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  1. Many thanks! You guys are the reason why I love playing this dang game!
  2. Maybe it's due to the speed of the Archwing? In comparison to PoE/Fortuna, the Archwings in space are significantly faster. By slowing down the speed, it can create a better feeling of depth and distance between you and the railjack. No need for resizing! Just changes of speed. The real question is if you are willing to sacrifice speed for immersion.
  3. People asking for a new nerf for blink? I gotchu. How about a Overheat system? If you spam blink fast enough, filling up the overheat bar, the ability is disabled for 10 seconds and you and your archwing are set on fire for a few seconds. An added alarm sound and blinking for extra effect. Or instead of fire, your engines stalls and you start gliding down. Or both I don't care xD I just wanna see people falling from the sky as balls of flames.
  4. DE, you make me so happy to be part of this game. Thanks for listening to hs and for the openess to our feedback. Thank you for all the hard work you guys put and I'll be looking forward to the next few hotfixes.
  5. Considering that Vauban is meant to be the CC frame, why is it that his Tether Coil and his Bastille still have an enemy cap? Maybe it's a way to balance a utility skill and an armor removal skill? I don't know but I'm sure there is a reason behind it. The issue comes when big hordes of enemies come through a door trapped with Tether Coils but only tethers a small portion of the enemies. It also occurs when I use Bastille and the enemies in the area are still attacking me and not lock down an area like it's meant to do (in my opinion). The armor stealing effect of Bastille is a nice touch and really helps with his survivability along with teammates as well. Although it does not create a protective fortress, it does create stronger armor for all allies within, somewhat doing a similar effect. I expected that vortex, considering that it is a black hole, can still "take" away armor as well but sadly this isn't the case. It doesn't have to give the armor to Vauban or his allies, simply stripping the armor is enough to make Photon Strike viable to use. Speaking of Photon Strike, why does it cause blast damage? Yeah, it creates a blast but isn't it more of a laser? I would have expected heat or even radiation damage as an additive, but hey it's fun to blast enemies off the face of the Earth so not much to complain there (other than the lack of damage). Moving on to mine layer, Flechette orb is the turret that a lot of people asked for. I understand that in order to balance the "afk"ness of a turret, damage needed to be low to be somewhat ineffective. If this is the case, then Flechette orb should be replaced for a more defensive ability. I would like to suggest the follow skill: - Shield Drone / Shield Deployment: Vauban deploys a drop that creates a shield that can recharge if damaged (Similar to a Nullifier Crewman's bubble. When it is damaged, it shrinks in size but can recharge by draining energy. This shield can be either placed done on a surface, or can be deployed by a drone that follows Vauban or another player if he activates the skill while facing an ally. I'll leave that to DE's decision :D) Credit to the Vauban King himself, Rahetalius for the idea from his recent video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N27bjFUzw70 Anyways, thank you DE for the update and the rework. Maybe Vauban is not as effective as we hope him to be, but I can't deny the fact that he's hella fun to use now 😄 Thanks for your time!
  6. You good man. Thanks for the response. I appreciate that :D I was just interested on your opinions on how the update for melee and Vauban were bad. I was just disappointed when there were no elaborations on it, but I digress. C:
  7. Uhh... I saved up plat for the update and I can technically buy the mod and relic packs if I really wanted to (but like really don't think it's worth the 900p :3). Not to mention I didn't get the plat with money so technically it's free on my side? "You force people to buy mods and relics for cosmetics" What does that mean? "From what I heard melee is ruined and you somehow made Vauban worse" (but literally the sentence before that was) "haven't even gotten to the melee weapons or the Vauban rework myself..." K... uh... Yeah, I hope you can try it soon and not do a pre-review before actually experiencing the changes yourself uh...
  8. DE be doing hotfixes next to midnight, on the same day of the update. Not to mention this is the second one. These absolute madmen! (Thank you! :D)
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