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  1. Hi! Custom spawn points were announced a while back, and ARE going to be a thing, so hang in there! If you're curious about updates, Helen posts threads to update everyone on QoL and changes when she can.
  2. Correct, it's not in a great spot right now. I have high hopes since the reveal of the TennoCon showcase, as that will certainly encourage participation in the regular contests going forward. I have a video covering the spreadsheet with the data a bit more in depth with some thoughts on where the contests are going(before tennocon showcase was made) if you're interested in clearing a few misconceptions about contests. I'll link that beneath this. And yes you very much should participate again.
  3. Hi! You refer to the last year so here is the last year of playstation participation in dojo contests, going from Moon to Ghost, left to right. This data is found in this spreadsheet if you'd like to refer to this in the future: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12q_qFT9U6yA0Ih_9n0uAIFvB60BZs0H0NTgxNyMlANU/edit#gid=0 Before proceeding I'm also going to reference Helen's post for the Winter 2021 contest: If a higher Clan tier category (Mountain or Moon) has only received repeat submissions, we consider giving a larger tier Clan’s slot to a smaller Clan (Ghost, Shadow, or Storm). W
  4. Hey! I happen to make a lot of video tutorials on dojo decoration, and I think they'd help you out a lot. If you're interested, start here!
  5. Not currently. The Entrati/infested halls and all clan hall type rooms are the only ones that can be spawn right now. However custom spawn points are coming in the near future. Until then, this is the most control we have over spawns:
  6. Unfortunately this isn't a bug, that's just how room construction/deconstruction works with the parent-child system. If you build A-B-C-D, in order to destroy B, you have to destroy D and C first. We might be able to get around it in the future, but for now that's just how it is sadly.
  7. This is actually a topic I've had a lot of discussions on. At a glance I see two big flaws with your version of it though. The first of which is what is to stop someone from copying what they bought and trading that again? The second is that no decorator that spent 20+ hours on a good room is going to toss it for 15p. The idea of giving someone else their room isn't horribly appealing. Don't get me wrong there would be a HUGE market for room bp's if they were a thing, but the good ones wouldn't be near that cheap.
  8. Since this topic was revived, here is the actual answer since nobody seemed to understand how it really works. This video outlines the actual functions of current spawn points. If either of you follow Helen on the forums you'd already know about the ongoing dojo changes and QoL improvements, one of which is the custom spawn point coming in the near future. Until then, you have this:
  9. Hey! This isn't quite the "ghost placement" feature that you're after, but this video details how to make it work anyways. You should follow Helen's Dojo QoL threads for dojo updates and comment there if you haven't already with your thoughts!
  10. Hi! I noticed nobody clarified on your post but yes the dojo changes and improvements are still happening :D NPC's and the like were NOT scratched, you can still count on those coming along. Helen will update everyone with a new thread and when to expect, when she's able to. They've just been busy trying to arrange for other things first, that's all.
  11. Hi! Dojo QoL changes and improvements are actively happening, I don't get why people think they've stopped, Helen tries to keep everyone as up to date as she can, commenting on the most recent one is probably to the best way to get your feedback seen. You guys are hardly alone in your frustrations, so if you have constructive feedback that isn't just "haha bad" you should definitely look into commenting on the threads.
  12. Can you get this instance recorded and post it here?
  13. Hi! Happy to hear your thoughts on the Dojo! To address your first point, there isn't necessarily a suggestion box per say, however dojo QoL changes and improvements are actively happening, Helen tries to keep everyone as up to date as she can, commenting on the most recent one is probably to the best way to get your feedback seen. That being said you are hardly alone in experiencing the pains of dojo deconstruction, and they might take that into account in the near future. Part 1: Part 2: To address your second point though, I'm not sure that life-size or larger wf
  14. The submission form linked in your inbox outlines clearly that images are the required method, a video is optional
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