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  1. They already reworked trees once, they will probably do it again someday.
  2. Please like and support! Can't wait for us to get all other new frames on Frame Fighter. Hope this get enough traction on the community so we can have all frames on this amazing mini-game. Hope DE keeps on with it, since they never abandoned Conclave. This is also PVP for me!!! If we get enough traction we may get : 1 - more things to scan! 2 - more resources apllied to a PVP setting in the world of Warframe. Thank you DE for the amazing PVP content and this fantastic community!
  3. While I hate doing criticism on game i value so much and always comeback. Having different spawns for each player, for the exciting experience on a very boring setting is just bad design. I bet if there was a vote for player base to remove this kind of mission it would be a massive please don't do it again. Same as new amazing corpus defense design. So unbalanced while other defense missions take 3-4m for 5 waves. Corpus one takes 6-8m because of size of map and buggy pathfinding on AI. All I can say is : good luck tennos, it is what it is.
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