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  1. For the dojo portion especially yes, but I think they're just trying to wrap this up before they have to pass along the last update for the year and go on vacation
  2. I'm referring to this: https://youtu.be/yMT2TWwNH8w I had posted it to reddit a while back and it got traction there, it's just funny you used the same figure I did to prove there was a problem.
  3. I'm assuming the "2 hour" figure you use is from my argument I made in a video once lmao. Auto-funding was added, at least there is this incredibly time saving function for rooms you create now. Perhaps we'll get a button to insta-fund a room in the future, I don't think they've forgotten about that.
  4. You guys are referring to the same thing, and it was fixed https://youtu.be/en_JLHJIKq0
  5. Thank you for working with us on these, we've gotten some great additions, and we're going to get even more! I'm happy I was able to help contribute to these!
  6. Huge thanks for the dojo changes!
  7. Yes It accounts for multi-floor layouts, and boundaries pretty darn well. I didn't find any issues with it when I played around with it. One of the more popular ones doesn't handle multi-floor very well, so I get what you mean. This one works great though.
  8. This is quite literally the only DojoCAD program that isn't a year behind. All relevant links will be in the description of the video.
  9. The Hunter's Dream, from Bloodborne, in my Warframe dojo. Images:
  10. I don't claim to hold a candle to the recognition that someone like Ajingom has as an official Creator, but some of you may know me from Reddit for my dojo works like Firelink Shrine, Riven of a Thousand Voices, and The Hunter's Dream. I've gone and put together an IkeaFrame hub with Ajingom and many other renowned decorators, with learning resources for aspiring decorators, and channels with progress shots from a variety of more established decorators for veterans to draw inspiration from. If you're new to it all this is a place where you can ask anything and everything, and everyone
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