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  1. In trying to perform the RECLAIM WHAT'S OURS bounty in the CAMBION DRIFT, on STAGE 3, trying to infuse the cauldron, a wandering NECRAMECH free roaming in the area prevented the enemies from getting into the area in order for me to fill the cauldron. I waited nearly 10 minutes for it to wander out of range and for enough enemies to spawn to get through in order for me be able to complete this stage - extremely frustrating. Would greatly appreciate it if the pathing for this Necramech was changed so that it doesn't interfere with this bounty, it was removed from the area, or the spawn
  2. Please for the love of all that is holy, change this decision to make Limbo's Banish transferable. People are only going to troll with it, people are going to complain about it, you will then nerf him AGAIN, just avoid this altogether and make it where the Helminth doesn't want to eat Limbo. You already stated that it's a picky eater, and doesn't want to eat everything, or that you have to feed it certain things/variety - let's just NOT feed it a Limbo and avoid this nightmare PLEASE. THANK YOU. #SAVELIMBO
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