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  1. if theyve been saying they want to simplify it, i feel like thats coming out of their a$$es, i love DE and i love warframe, but i cant just pretend its not, if they REALLY wanted to simplify it no way in hell the thought of just making the larva use the weapon its going to use when it becomes a lich wouldnt have crossed their minds, they HAD to have thought of that, but they chose not to implement it to make it harder for people, it would still be RNG on top of RNG, but if the larva used the weapon it was going to use when it became a lich all youde have to do is down the larva, look at its weapon and mercy it to turn it into a lich if you want its weapon or just leave and try again until you get the one you want instead of having to go through the slog of dealing with a lich you dont want for the millionth time before trying for a weapon you actually want again think about it, all these easy and simple solutions people are coming up with have to have crossed SOMEONES mind at DE between them coming up with the idea of the liches and now, yet theyre talking about "internally discussing how to improve the lich system and move forward" and blah blah blah, not a single thing theyve come out with has been in the player feedback thread they made, so far the majority of what theyve hotfixed has made a few things better only to "FiX a BuG" and make things worse again, sure you could say lich trading has been implemented from player feedback, but theyve had the idea of a lich "bounty board" system since before the lich update came out, if theyre actually taking player feedback and implementing it into the game they should specifically state which part of an update was player feedback in the patch notes and quote a few comments of the suggestions to prove it
  2. XD, this and such egg are the best lich names ive seen, ide wanna keep him converted just in case they ever DO actually make converted liches usable, like having them be like over powered specters but giving them a cooldown like archguns or even having them be one use per mission, but a permanent edition to our inventory instead of being consumable
  3. i think they mean a larva you "converted" into a lich, either that or you can trade converted liches and whoever you trade it to can get the things the lich had, so you trade a converted lich to another player and they get that liches weapon and ephemera, if it had one
  4. i have a brilliant, easy and simple solution which would make a good chunk of people happy with hunting liches revert. the dumb. lich murmur feature break that you keep calling a "bug fix". (i refuse to ever call it a bug) a lot of people were happy with that change, it made hunting liches with other people worth it, and helped speed up the murmur progress, but people arent mad with you because theres no reason to do them with other people, theyre made at you breaking this feature because it was helpful, adding a replacement, unless its just as good at giving us murmur progress as this was, isnt going to do anything, make lich attempts reward everyone in the group murmur progress again, but have the murmur progress everyone else gets 5x instead of 10x, keep the 10x for the person who mercies the lich
  5. youre comparing a cheat to an in game mechanic, bullet jumping isnt a cheat code you type into the chat to enable something youre normally not supposed to be using
  6. whenever im looking at notifications on the forums i tend to just look at the end of the thread title to see what the notifications on, and i DEFINITELY remember the title ending with "is bad", "should be regulated" was not there before
  7. i can understand wallrunning, but sliding? you can slide in loads of other games, its not anything super special here oh, and to answer "And I'm curious: Just how many of the people defending bullet jumping have ever played the game without it?" i have, im using a different account because when i came back to PC frame the email used for my original account was no longer around and i forgot the password so i couldnt do anything about it, but i played before parkour 2.0 or even star chart 2.0, so i have played the game without bullet jumping, and i gotta say, bullet jumping and all the other movement systems, when used together to go as fast as you can, is so much better try doing your next farming run without bullet jumping, or just go and do a good chunk of missions without bullet jumping, and see how far you get before you give up and start doing it again, bullet jumping is great and should not be removed or nerfed, its part of warframe, and the game wouldnt be the same without it
  8. this is an idea ive had for ages now, at this point i dont care if it wouldnt make sense for the small weak "runt of the litter/maggot" larva to go around carrying a huge fukk off full auto grenade launcher or giant sharp pointy jet powered hammer, have the larva spawn with a kuva weapon, and when you kill the larva, the lich has the weapon the larva had, you still have to deal with RNG, which is im assuming what DE wants, but you dont have to go through killing a lich to get something you dont want, run a mission, down the larva, look at the weapon its got and then either mercy the larva and turn it into a lich to get the weapon or just leave and run the mission again until you get what you want, DE gets to have us still deal with the RNG, we dont have to waste hours dealing with a lich we dont want because its got a weapon we already have/dont want, its a win for DE and its a win for us
  9. just here to point out that "should be regulated" was never in the title originally and was probably only added for all the backlash about how removing it or nerfing it would be a stupid idea
  10. bite your tongue! gimme a pogo stick in warframe right now so i can re-enact the second picture all the time!
  11. i was under the impression from before the update came out that it would be a bounty board like system, dont want this lich? go to your dojo, put it on the bounty board and either go and get another one or get one you want right there and then at the bounty board
  12. i feel like they could make it so the weapon the larva is using is the weapon youll end up getting, so you can down it, look at its weapon and then decide to leave or turn it into a lich depending on if its something you want, only issue i can see with that, though not one to take into consideration gameplay wise, is larvas are supposed to be the weakest of weak grineer, right? "maggots", so seeing one lugging around a huge full auto grenade launcher archgun would be a bit weird
  13. stop calling it that, you didnt fix a bug, you intentionally broke something that was fine as it was, simple as that
  14. and bullet jumping being the best way to dodge its attacks is a bad thing because...?
  15. really? then please, explain how bullet jumping is the best solution to killing an eidolon youre talking about this like someone would talk about an over powered weapon that tops every other weapon in the game in every activity and makes every other weapon useless, theres nothing wrong with bullet jumping, if they removed bullet jumping ide flat out refuse to do certain things, theres a relic farm capture mission in the void i sometimes do, which is rare cause i find farming it to try and get the specific relics i want from its drop tables tedious and boring as all hell, if i couldnt bullet jump to help get me through the mission as fast as possible ide never do it at all
  16. like other people keep saying, bullet jumping isnt the sole thing that makes you go so fast, its a combination of things from the whole movement system 1: bullet jump 2: jump immediately afterwards 3: roll do all that in very quick succession over and over and youll go just about as fast as you can with the movement system, and like others are saying, warframes about having immense power, people need to stop suggesting to bring our power levels down all the time, youre asking warframe to change the type of game it is and thats the last thing it needs
  17. i guess its just a rarer thing than i thought it would be, cause so far ive seen it quite a few times but only when someones lich has spawned in on a lich controlled node
  18. im a little confused, i know converted liches have a chance to spawn in and help out when a lich spawns in the map to fight you, but is that it? i was under the impression theyde have a chance to spawn in all missions when the game felt like you could use the help or something like that, but is this really all they do? spawn in lich controlled missions when a lich spawns to help you out? seems like a huge waste to me
  19. im taking the piss out of an outright retarded "fix", i know its "not a bug"
  20. actually it was there, it just needed to be toned down, instead of EVERYONE getting 10x the murmur progress for someones lich attempt it should be 10x for the person the lich is after and 5x for everyone else in the group
  21. hopefully theyll realise how much of a forced slog this is and realise them breaking ("fixing") lich attempts giving all players murmur progress was a bad thing and need to go back on it
  22. the only reason im against it is because i can easily see them using kuva as a replacement for liches giving the murmur progress instead of being a reward alongside it, if they have both, great, but i dont want kuva being a replacement for something that didnt need removing in the first place
  23. because it would make sense to reward kuva, as of right now though, kuva isnt required, so liches dont need to give it as a reward
  24. you kinda missed out the part where they said that this system doesnt require any amount of kuva
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