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  1. I paid attention and still think it was stupid before and after it was done, it was not an issue of not paying attention you would have realised this if you actually read what i had to say.
  2. They didn't need to and it shouldn't have been moved, a new derelict should have been made also where is the Nekros junction that should be there? Why isn't the emissary assassinate separate like the Alad V and Jordas fights? Why is a survival after an assassinate?
  3. Well if saryn is doing her job right there should be spores on everything ticking damage away which can always make it look like she is doing most of the kills when she isnt. So to start with your assuming she is doing all the killing, just like the damage counter clocks damage past the point of killing the enemy but hey so long as the numbers make it look like that lets all hate on the saryn right? When i play trinity i expect to be doing nothing but buffing every 20 seconds, this is why i play trinity. and honestly you need to get a clue.
  4. Seriously? You said there no surface missions there are, i dont care what they are and are not, your point was that phobos was too small and deimos was even smaller, well guess what, they put a freaking open world on the smaller planetiod. Your original point is void. As for the second part you clearly missed what i said, again. I said make a new derelict for the open world and connect the current one to sedna like a regular planet. This also allows for random match making and gives us a brand new derelict which was the point of my post in the first place, why move it at all when you can ma
  5. Then the other 10% should be buffing and assisting the killer, thats why its co op.
  6. As i said you might want to check that again. There are 2 missions on the surface of Phobos, memphis and zeugma. I wont be which makes the moving of the derelict mission even more pointless.
  7. You might want to check that again mate. A new derelict done with the new orokin designs found on deimos would have been welcome as we cant expect every ship designed by the orokin to look the same.
  8. The question is; Why cant the Derelict be connected to Sedna and changed into a regular planet with node progression and a new tile set be made for Deimos? I'm sure there are plenty of ideas from the open world to use.
  9. I agree, the Derelict should have been connected to Sedna and Deimos should of had a completely new derelict made for it. It just feels like they ran out of time to finish the update completely. The orbs third boss anyone? I would love to see an update where they go back and do all the stuff they promised no matter how big, there is a long enough list for it to be counted as an update now.
  10. Overall it is disappointing, they could have left the current derelict and just connected it to Sedna and created a whole new derelict to go with Deimos. Lets hope the free roam is worth the change.
  11. So did i hear right that the Orokin Derelict is being removed? If so why? Why not just remove the keys, make a connection from Sedna to the Derelict (with a Nekros specter) and increase the enemies from 25-35 to 40 -50 and make the missions a level 4 missions like in the void. With the new enemies the tiles will be a whole new experience. Personally i just don't wish to see a perfectly good tile set disappear, plus vaults, got to love those vaults.
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