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  1. i like booty and ghost a lot but beside wisp i don't find this animation fitting other warframe prob bc they don't levitate when moving
  2. While playing wisp, Swiggidy spooky im comming for that booty..
  3. SOL GATE: -increase tick rates, lower dmg/energy cost on duration -make it work like opticor small aoe at the end of the beam or leave a trail of flame like the napalm mod of penta BREACH SURGE: Fix the blind duration not affected by any mod in game (44sec UI = 7sec ingame) Make the chance of release a surge variable with power strength, atm only beam weapon make it viable or things like zenistar disk
  4. the frame is gorgeous i have 2 issue SOL GATE her 4 is not that good imo, why should i use this instead of what ever 'insert cleaner weapon aoe low content' or even my catchmoon, i think you should buff the damage output by twice (or the tickrate think like multishot on beam weapon) and increase the duration cost its cost way too low and i don't want to see this frame ending has a low nuker content like ember pre rework. BREACH SURGE too much low number for the status chance making only viable for beam weapon or condition overload build (shock mote) even with ton of ability strength + its quite bugged actually the blind duration is not affected in game, i have 40sec on UI screen but in game enemy get blind like 7sec overall im pleased about this warframe but i think her 4 & 3 need some tweek
  5. i remember old days with the website hype a little story and teasing with arts or preview stuff behind timegate with release in time...
  6. here we go again... at this point we could expect railjack in q2 2020
  7. the mainline update is usually Thursday, wait & see
  8. Garuda is the best warframe in the game actually, she provide, Heal, sustain tank (not like nidus but still decent), bypass any armour/shield and scale infinitely (+ her passif work in archwing) just she have a kit for setup/camp and people prefer gotta go fast with misa prime
  9. i usually listen wave/psytrance/trap or even doujin electro music when i play warframe, here my fav of the moment
  10. Does it mean we wont get any new content until 3/4week ? (except Equinox prime?) Damn this Q1 2019 was already really poor in content tbh , well i hope we will get at least Nyx/Atlas deluxe & some augment mod
  11. Kuva step or body, i always find this resource fascinating and attractive ( give me philosopher stone vibes) no bp required but something like 100k kuva? hehe
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