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  1. Finally!! So many times I wanted to give some kind of honor status to other Tenno for their good actions but nothing seemed to make much difference. Hope this does. Good luck.
  2. Mine too. Come on! I don't want strangely located loc-pins to be part of my new PoE experience.
  3. Devil May Cry 5 OST | Faded Tone Time is from 0:36 - 0:50(+-2) Please make this one 🙃
  4. Kick boxing based animation : Trigger : random or 3 sec after combat ends or during player starts one of the emotes - Aquarid Narta, Eclipse Narta, Fathom Narta Sequence : two right foot forward kick > small back step > left foot 360 degree kick > both leg muscle flexing while squatting (slight increase in thigh volume?!) > get up and go back to doing normal stuff -- include animation parts as different kicks and jumps as the mentioned sequence may be short
  5. enough with the hovering to open panel in UI, its annoying 😞
  6. Writing in Ostron is supposed to spell - Surah. Please correct it if I'm wrong.
  7. does this mean i have to switch syndicates again to get all the available ones? 😭
  8. why reduce power cell spawn with it? it actually made sense to have that many power cell carriers before as it was supposed to be a corpus excavation site. now its back to the old 'wait for power cell' bounty again 😞
  9. Please consider letting Nyx move completely freely with augment (no slow walk), otherwise the small change means little . Also please increase the explosion range based on damage absorbed. Still seems weak, would be better if enemies were running towards the lantern, within a reasonable range of course. Other than these abilities, the remaining reworked abilities seems good. 👍
  10. FiNalLy, what took you people so long?!?!?!
  11. RIP defense Arbitrations and the AI-less defense NPC. Sorry, but the defense NPC is annoying. Edit: The NPC is tanky enough to take a lot of hits. But an NPC doing nothing other than moving and shooting without any purpose is still annoying. It would be really nice if defense missions made more sense like most other missions. Please consider it.
  12. [Nothing but echos of the past can be found at this comment]
  13. will you guys ever change how the enemy AI works?
  14. umm .. zenistar disk doesnt work with the heavy blade skin on .. please fix this
  15. Will status chance be reworked for melee to apply multiple status in one strike?
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