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  1. While I hate doing criticism on game i value so much and always comeback. Having different spawns for each player, for the exciting experience on a very boring setting is just bad design. I bet if there was a vote for player base to remove this kind of mission it would be a massive please don't do it again. Same as new amazing corpus defense design. So unbalanced while other defense missions take 3-4m for 5 waves. Corpus one takes 6-8m because of size of map and buggy pathfinding on AI. All I can say is : good luck tennos, it is what it is.
  2. Issue is not that very important since most players will extract early just to get node completion. I noticed on a few runs ( farming for frame parts on steel path) that trinity bless sometimes work sometimes it doesn't on kavors rescue targets . The same with oberon's healing... and other healing frames, arcanes and tenno powers. Seems not all from the group are affected even if in range. (chromas syndicate mod) , probably some left over code to fine tune for the old event. Also they are not scaling properly like red veil agents and maniacs are.. so they are 1 hit killed o
  3. Can we have all missions on this mode? Pretty pleaaaaaase..... Would love doing extra super high level sorties with modifiers, clem's weekly , redoing quests , fissures, syndicate, etc Would be freaking amazing! Would love this not to be a one in a lifetime content, but the current default mode for old players. And I believe this would cater to most veterans.. having fun on all content again, not on specific activities, Recycling all content is very nice. Would also challenge new players to be more team oriented regarding team synergy and also build sens
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