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  1. Guess this is what happened at DE´s office ..... just after the Great Tennogen Annual Hangover... :, Steve: Guys we got to keep the PVP DEV team of 2 working ,they are just drinking too much of my special blend coffee. How can we justify their intern jobs to the shareholders,? Rebecca : Still missing the Bahamas vacation? ... i still miss those MaiTais........ lets troll them and make them do a beach theme event ! That will solve the content drought. Meggan: What are you guys talking about ? Muay Thai? martial arts? Another JoJo reference ? Because lets be serious... LUNARO? FRAMEFIGHTER? PVP? Huge Hits! everybody plays them! We need them metrics to see the huge success of this... IMHO it seems a waste of time and resources for real content, but hey, that is just me.... Now for the serious critique: The usage of the PVP base code (even if it is vs. the AI) just show how outdated the AI is when we are not in Horde Mode. How many of you guys had issue with "defend target´s AI"? Wukong´s Clone? Umbra? Hyldrin as a specter? The list goes on and on... 5 minutes runs are NOT fun, especially when to get at least 1 of each thing the event gives at nakak will take ... nahhh.. just skipping this thing; When i play a game i want to have fun, the event outlived its novelty in the first 2 min, but if you want all the rewards, you will need to grind 3h + of this gamemode. People who think this is fun doing 3h+ are just in desperate need of content . Hope to see Streamers and Partners playing the grind on this event later on twitch ... Skipping on this one. Thanks but no thanks.
  2. I was watching on twitch and mixer to make sure i got the drops...what happened. Nekros Prime - probably from mixer, no ephemera.
  3. I completely agree that melee at this moment is not at a good spot and has many issues, already listed, Reading through this thread i came to a simple conclusion,: It would be interesting if they actually implemented a PTS server like TheDivision2 has done. so we can actually test , give proper solid feedback before some specific changes go live; ( warfame reworks,melee etc) - so not necessarily any new content. They could reset it every week and limit mission types to simulacrum and 1 mission type of each / sortie. (of course no rewards whatsoever for the real server and no trading, Let me be clear that this would be amazing and since no rewards or trades would be there, the only players doing that would be the ones that actually want to give extensive feedback I really hope this is viable and at least brought to discussion by DE Also PTS server feedback would be limited to PTS users Regarding the actual melee system: While i love the idea of melee and pistol , i still miss the old system since it was solid but i don´t think reverting to that is an option Thank you all who took the time to read. especially my old PS4 friends, you are not forgotten..... its just that : PC is sooo much better. and no we are not beta testers for you guys. 😃 have a great day!
  4. nice, used to run on my linux box, then for performance issues kept it exclusively on PC.
  5. Garuda..all this "rework" and Fortuna postponed for this ..... no comments. Things to expect: 1. a nightmare grind for parts 2. a Brozime and ReaperHunter video bashing it Well hoping Fortuna comes quickly, a Friday release would be a nightmare . "Bug Infested Weekend"
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