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  1. fadingtheory

    Wow - Plague Star is NUTS!

    Sorry, I didn't mean you specifically. I just know a lot of people who had done it before and wanted it again. I figured it was for some gameplay reason, but I guess it was just for Forma and plat.
  2. fadingtheory

    Wow - Plague Star is NUTS!

    I'm actually kind of wondering why people have been begging for Plague Star. While a bit hectic, the actual mission is trivial, even with all 8 addon active. I only had to do 3 runs to get everything special I needed (Snipetron and both mods) and I was already bored by the second attempt. I was more excited by the Axi relics I was getting than anything else. Is it just the chance to get already crafted Forma that people wanted? It seems to be the only thing worth the tedium available.
  3. fadingtheory

    Fortnite Emotes

  4. fadingtheory

    Warframe X Doom

  5. fadingtheory

    Poll: What do you think about the Riven system?

    On one hand, the system seems fine, and there's not much for me to criticize from an objective standpoint. Subjectively, I give away four out of five rivens I get without unpacking them, because the unlocking conditions are asinine and I refuse to subject myself to stupid crap like "Mine a gem, harpoon a fish, and kill an enemy in 30 seconds," no matter how easy some people have told me it is.
  6. Never played Mechwarrior Online, eh? There's a game that's matchmaking will make you appreciate just about any other game's system.
  7. fadingtheory

    MR 17 Trial/Test

    It is. I I had to run MR17 half a dozen times, until I got a pattern where I didn't have to jump to get from one orb to the other in time. For OP, the trick is to basically focus only on getting from orb to orb, only killing enemies through AOE skills, or when they happen to get in your way as you travel.
  8. fadingtheory

    How come like this?

    ...What? I have no idea what you're on about.
  9. fadingtheory

    How come like this?

    Destiny 2 got 'forgiven' by it's playerbase because they've been begging for it to get better since release, and plenty of people appreciate DE. I don't know why you think DE and Warframe have no respect, or why you seem to think this game is some failing beast that hasn't achieved some level of success.
  10. fadingtheory

    How come like this?

    Gamespot gave the original release of Destiny 2 an 8/10 as well. In any case, I'm not sure what you're on about. Warframe is a pretty successful video game, from everything I can tell, with a lot of fan support. Pity is a weird response.
  11. fadingtheory

    Rhino's In The Index

    Basically, they watched a youtube video of someone in a Rhino going balls to the wall and dropping 100 points at once, and they want to do it too. They gear up, head in, are surprised it's actually working... and then they get tunnel visioned and forget to check the time. I try my best to warn people in chat we're running out of time, but as you can imagine, if they're not watching the clock, they're not watching chat. Amusingly, even the good Rhino's can be unpleasant to play with. More than once I've had a Rhino get upset that I was picking up points and turning them in myself rather then leaving them on the floor and trusting in him for a mega carry. People can get really upset when you don't trust a random stranger.
  12. fadingtheory

    Leeching in a Fissure but "he's doing his job"

    In such a circumstance, yes, of course the Frost isn't going to pull his 25%. And no one would expect him to - I've never seen an Equinox of Mesa complain about doing more than their "fair share" of damage because they brought those frames specifically to do more than their fair share. But zero damage? Come on. No one may expect a Frost to tear the map apart solo, but they're still expected to play. It's lazy. I've been in this kind of match with Frost a thousand times. Still play.
  13. fadingtheory

    Leeching in a Fissure but "he's doing his job"

    It sucks, but it is what it is. As an aside, as someone who plays Frost, throwing up a globe and then wanking in a corner for 17 minutes is not 'Doing your job.' You still have to pull the trigger on occasion, and one of the advantages of Frost bubbling is you don't have to baby sit it - Just swing by the bubble on occasion to refresh/reapply. This is especially true if your team is supposedly so damage efficient that no enemy can get within shooting distance of the Frost in the bubble.
  14. fadingtheory


    The instructions are at the bottom of this page (When logged in). https://warframe.market/settings
  15. fadingtheory

    Unofficial Warframe Merch!

    I'm not sure DE is going to appreciate you selling unlicensed merchandise... on their site...