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  1. How to build it is same as Gara's just +Impact instead of +Slash. Just put elementals and damage mods on any melee. Or use Kogake Prime if you wanna put a riven on it. IIRC it has the highest sparring type riven dispo. Not sure about Shattering Impact if it will work on him or not.
  2. Honestly don't think you are ready for the test then. Another reason not to speedrun the game.
  3. Honestly it depends on the build, for example War Cry is good if you planning on using his 4th all the way although not sure that roar will benefit much on him.
  4. Reb just said that they having probs with one of their network partners.
  5. Just mindlessly farm other stuff. Nothing changed except kuva is harder to get now.
  6. In the runs i did pre nerf, I get around 50 at 30minute mark.
  7. I only started farming it again yesterday and after around 40minute mark only got 14 drops, that was with booster, drop chance booster and smeeta. I tried it again this morning, still same effect. Was RNG just bad for me these 2 days or it got nerfed?
  8. For the hacked account, just do what @nerfinator6said. As for the discord, https://discord.gg/6UHdxj. Some people in PC recruit chat keep posting that. So far kinda chill chat.
  9. Be careful going down the riven trading path tenno.
  10. I started having big fps issues since the Deimoa update, but recently I keep crashing often.
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