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  1. Have you try any other wifi/internet network? I have this issue if i used my mother's office wifi. Fixed itself when i got home.
  2. Nope, those icons are just to show which frame. For the icon themselves you will need to buy them.
  3. Spent around 10min flying around for last crewship to spawn. and you guessed it, nada. At pluto proxima, profit margin. EDIT: So I aborted the previous mission and restart it, and guess what it did. Same bug only this time i spent just 10minutes instead of 30min :D
  4. Maybe ur Caps were on? Or your keyboard keys a bit wacky.
  5. AlexLight001

    Display bugged

    I was in a endless Lith survival fissure , at around 40min I alt tab to warframe.market to check riven prices. Then after that I looked up a player's profile with the /profile command in-game then my screen bugged out. On that bugged screen it showed a T-Pose Ember prime with glaive prime and a T-pose operator. No matter what I do it won't go back to normal. So I waited until extraction since lith/neo survival are rare. The screen went back to normal after the team extracted and I got host migration :). I have pictures of the bugged screen but its a hassle having to upload to a different websi
  6. Anyones UI went missing after each mission? Specifically the sortie/fissure bar. I only fixed this by going to a relay thru the left of nav console.
  7. So is this a ask for help or solution for future players?
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