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  1. Amusing how people expect to receive a new ephemera, without understanding that FILES NEED TO BE ADDED TO THE GAME FIRST .... To add content, you need to update something. Think about it. Can you paint your room, without buying paint? .... lol
  2. So many issues now with melee since update 24.4; all because the game was not broken, but simply had bad default keybinds and unlabelled keybind groupings in the UI. Gliaves are USELESS now, because you cannot tap alternate fire for the glaive throw. Now there is only only normal mellee (melee key) and charged throw (holding melee key), because no melee channel manual selection. So, ALL such thrown weapons ruined. Before the throw was a finely timed tap of the alternate-fire key, and now you have to hold the melee key for a clumsey timed throw only ... which completely ruins the style. Before the dumbing-down of the game (likely for console gamers) you could select melee and block at will, glide, aim, block and attack ALL at the same time. Now, much of what made Warframe melee unique is gone! I cannot even use melee channel, because the key I used before for melee-channel was the left-mouse key, and right-mouse was for both mellee and quick-melee, which worked perfectly. AIM should not be right-mouse, because you cannot aim, glide, block and attack (glide attack) all at once that way (well not anymore since the useless update). Before you could bullet-jump, aim and glide towards mobs, while channeling, then slash attack as you passed by, all while blocking. You fixed something that was NOT BROKEN, simply because of the faulty default keybinds (likely setup by some consoler and not a true PC gamer). Aim, block, and glide, worked PERFECTLY if it was mapped to the left-Alt key (for right-handed), and still did not conflict with jump (usually spacebar for righties), so you could do amazing things in Warframe that no other game could ... sadly no longer the case. Now the game has been ruined and dumbed-down, all because there was no sensible default keybinds and also confusing unmarked keybind-groups in the UI... What incompetence to ruin something merely to preserve an original mistake. What manager had charge of this? I can explain EXACTLY how to map the original game, and why, and prove it works perfectly. I showed this to MANY others, usually after they noticed the moves I was doing and could not mimic them. Even some veteran players agreed the new mappings were better once they were given the idea. ALL agreed it was better, many subsequently kept using those mappings from thence onwards. This is not acceptable DE; you guys ended up breaking the game by trying to fix the wrong thing. WHY!? Now it feels like completely different game having several capabilities ripped out for no good reason. Speaking of spacebar, why is the hacking key, not simply whatever key the player has mapped for jump instead of hard-coded to spacebar? Spacebar is pretty useless for left-handed players, it seems alf-way across the desk. Also the ESC key, being used for "back." Map the "back" key to alternate-fire, or right-click as well as ESC key, that way it is mappable and works for everyone.
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