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  1. While playing wisp, Swiggidy spooky im comming for that booty..
  2. i remember old days with the website hype a little story and teasing with arts or preview stuff behind timegate with release in time...
  3. here we go again... at this point we could expect railjack in q2 2020
  4. the mainline update is usually Thursday, wait & see
  5. i usually listen wave/psytrance/trap or even doujin electro music when i play warframe, here my fav of the moment
  6. Does it mean we wont get any new content until 3/4week ? (except Equinox prime?) Damn this Q1 2019 was already really poor in content tbh , well i hope we will get at least Nyx/Atlas deluxe & some augment mod
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