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  1. Also please fix controllers. I can't even play.
  2. Close with the high res fix? Also pet colors? My yellow energy kavats tail is blue and pink.
  3. Using an Xbox one controller I can only scroll in the menus and the the cursor. Can't do anything else in the menus, can't do anything at all in game.
  4. Can't use full screen or everything is zoomed in, 4k display. Controller is detected, UI changes to reflect it, and I can move the cursor and scroll in menus but not click anything or do anything whatsoever outside of menus So. Game is literally unplayable for me. Guess I'll hope for a hotfix tonight. Won't be holding my breath though.
  5. So. Dual energy color doesn't do anything. Even tried nezha deluxe since that's what you showed it with. Nada
  6. So, what you're saying is we're basically gonna have to switch up most of our loadouts every 3 months? This is an all around bad move DE. How about instead of nerfing weapons you just start bringing back harder content. I remember when sorties got nerfed. Soon enough we're all gonna be running around fighting squishy enemies with literal nerf guns. This is gonna be a game ruiner.
  7. Ever since 24.2 I've been having an issue getting stuck in the trade menu to the point of having to exit game and issues making purchases from ticker and such. Is this a known issue?
  8. "Fixed MOA Companions and K-Drives only giving 3000 Mastery as opposed to the correct 6000" This is retroactively applied right? I've already mastered all 3 moa types and 2 k drives that extra 15k xp would be nice
  9. People just need to quit making excuses for DE. This cycle they're on is bad news. Nerf frames> "content is too hard"> nerf content> "frames are doing this too well" > nerf frames again, rinse and repeat. Mesa is next now that is easier to get. Soon we're all gonna be running around with frames that are only good in level 30 content and that's just no fun. Plus, 150 is when endgame really starts. Killing endgame viability is just gonna make the game boring for everyone but new players, and you aren't new forever
  10. Like really DE. You can't just keep nerfing every frame, and making everything easier. Stop catering to brand new players. You aren't brand new for long, and you guys are killing endgame with the constant nerfing.
  11. Except for ruining warding halo. Which is why 90% of people use him. Don't need another damage resistant frame. Having a slightly more fun alternative to rhino was nice, but now he's useless. Just another frame that can be outdone by other frames in everything it does, making it pretty useless. We don't need frames that are "meh" at everything. Meh healing. Meh damage resistance. Meh dps. Yay. Another frame that's just useless
  12. Thanks for ruining nezha as soon as you make it look cool. Was looking forward to the skin but looks like nezha is going on the shelf right next to revenant. Smh. Stop nerfing frames and give us more difficult content maybe?
  13. Nah, the 100% damage resistance is why people play nezha. It's nice having an alternate to iron skin. I think the fact that you can only get about half the armor out of it that you can iron skin brought for great balance with his cc abilities that are better then rhinos in that regard. Please don't kill this frames main use right as I was starting to like him :(
  14. A buff to revenants 2&3 would be nice, a whole 11 hits isn't much, he's squishier than nova and the 60% increase to his 4's energy per second was ridiculous. Saryn, ember etc can all clear rooms for way less energy and aren't limited by obstacles/line of sight. He went from ok to bad, and I was really excited for him. Would love it if he was actually useable
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