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  1. fadingtheory

    platinum for credits

    Credits are pretty easy to get. A successful ratio that wouldn't break DE's bank account would be something like 100,000,000 credits to 1 platinum.
  2. fadingtheory

    Am I allowed to write a FanFic?

    You are allowed to write a fanfic about anything. You just can't sell it, or otherwise monetize it.
  3. fadingtheory


    He's got one part locked behind Spy missions (Eww) and another locked behind defection (Double Eww).
  4. fadingtheory

    Devstream 113, why it was a disappointment

    10 out of 10, celebrity raffle winner at the end was a nice touch.
  5. fadingtheory

    Everything should not be designed around everyone

    If most people prefer to run solo, than maybe there's something wrong with coop. That does not seem to be the case in Warframe. Some of us are just lonely, curmudgeon hermits.
  6. fadingtheory

    Valkyr's "Lore"

    All of the warframe's have some level of personality and free will. The difference seems to be that Umbra Excalibur is an actual person in there, while 'normal' warframes have constructed personalities, or some lesser form of imprint from whoever 'loaned' the Orokin their flesh. This lesser personality can be duplicated.
  7. fadingtheory

    Syndicate Medallions

    It takes me longer, because my eyes are stupid so I have to scrap every loot icon off of my map, and when I group up and we don't bail, I frequently find 6 or more of them myself, so most everyone else must be considerably worse than I am.
  8. fadingtheory

    Lotus Loss

    The meme is that the original comic was made fun of for its content (A serious subject in what was a fairly silly webcomic) and the writer lost his... lets say composure. Which mad people make fun of it more. And now here we are.
  9. fadingtheory

    Syndicate Medallions

    Yup, I do them solo because of this as well. I guess there's quite a few people that are just trying to get the missions done without spending 4 hours going through 9 of them.
  10. fadingtheory

    Daily Damnation

    He is angry at RNG.
  11. fadingtheory

    Speculation on the future of warframe and everything else...

    None of our current gene influencing technologies could slow, stop, or reverse aging, and there's no reason to believe they'd be able to do so at any time. And in 20-30 years, we may be able to hook brains up to computers directly, maybe. We will not be able to do so and completely replicate a reality, and nor will it be something we do for fun. But I think I'm done being a buzz kill for now.
  12. fadingtheory

    Lotus Loss

    If I had one wish, it would be that everyone who kept this meme alive was obliterated from existence. Preferably in a terrible, painful fashion.
  13. fadingtheory

    Everything should not be designed around everyone

    No, gameplay need not be accessible to everyone. As a single player, I'm perfectly fine being gated off from stuff simply because it requires more than one player. Though I think you're over-estimating exactly how complicated the Railjack is going to be. What does irk me is that so much gear is gated behind Clans (Including the Railjack). It's kind of ridiculous.
  14. fadingtheory

    Speculation on the future of warframe and everything else...

    Brain jacking? Christ, we'll all be dead before that becomes to trivial people are willing to drill holes in their skulls to play games.
  15. fadingtheory

    Speculation on the future of warframe and everything else...

    How, by strapping the player into a rocket sled?