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  1. This invincible Jackal issue has been there for a long time I guess, since I could find multiple topics about this: It's been about a year since the earliest topic I found was post, and the problem still remain. People said that this problem would be caused if Jackal couldn't find any target to attack sometimes, here's my video:
  2. On most of the string instruments I know so far including violin, cello, guitar, ukulele, erhu, sanxian and shamisen, if you put them together, you'll see that their strings are in the same pitch order, that is, from their own left to right, their pitches are low to high. But in the Shawzin case, it has the animation of the opposite order: high to low. I'm not sure if there's some string instruments work this way, but if most of the instruments are from low to high, maybe it would be much more intuitive and realistic if Shawzin work this way as well. And there's another thing I'm thinking about the Shawzin playing: our warframes play the Shawzin by using right hand to pluck and using left hand to press, just like playing the guitar, but when we control warframes, it's using our right hand to press (mouse) and left hand to pluck (1,2,3). I know it may be designed so since it's a mirror, but it still confuse me sometimes.
  3. The new augment mod has a translated name of "Celestial Twin" differ from what it is of the 1st ability in Chinese.
  4. Does this mean that, in my 30-ppl shadow clan, we need 15 players to join this operation or we won't have a gold trophy? So far we reached 60k more points with 14 players involved, is this a gold trophy guarantee?
  5. What [PH] does it actually mean?
  6. So... if I don't really want to revive someone, and I accidentally pick up Resurgence Burdens, the only way I could get rid of the debuff is to die?
  7. #1683189 Drone in bounty stuck on the remastered POE
  8. 1621556 Invisible wall blocking the way in Corpus Spy tile
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