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  1. fadingtheory

    Add more mod slots

  2. fadingtheory


    Judging from the people I play with, their rigs, and the performance everyone's getting, I don't think performance problems on Fortuna are strictly horsepower related. People with computers a lot less powerful than mine can run it fine, but I'm having general issues that make it extremely unpleasant to play (To the point where, after getting the main quest done, the update is basically dead to me). So good luck.
  3. fadingtheory

    Does Khora really drops from twitch?

    If you have finite internet, I really doubt fishing for this drop is viable.
  4. fadingtheory

    Wow - Plague Star is NUTS!

    Sorry, I didn't mean you specifically. I just know a lot of people who had done it before and wanted it again. I figured it was for some gameplay reason, but I guess it was just for Forma and plat.
  5. fadingtheory

    Wow - Plague Star is NUTS!

    I'm actually kind of wondering why people have been begging for Plague Star. While a bit hectic, the actual mission is trivial, even with all 8 addon active. I only had to do 3 runs to get everything special I needed (Snipetron and both mods) and I was already bored by the second attempt. I was more excited by the Axi relics I was getting than anything else. Is it just the chance to get already crafted Forma that people wanted? It seems to be the only thing worth the tedium available.
  6. fadingtheory

    Fortnite Emotes

  7. fadingtheory

    Warframe X Doom

  8. fadingtheory

    Poll: What do you think about the Riven system?

    On one hand, the system seems fine, and there's not much for me to criticize from an objective standpoint. Subjectively, I give away four out of five rivens I get without unpacking them, because the unlocking conditions are asinine and I refuse to subject myself to stupid crap like "Mine a gem, harpoon a fish, and kill an enemy in 30 seconds," no matter how easy some people have told me it is.
  9. fadingtheory

    Gif Thread

    Aim Gliding In On A Capture Target
  10. fadingtheory

    Revenant Farm - Why do it again DE?

    I did it that way. It is, indeed, horrible. Died at least 30 times, probably closer to 40 or 50. After the 5th or so death you stop even trying to defend yourself.
  11. fadingtheory

    DE pls for the love of god pls let kavats have vacuum

    Helios is probably most common because it's not actually Helios, but Helios Prime, the only currently available (From non-vaulted relics) Prime sentinel. It may help that the Deconstructor Prime hits pretty good, but I'm willing to bet it's mostly just convenience. I can tell you I just bought my last Carrier Prime part, and I'm sure it'll replace my Helios Prime for the foreseeable future.
  12. fadingtheory

    Revenant Farm - Why do it again DE?

    Umbra does not require a Mote amp, or any amp at all, since Operator death during quests is meaningless (From a failure perspective, anyway. It's still catastrophically torturous).
  13. fadingtheory

    Revenant Farm - Why do it again DE?

    RNG is RNG. For every good experience, there's a bad one. Still, I doubt the bad experiences for Revenant will come anywhere close to the bad ones for frames like Khora or Harrow or Ash.
  14. fadingtheory

    Revenant Farm - Why do it again DE?

    I'm not sure, I can't see him through the discoball.
  15. fadingtheory

    Revenant Farm - Why do it again DE?

    I don't think it's appropriate to have to find out about mechanics outside of the game, so I completely discount the wiki and forums. I drilled through the entire map (Sans the last string of the Void and one mission on Earth I did as a party before I realized how the Solo/Group/Invite Only thing worked) and the quests solo so I never saw people popping in and out and doing anything different then me, and I didn't do anything on the Operator tree because I figured that, at some point, it would tell me how the Lens/XP system worked (I thought there may be something special like Archwing only missions that would pop up. I didn't realize until I had completed the Sacrifice that Lenses were just PoE drops and that Operator leveling had nothing to do with the actual Operator). And chat... have you ever played an MMO before? Ignoring chat is second nature. I'll accept that there is a pathetic, completely insufficient 'clue' to the Quills, but its just that - pathetic and insufficient. And I know it's insufficient, because I've had to tell dozens of people whats going on with the Operator, who were just as confused and befuddled as me. I don't think I've run into a single person who's started playing in the last couple of months that's been able to figure this out on their own, and that's not ok.