack weapons, but having them completely root you in place is a real buzz kill. I work around it with Gauss, but it could still be a lot better. Giving heavy attacks the same flexibility as combo attacks would be awesome. Standing heavy as is. Forward heavy might slow you a bit but still keep moving forward. Tactical for a slam, forward tactical for a big wind up ninja gaiden style slash dash.
  5. Concept: Golem / Frankenstein. A tanky but inherently highly mortal frame, charging heedlessly into combat and tearing itself apart (in some cases literally) in the process until exploding, re-forming, and starting over. Could work well as a tanky caster or as a melee platform, depending on build. Passive: Bioelectric Charge [Broken Frame] has no energy bar and no shield. All abilities cost health instead.When [Broken Frame] uses an ability or collects an energy orb, it gains a charge. Each charge adds [X%] damage resistance, and at [Y] charges, [Broken Frame] gains an electric aura, dealing minor passive electric damage in an AoE and empowering its other abilities with additional electric effects. Charges decay over [Z] seconds. 1: Headbutt: Costs [X]% health. [Broken Frame] removes its head and overhead 2-hand throws it in a targeted direction, knocking down and dealing [Y] damage to all targets it passes through. Head also collects any pickups it passes through. Cannot be recast until head is retrieved or reappears after [Z] seconds. (Scales: Ability power, range) 2: Hurtle: Costs [X]% health. Release an electric blast behind you, dealing [X] damage in a [Y]m AoE around you. Self-ragdoll up to [Z]m forward, dealing [A] impact damage in a m AoE upon landing. (Scales: Ability power, range) 3: Hunger: Costs [X]% health. Consumes all Bioelectric Charges to gain [X]% ability power and [Y]% movement and parkour speed for [Z] seconds. (Scales: Ability power, duration) 4: Self-Destruct: Passive: 90s cooldown. When reaching 0 health, activate automatically. Active: [Broken Frame] becomes invulnerable for [X] seconds, during which it can move normally but cannot attack or use abilities. After the invulnerability expires, release a massive explosion, dealing [Y] damage in a [Z]m AoE and scattering 6 parts of itself at random through the AoE. Over [A] seconds, these pieces are drawn back to the point where the explosion occurred. They can be attacked while reforming, each having 1/6th of the frame's total HP and full armor. If at least 2 parts survive, [Broken Frame] reforms, gaining 1/6th total HP per surviving part. Long hold to cast, 2s wind-up, tap before final cast to cancel.
  6. The event completion payout is thematically on point but a miserable player experience. If a substantial portion of my rewards are tied to a time gate, I am penalized hard for my schedule not aligning perfectly with that of the game, just as though I'd logged on right after night. The ability to just log on and get my space ninja on whenever works for me, and for however long works for me, is a big part of Warframe's draw for me.
  7. "Sarge" - Grineer-themed frame Why: We have a couple of Infestation-themed frames (Nidus & Saryn) and a few that seem aligned with Corpus tech (Hildryn, Vauban, Gauss), but none that really cleave to the Grineer. The closest would be something like Rhino or Ember, but that's pretty thin. World tie-in: We know that the Grineer (or their forebears) existed in a non-degenerate form at the time of the Old War / creation of the Warframes and weere the primary ground forces of the Orokin / origin system, so it seems natural that there would have been a frame built with them in mind- even if they were outmatched by the Sentients, there were still a TON of them. A frame designed to lead a Grineer platoon (or more), either by taking point or taking more of a field commander role. Look: Chunky Grineer-style armor, Clem-style helmet? Camouflage. Abilitiy ideas: A group buff? Short term status clear / immunity to shore up their resistance to corrosive? A SC2-style stim pack steroid? A deployable ammo station like you see in Grineer camps in the Plains? A headshot attractor to deal with their Imperial Marksmanship School issues? Maybe Grineer eximus styled abilities? The cold bubble or the big flame wave or a Nox cloud? Maybe even the ability to rotate between them to fit the situation? Tactical deployables? Gun emplacements, inflatable walls, arc traps, latchers, rollers, grenades, ziplines, door sensors, hyekka master floor fire, AoE Scorpion pull, Commander teleport... Lots of options here. Active support abilities? Charge to an ally and grant damage immunity or DR or overshield? Called focus fire target that marks and gives damage boost against it? Charge/Retreat style MS boost with DR and/or a damage boost? Selfish abilities? Hellion jetpack? Bombard mortar? Manic mode- stim yourself up and gain speed / damage / phasing invis that lasts until you run out of energy? Passives? Passive buff to allied units? Something gun-oriented, -recoil or +reload or something? Maybe your ideas are better than mine? Signature weapon: Bashing / throwable riot shield using the pistol + glaive code, or a redeemer-style gunblade-and-shield? Maybe a launcher or something with an AoE buff on alt fire?
  8. Yet another reminder that thrown melee- glaives and the wolf sledge- are still broken and have been since U26- throws do not interact with the combo counter in any way (either building or expending count) and do not work with any heavy attack mods (e.g. Life Strike or doubled crit% from heavy attack mechanics). Please confirm whether this is intended, as in their current state these attacks are effectively not worth using- they are slow, fiddly to aim, and do negligible amounts of damage.
  9. Another patch, another reminder that thrown weapons (glaives, wolf sledge) have been left in a broken state since U26. Can you please confirm whether this is a known issue (I would hope, I've reported it half a dozen times) or Working As Intended?
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