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  1. Exactly. They can't just keep ignoring this. The little tweaks they did make seem to have some absolutely nothing.
  2. Dude, I've got at least twice the time and half the scintillants. This is beyond ridiculous. At the rate I'm hearing from most getting enough just to build xaku and the mech it'll take a full pay period of a full time job. It's just wrong
  3. I've got nearly 40 hours of time dedicated purely to trying to farm it. Vault runs with all applicable boosters, smeeta and nekros. Both bounties. I have one. Something is seriously messed up and they need to fix it. Needs something like fixed location spawns like wisps, and it needs to drop from bounties more than 1 in every 300+ reward cycles. I get it's a rare resource but I'm really starting to feel like they want to force us to give them play for xaku. They've killed most ways for players to actually make plat now that rare mods aren't rare anymore, the riven market is dead, the onl
  4. Nope. Wish they'd add them to the resources you can buy in market.
  5. Gonna quote my own self 20 more bounties later At least ten more vault runs this time with a drop chance booster. Not a single one. This is absurd. The minor changes you made did absolutely nothing. Reward tables on bounties feel fixed too. Why can I run the bounty where it's common and get rare rewards more often than not, and then run the bounty where it's rare and only get common drops? Feels like you guys are legit trying to force players just to buy xaku and it's disingenuous as hell. Where are the official drop tables? Odd they're still missing.
  6. Scintillant still needs fixed. Saw the recent patch notes. 10 tier 3 vault runs and about 20 bounties later nothing. I've been at it since day one and I have one. I've got probably 16 hours dedicated purely to farming scintillant and I have a single one. I think we can all agree that that's ridiculous, and warrants more changes than making them a tiny bit easier to find in an extremely hectic environment. Their drop rates in both isolation vaults and regular bounties need to be much higher. I know it's the rare resource for deimos but at this rate, and mind you it
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