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  1. banned for waiting so long to continue this thread 1 year sheesh
  2. do you think you will enjoy this job or will it be work work don't complain just work every day work work next day comes work work weekend comes break from work monday comes back to work
  3. also there is no reprocussuons of red veil attacking us in those defection missions we are trying to save people they are trying to kill the kavor but we dont confrunt them about this after the mission and we never speak of this again till we do another defection mission and hey its red veil trying to kill more kavor and then still we let them off the hook but grinner oh no they are trying to get into cetus (still havent yet) we must kill as many of the grinner as possible
  4. my charicter "we fought with honor" proceds to cut enimys in half burn them with fire proc so their dead body is charred kill them with pox spores that melt their exteria complete vaporisation with the arca plasmor so there is no body left kill them then raze their soles from the dead to fight for us sentence them to be synthised and forced to die a billion times a day for reasearch and so many other horrors that there is no way this is gonna be an open casket funeral ...........so how is this fighting with honor? causing excessive harm even to the enimy is a war crime and a simple bullet or arrow could have done the job but we are like kuva nukor inflates enimys (yeh thats not causing excessive inturnal trauma)
  5. ive never seen a grineer drop or even carry a war not even a broken war or its parts or bp so my charicter is clearly a compulsive lyier sure we asume that she is on our side just because sh woke us up she could have just found us woke us up told us a whole lot of bs just so she could get a private tenno army that does her bidding no questions asked we defending this guy in the pod who is he oh we rescuing this captive how did he get caught with the tenno were doing all the dangrous stuff this dude we capture is vital to enimy opperations but how did she find that out way over where she is hiding and if the dude was so vital why has the enimy work not even slowed since hes gone?........seriously she was our boss and never told us where she was and when here hiding location was found she pulls a where on earth is carmen sandiago and slips away to .......where is she now? she is on a ship but where is that? as far as i know all we have been told about her and why we fight with her was told to us by the lotus so she could have conned us to do all this (if you remember the first mission cap vor didnt want to kill us and wanted us taken to his ship and other grireer bosses say forget the lotus and join the grinner so they are trying to reason with the mass murderer that is slaying their forces
  6. na was never planning on using it was just wondering if that class already had a name or not anyway time for a topic change how is it that we can kill the boil and save cetus dont infested emmit spores (which is how deimos became what it is how are the animals and grineer of the plains not arlready infected by the infested as in defection missions the targets often say "the air is killing me" so what sorcery is this? (where do you guys get the pictures to upload from as your gifs and pics are cool and the stuff i find is not that great)
  7. because mostly the people that say "git good" only say that they dont say options on how one can get good they only say those 2 words same with the grammer guys someone commenting on tips to improve the text (like tips on paragraphs required to avoid the "wall of text" or small spelling things to avoid the text from devolving into unrecognisable gibirish due to too many spelling errors is not really a grammer troll) so im enquiring if there is a term for those 2 word posters that when someone asks for help all they say is "git good" (there is a lot of them around in other games so they must have some name ......right?)
  8. hey just wondering about internet terms if a guy that nitpicks others spelling and punctuation is a gramar na**i is there a term for those people that always say git good? mabey the GGG cultest? (get good guys)
  9. while we are at it can we remind DE that orokin cyphers also have no use so can we please have a bp to make something from these forgotten items how about a new resause that we can feed hemlith that is universal but must be selected in the tab you want it for and not the "all" tab or a cosmetic item that is a consumable like those arrows you can get on valentines day so to make this unknown item we would need a shard from the terry and orokin cypher and any other forgotten item that you can farm but has no use that i cant think of atm
  10. you do know each player can have 11 specters running around so if you convinced the squad you could possibly have 44 AI ally units helping you do the mission
  11. if you converted one by mistake as not looking what buttion i was pressing and then saw how terrible he was in combat is there a way to get rid of him? relesing him from servious, sending him to lotus....... cleaning misshap with 30 tons of napalm in the garbage disposal?
  12. i heard a different saying the enemy of my enemy.......turns out to be another enemy
  13. hey you do relise in the relay in red veils room they have some guy that looks similar to the capture target strapped down to a table being shocked with a guy with a knife watching him so im convinced the tenno base the lotus speeks of is the relays we just have more than one base so red veil does the interogation then simaris vaporises whats left (he is doing it right when we visit his room that guy in the center below simaris is not a hologram and has particals drifting off him so)
  14. so thats why there is argon in the void orikin towers the nural sentry which has corrupted the grineer tresspassers is collecting it also explains why it "decays" in your ship but the one on display in cetus has been there forever (think its the guys from the void fisures are stealing are argon which we took from the orokin tower by using the fisures as a long range portal to get to where ever they search for the argon we cant find argon else where as they were there first and took it all)
  15. wait something happend to lua??? i thought the damage to its surface was due to the stalker trying to colapse the something (pocket void?) to kill us and to save the lua we had to hit the eject button which was kinda a vileont jolt for the place which is why when you walk around the place some things are only now falling down as we wrecked lua by our abrupt returning it we rushed it now the place is trashed well done
  16. nurf saryrn buff nekros.... are we talking about the buff mesa prime got ....to here back lower half so nurf saryrn less curves and buff necros more goth wings the nurf you want is caused by the fact that saryrn does more damage the longer the 1st is active and is magnified by the 4th so hey lets nurf its damage but coz its still growing the longer its active so nothing changes and knowing DE if they make the shadows do too much damage they would rig it so the shadows need ammo and will pick up dropped ammo (so walking ammo sinks that suck up all ammo drops and stop shooting when they run out of ammo)
  17. you do know there is a whole series about them "star trek lower decks" they dont even get crew qarters they all share a crew corridor with bunks along the walls one of the worst jobs is empting the holodeck restroom waist tank as people spend long amounts of time in the holodeck so everybody uses that loo
  18. you have been playing for over an hour be sure to take a break
  19. wow the latest domestic drones can now do missions too damn those engeneers are getting better (plus explains why we kill so many but the floor is always so clean)
  20. oh we already have that low fire rate shedu it regenarates as fast as it shoots so you fire 1 round it regenerates it in the time it takes to fire next round
  21. fun fact acording to my X box copy of bioshock DE actuly was one of the companys that worked on it so......
  22. well the sentients build resistances to what damages them right and in game lore says the sentients are imune to the infested so thats proof that the sentients and infested fought as how else did the sentients all get that resistance? and the sentients are in another system (will be here in new war) but the infested are here now so who do you think won that previous engagement if the infested are here now and the sentients are not
  23. well as they are now i can equipt 2 sets of wings the eros ones and the butterfly ones (mostly seen on pink rhinos)
  24. the sister activly trying to kill you every mission by sending a hound is a nice touch and really gives more reason to wanting the sister dead compared to the kuva lvl 1 lich that just pinched a small amount of goodies that high end players dont care about anymore an infested lich needs something like the sister where it anoys the player into actualy finishing it off e.g. periodic energy drain (mission time hits a random number whole squad loses a % of their energy and will have to use energy pickups, pads or energy restoring ablitys . or how about random ability disabled and for duration of mssion (start mission with no 3rd ability and next mission you will have the third ability back but another one will be disabled instead) the thing we are fighting is infested so why this time can instead of trying to kill us at the start is trying to disable us to then CoNsUmE uS as for those that wander if thats possible well......didnt jordas say something about that and had a whole trap set up with the golem i think that because the infested are a hive mind vome is the representation of the entranti family as they seem to be resisting the will of the hive quite well so fass VS vome could litrely be the entranti family VS the rest of the infested hive mind the entranti make a worm the infested hive wrecks it and then the entranti make another and launch a counter attack and the worms battle on which set of minds (the hive or the family) control the majority of the infested on deimos
  25. this line reminds me of the rants from railjack (the host ships specs and individual intrinsincs to be able to FA) and from new sister liches (stab or not to stab) and a lot of missions where your trying to do something but squad is trying to speed run to exit and complain when you take too long raid was teamwork required with out something in this game promoting teamwork you get others not wanting your help and complain when they fail (burn through all their revives before you can reserect them and complain when they are out of revives and you dont get to them in time) frame abilitys being rendered pointless (nidus link can buff a frame power but not if the frame is trying to get as far away from you as possible) or new mod power drain 50% boost if you by some mirical manage to use your parazon before team AOE the enimy to oblivion
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